Mark Passio – Fake-Ass Christians

“Mark Passio – Fake-Ass Christians – Part 1 of 2
“Genuine Christianity is not what most people think it is. Human beings have been given a false form of Christianity to keep them spiritually asleep. In this paradigm-changing presentation, Mark Passio points out the hallmark beliefs and behaviors of false “Christians” and defines what it really means to be an Authentic Christian. This presentation was originally given in Philadelphia, PA on June 24, 2017.”

Mark Passio – Fake-Ass Christians – Part 2 of 2
The ideal philosophical manifest that should be used in every discussion group, to stop any time wasting debate.
I could not have said it better, that´s objectivism and realism and spiritual philo sophia.
“So a lot of people fall into the dialectic of religion versus atheism, this is a mind-controlled dialectic and it’s a
divide-and-conquer strategy dialectic, in two false extremes you’ll always be wrong, see, there is no truth in the two false extremes. I’m neither a religionist nor an atheist and then when you say that to people they melt down on you, they have no idea what to do with you at that point. I can’t put you in a box, I can’t put a label on you. I subscribe to no world worldly religion and yet I am NOT an atheist. I believe that there is a higher power in the universe that governs the universe and governs behavior according to law and that law is knowable and the way that we can know that is a science, not a belief system. I’ve never been in
teaching or telling anybody a belief system. I don’t want anybody to believe anything. I think belief is the death of freedom. I
think everybody should know, not believe anything, knowledge comes through science, through true science, now I’m not a
scientism guy either who props ..state-funded science up as my religion, there’s another thing, so now people really don’t know what to do with you.. because you’re telling them: well, I’m not an atheist, I don’t think that science, as we see
science today in the modern world, is the only mechanism that leads to truth and I don’t subscribe to any religion on the face of the earth. Well, now you really can’t be put in the box and that’s ultimately what all these systems and dialectics are for, they’re
designed to put consciousness in a box to say you may consider anything in this box, but anything outside of this box is
off-limits for your consumption or consider and what that is is a system of control, so I don’t subscribe to the religious
idea that spirit is Prime and the physical world is evil or should be rejected or abstained from, nor do I believe the atheistic perspective that matter is prime and we’re just going to get to that god particle and understand everything there is to know about
creation..both of these are false paradigms and nonsensical paradigms as far as I’m concerned, so I’m neither one of these guys who will be hit with neither one of this kind of insanity today, ok. I’m not the religionist who’s the bible thumper I’m
going to say Jesus is the only answer and via Jesus Freak up here ok by any stretch of the imagination, nor am I going to come up debate me and science has every answer that we could I ever possibly have a question for so that’s not this
presentation either. However the biblical figure of Jesus will be talked about fairly extensively in this presentation today and that’s on unavoidable, because he is the allegorical figure of the esoteric philosophy in the modern world that I’ll
be discussing my point here is regardless of whether you think Jesus was a physical man, teacher in Judea, at
the turn of the 1st century okay or you think he’s just a allegorical myth, does not matter in the slightest bit to me. I
could not care less whether or not you’ve believed in the historicity of this figure, honestly to me it’s meaningless the philosophy and the behavior is what is important, not whether you accept him as a physical presence in the world or not.
The teachings found in the words of Jesus, regarding how to behave toward others are what is truly important, not his historical
authenticity, people get too tied up in this .. and then it causes just infighting and nobody is actually talking about the philosophy which is what’s important, they get hung up on the little details and I consider this a little detail, because ultimately it’s the ideas that are transformative, not the man, again that’s why I tell you: it doesn’t matter whether you like me , care about me won’t want to know anything there is to know about me. I’m completely unconcerned whether you even know the name Mark Passio them, all I want you to know is the information that I happen to understand, because I believe that it can ..
it is capable of transforming the world for the better. (Mark Passio)”
“Religion is the one and only problem in the world folks, it’s the one and only problem, people they’ll do these
little Facebook memes .. where they’ll say if you can alleviate one thing in the world what would it be and
my answer is always the same: religion, because if you understand what religion really means you understand it is not
doing anything good for anyone, it is what is holding us back, the word religion itself comes from the Latin
verb religare, the verb religare means to bind, to hold back by tying or to thwart from forward progress,
so if in ancient Latin you described tying a horse to a post so it couldn’t move you would use the term religare,
to tie it up, to thwart it from moving away, to keep it where it is, that’s what religion does, now there’s an alternative
definition of religion which means to tie back to it, to reunite with something and I would suggest that’s what true
religion is, meaning, there’s only really one thing that is true religion and that’s truth.We need to reunite the
truth, we need to reunite with true morality .. that’s how I would use the term in the positive sense, but in
general religion is the hidden hand behind all world domination and control, not money and not even government is
ultimately at the top of the food chain and what is really directing the dark occult agenda, people will often think: oh,
it’s people in the government, it’s the shadow’s the deep state and then other people go: no, it’s
the bankers, it’s the international bankers, the World Bank etc.. no, folks, it’s religion, religion is at the highest
end, the highest, at the peak of the pyramid of control, because what ultimately controls the world is a priest class, a sick demonic sorcerer class and believe me they have a religion and they’re giving it indirectly to people, make no mistake about it
religion is the force that runs this world, it’s the entire problem with this world, specifically the false religions
of authority, government and money, not just the cultural religions who we define as religion, who I define it as religion,
they ask people what’s government and 99% of people or more will not tell you government is a religion, but in fact it is
a religion, because it’s something that thwarts our forward progress in consciousness, money is a religion, because it also holds back our progress in spiritual understanding and consciousness. Truth is the one and only true religion, meaning that knowing the
truth about who we are and how the laws of reality really work is the only thing that can reunite humanity’s collective
behavior into accordance with natural law, again another meaning of the word religion is to reunite to seek and
understand the truth about what’s happening within and around us is essential.

…the controllers know if people know natural law game over for us..they know this, definitively, they know they have to
try to dissuade us from looking into this.Natural law is a set of universal inherent, objective, non man-made, eternal
and immutable conditions which govern the consequences of behaviors of beings with the capacity for understanding the difference between harmful and non-harmful behavior. ..I’ll say it one more time: natural law is a set of Universal, everywhere in the
universe, you cannot go anywhere in the universe to escape natural law, no matter where you go, it exists, inherent, meaning its built-in, built-in to creation, you cannot separate it from creation itself , objective , that means it has nothing to do with your
subjective opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you like it, dislike it, understand it, don’t understand it, it doesn’t matter,
it’s like any other physical law, it exists objectively, it’s non man-made, human beings did not put this law into effect.
A higher power in creation did, it’s eternal, it doesn’t matter what time period you’re living in, it has always been, it is now and it will always be and it’s immutable and this means it’s completely unchangeable, nothing that you do can ever change it, it will exist regardless of what you do, regardless of whether you try to break it, regardless of whether you just flaunt your behavior in the face of it, regardless of whether you refuse to accept or understand it, it will exist and continue to exist and you cannot change it, you cannot do anything to break this law ultimately , it governs the consequences of behavior, this is what
this law does it isn’t the behavior itself , it brings us the consequences of the behaviors that we choose and it
applies to beings who have the capacity to understand the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior. (Mark Passio)”

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