Ex Gang Stalking Operative Explains Tactics and Motives

“Ex Gang Stalking Operative Explains Tactics and Motives”
“So it´s a long story. I´ll try to get through it quick, but basically people are selected from all over the country. We´re talking about cities all over America , they are selected for many different reasons, often it is because they are isolated, they don´t have a lot
of money, friends or family and they also tend to be people that are highly, highly
intelligent, the aspects of this technology that they´re interested in improving upon have to do with cognitive processes, processing information and as a result they want highly intelligent people to be targets of this program, they also tend to target people who are into what I would call alternative research, commonly called maybe
conspiracy theories, people that disagree with the government, people that are into researching things like 911, also they are interested in people that are interested in technology. I have found a high percentage of targeted individuals
to be people who either are interested in or have information on highly advanced technologies, usually having to do with directed-energy weapons and frequency weapons, the exact kind of weapons that we´re talking about here that are used in voice to skull and behavior modification… there´s many other aspects to the technology, but
once these people are selected, they will have the entire gang stalking / voice to skull program run against them, this is detailed in my article..they will have career sabotage programs run against them to ruin their job, they will have character assassinations campaigns run against them… they will be isolated from family and friends as those individuals are turned against them and they will be isolated slowly and slowly over time using the technology itself.. many of the people freak out understandably when
they at first don´t know what it is, oftentimes they end up going to psychiatrists and false diagnosis of schizophrenia, manic depression, delusional paranoid are rendered against this individual and it turns out that´s a loophole in the wall … they.. take away people´s constitutional rights …once you are deemed mentally unfit to care for yourself, i.e. ..depressed delusional paranoid etc.. they use that, the state or the federal government uses that as an excuse to come in and say that they have to care for you, so I would warn all targeted individuals out there please do not go to psychiatrist and allow them to render a diagnosis against you, because that is a dirty trick they are using to take away the rights of people all over the country.
I do not have direct knowledge of that personally in terms of an individual how they are selected, what I can speak to intelligently though is that each individual fits the general profile that I´m describing, so they´re highly intelligent, they are able to be isolated by whatever means, they normally have some sort of a what I would
describe as a free mind , they´re people that aren´t part of the crowd, so to speak, in the way that they think ..they´re Outsiders, they´re what the government would call dissidents or revolutionaries or people that may be a problem , some TI´s have said that this kind of profile that all TIs fits is empowered individuals and I would definitely agree with that, but I cannot speak to how they actually identify an individual person. I think the general
profile that I´m describing that fits the targets of this program is something that is generated high up within the program. We´re talking at the federal government level, we´re talking at the highest levels of this social engineering program .. scientists from all over the country and all over the world, they´re looking at someone´s genetics, they´re looking at someone´s cognitive abilities, they´re looking at someone´s genes, they´re looking at
someone´s DNA, they´re looking at people´s social situation, they´re looking at people´s career. I´ve been very surprised that so many PhDs are actually targets of this program and they´re usually PhDs that have gone against the grain in terms of what academic academia normally teaches. Usually within the fields of science and technology and the reason for this is because people running the program they want to cover up certain technologies in certain aspects of science that can lead through to tremendous tremendous
breakthroughs, these highest levels of Science and Technology are the sole purview of classified sectors of our government and military and as a result it is not the opinion is that the American people do not have the right to this information and is in the national security interest of our country to keep it classified.”
“Cross-Border funding of Nanotechnology Research.”
“They becomes funneled into SIS to work as low-level security guards where they are experimented on even more so that is a specific program and that´s what I detail in my blog in my website…
It can be used to induce riots for example or stop riots, it could be very very dangerous and it´s a great point you bring up about traffic patterns and auto accidents.
I mean this is messing with the inner most part of human beings, their emotions and so you can imagine how irresponsible it is to actually to manipulate someone into being a bad mood, in a bad mood and manipulate everybody in town into being bad in a
bad mood and then they get in their cars and they drive around where they´re their own safety and other people´s safety is at risk, it´s a huge huge problem and you can imagine the applications of this if anyone ever wanted to start a riot, if everyone anyone ever wanted to increase the crime rate and then of course you know you can use it for the exact same opposite, you can use it to decrease the crime rate by making everyone passive and that could have nefarious applications as well if you want people to be passive and not pay attention and not take action, it can be used for that as well, so yes the
the mind is boggled by the possibilities in terms of what this could be used for the radio frequencies microwave signals, the entire spectrum of radio frequencies can be used within a certain range to produce all sorts of different effects,
so the way it works is a device broadcasts a radio frequency, let´s say at an individual and that radio frequency will hook up with the resonant frequency of the individuals mind or body or in this case DNA and what happens is once the resonant frequency is found in the targeted individual and the broadcast frequency matches up with that resonant frequency, those two frequencies interlock and they can be thought of as one frequency or one energy and what happens is between the broadcast frequency and the individual that´s receiving the broadcast frequency.. once they are resonating together a superhighway of frequency along with information can be sent is created and so you can think of it just like fiber-optic cables… you use to send signals over the internet that connect people to the
Internet, it´s the exact same thing only a wireless application of that and so
once you have connected the Targeted individual with the frequency and they resonate together then you´ll have a perfect Avenue upon which to send and receive information back and forth and that´s exactly how they manipulate someone´s thoughts, they send voices into someone´s head, they manipulate their emotions, they manipulate their behavior and then that´s also how they receive back from the individual in real-time the vital signs, the emotions, the thoughts, what the person´s seeing, what the person´s hearing and then all that information of course is rendered on a computer elsewhere via software and I can be monitored and tracked in real time, it can literally stop your own
thoughts from happening and replace them with other thoughts by sending thoughts to your head and it´s so sophisticated that you cannot tell where these thoughts are coming from, there´s no way to to discern that they are coming from, somewhere other than your own minds, so you can imagine how bad this would be for people that don´t even realize this technology exists and they´re having these thoughts which they think are spontaneous, because being under the influence of this technology now kind of having been on both sides of it. I am just amazed at the way it works and I
know that the thoughts that they beam into your head originate from the exact same place in your minds that your own natural thoughts originate from, so if I didn´t know I was under the influence of this technology then I would have no idea that anyone was influencing my thoughts at all and that´s exactly what it can be used for, it can be used to
sway people in terms of their opinion, to make them go along with a certain agenda, it can be used to turn groups of people or individuals against each other for whatever purpose and actually this exact same technology can be used to not only influence the thoughts of someone, but also the Voicebox of someone.

This is the type of thing that could be used to get a politician the words that they need to say: “I am a Zionist you don´t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist”, so
that they will come across and deliver the message in the way someone else wants them to deliver… the message show messing with people´s thoughts is really really concerning and it is so advanced now that they can do it without people even realizing it..”

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