Robert Stanley – Enki/Lucifer

“Robert Stanley – Enki/Lucifer, Sitchin Confusion, Thiaoouba Prophecy, Coast to Coast AM|EOD 83”
Published on Feb 1, 2018
Episode 83: Prison Planet
“Yeah, I mean they picked the right person to do that job, because I’m sure that Zakaria believed what he was saying in that regard he was a useful idiot and because honestly his books are written like very childish the whole thing is // he’s not really.. he’s not a very good writer //
and I know he had help too by the way.. oh yeah, every writer has at least one editor that looks at their work and helps them make changes I mean I’m an editor, so I can do it for myself,
but in my early years I definitely relied on various people to edit my work and eventually I got good enough that I could do it myself, but so there’s more than one voice. I mean.. look honestly I’ll give you another example Mark Twain – Samuel Clemens – real name, his work was fantastic, but you know why? It was so good..because his wife was editing it, he took all the credit //yeah.. that’s kind of showbusiness works isn’t it? //I mean, yeah, I mean also in the in that particular era women were essentially second-class citizens, so, yeah she just had to take a kind of a silent role and I’m sure she benefited from it somewhat, but yeah, she actually had a huge impact on the final product.

Jon Rappoport has done the best reporting on this, I mean he’s really used some critical thinking on the matter and he’s right he the so-called team that Tom put together is a bunch of Spooks from the Pentagon. I don’t think that it was his idea at all (CIA affiliates) No they’re retired spooks, they’re military intelligence people, a agents, field agents, analysts
operatives. I mean come on their job is ..they admit they even lie to each other oh yeah okay so they lie to us routinely and they control the narrative I mean there’s psychological
warfare or social engineering, whatever you want to call it…this effort .. this latest manipulation of the public’s perception…
// It’s a positive step forward that some of this caught some of the attention of the media // but wait wait now hold on no it didn’t that was all no because everything at the New York Times is sanctioned by the Pentagon or at least some elements .. they are the deep state that the media is supposed to be the Fourth Estate or the fourth branch of government, it´s unelected, but they work hand in glove with the Machine Washington, specifically the Pentagon when it comes to this issue that the media has been the method or the means that the psychological warfare has been committed against the psyche of the American public in other words every time somebody came forward doesn’t matter how credible they are, the media would go into the immediate debunking
mode..all right so this they had to have had this green lighted by the Pentagon that they wanted this to go to be treated differently .. (Robert Stanley)(2018)(1.2.)(Enki/Lucifer, Sitchin Confusion, Thiaoouba Prophecy, Coast to Coast AM|EOD 83)”

“Is Our Entire Reality Being Manipulated by Enki? Robert Stanley Breaks It All Down! Mr Unicus”

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