Report #61: Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower Discusses CIA History, Propaganda, Targeting

“Report #61: Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower Discusses CIA History, Propaganda, Targeting”
“Lindsay Baldwin
This is a great interview, thank you. I researched info. about Barbara Hartwell year ago, and was astounded at what I had learned then. I also have known for years how corrupt, sexist, and awful the CIA and FBI are. I know that thanks to these people, as well as the military, ect. MY entire life, finances, and natural talents have been stolen from me, due to the systematic illegal and constant surveillance that has been used on me. I have been fighting and exposing these creeps and sadistic perverts and evil people for more than ten years now, and I am tired of being exploited, abused, stalked, and harassed. Thank you for helping to expose these atrocities.”
“Christopher Howard
(1) Also research TRV Technical Remote Viewing. (2) The isolation worked on me but i was always a loner and still am. I worry if i meet new friends they will be targeted, so the duty to inform is a good idea in some cases. (3) have been subject to verbal and mental abuse by a master mason aka my father since i was a child, which is why i never break down. (4) instead of becoming homeless i decided to live in a RV many years ago as a counter measure , as it is way harder to find me when i keep moving, plus no smart meters near me. (5) drive the biggest heaviest truck you can find, not only are targets getting hit but the cell phone zombies who drive texting can get you too.
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paul marco told me stephen greer works with rockafella foundation money, he welcomes the demonic in.
vor 12 Stunden•”
I feel like they want to abuse family lines for DNA memory…basically building a perfect slave with monarch built into the DNA. What do you guys think of American Intelligence Media?”
“hadi fehlauer
Excellent guests,dear Ramola with such sad Backgrounds.we must turn our World to the better. Stay strong you 2.and all of us TIs.”
“Crystal Starheart
I think you need to interview Quinn Michaels. He is a programmer involved in AI who was targeted and talks about his son being involved in Satanism and about being “Sold” to Secret Societies involved in targeting him.
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“Crystal Starheart
I hope you will start uploading your videos to BitChute and start using Minds for social media too. Google and YouTube are part of the problem in targeting and an extension of the deep state.”
“cat whatever
I like your vids; you have a wonderful voice and manner. Do you ever hear anything about Aafia Siddiqqui? I am afraid she is lost in the belly of the beast. I pray for her.”
“J P
They destroyed my happy home Britain is like one big theatrical, satanic lie….
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Totalitarian TV
Steven Greer is funded by the Rockefeller’s. The alien agenda will be pushed more and more openly this is why you are seeing it more on the mainstream news and agents for various government agencies stating we are being visited making headlines. This can easily be verified. The part where she states it’s not aliens abducting but the government, she’s correct.”

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