Time Travelers – Various Confessions –

Time Travelers – Various Confessions –

“Time Traveler From 2100 Reveals Future President”

“Time Traveler Who Has Been To The Year 9428 Speaks Out”
Published on Jan 8, 2018
This man claims to be a time traveler who has been to the year 9428. We took a flight to Georgia to sit down with the man for an interview as he told us his story. You will not believe what the future has in store. Here is his amazing story. What do you think? Is this man an actual time traveler who has been to the year 9428?”
“Time Traveller Claims He Took This Picture In The Year 6,000”
“Sometimes, there are stories I find which can insult your intelligence, this happens to be one of them.
A time traveller, who claims he’s from the year 6000, has a lot to tell us about our future and if you don’t believe – which I highly doubt you do – he’s ready to put his money where his mouth is and show you proof.
The unknown man, who’s had his face blurred out – because apparently ‘they’ don’t want you to know about the Earth’s future trajectory – claims in his time, they’ve even found the cure for cancer and are governed by Artifical Intelligence.”
“Throughout the interview, the unknown time traveller claims AI and humans are on the verge of merging to become one sentient, superior being.
Later on in the video, he claims he wasn’t alone when he was sent into the future – he get’s very emotional about the person, who he doesn’t name, but says he left him behind in the year 6000 – which he describes as a utopia.
While he understands his story is far-fetched he does supply us with evidence – it comes in the form of a printed picture of an unknown ‘futuristic city’, which is so blurry you’d have a hard time buying any of it.
According to our unknown source, the reason for the poor copy is because, when going through the time machine, things can end up getting distorted.”
Source: https://www.unilad.co.uk/news/time-traveller-claims-he-took-this-picture-in-the-year-6000/https://www.unilad.co.uk/news/time-traveller-claims-he-took-this-picture-in-the-year-6000/

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