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“The Secrets of Jaguar – The Announcement of Genocide – Urgent Post from Hiding (Stop 007)”
“all the villains are played by Brits and then a light just flashed up and highlights at one eye and you can see
this eye is lighter than that so again all the villains are played by Brits and one eye was highlighted indicating very
quickly very subtly the all-seeing eye … the single eye…all-seeing eye.. the symbol of the Mafia, so it seems
like this is about the Mafia that sits in Britain and this guy climbs out of the plane.”
“We are obsessed by power now let’s have an eye for detail and what you can see in the background is a tall building called the
shard and it has the shape of an obelisk like a big pyramid obsessed by power so again the pyramids and the obelisk is a
symbol for the Mafia right and Freemasonry because the Freemasonry is a front for the Mafia okay and it’s ordering all the men in a
society into this pyramid organization a big tall pyramid organization okay, so with the eye for detail you will spot
the shard here in the background you can what you can look up the shard in London this building and convince yourself is
like a big pyramid okay and they are obsessed by power and then look what happens look at the lighting by power
and there’s a flash of red as in hell, so again they are you know representing Satanism the Mafia and they obsessed by
“So the Masonic networks that have now been activated changes everything.
Now brace yourselves, this happy breed of men, so this happy breed of men has to brace
itself. ..What was that this England is all mine, this blessed plot, this England, it’s
all mine, so organized crime is saying that’s England is all theirs and look how
he emerged from the tunnel look what’s on the right-hand side didn’t you see
this that is again I think the shard did you see that so here you can see again
the tower this looks like an obelisk and it looks like the tower of Freemasonry um so what
you actually have here is organized crime announcing that England is all theirs, they set up camp they put up the
symbols here and now it’s all theirs and there you can see it again here’s the shard right there’s the double tower,
this is um that tower bridge ,you can see this red highlighting right under the tower again symbolizing Hell, symbols
for Hell, the obelisk or the Tower of the Mafia, right, Freemasonry and the City of London .. so this is the
City of London Corporation Territory..and they say the art of villainy continues so these are all the different
aspects and I think at this point you should be you know fairly convinced that something very very dodgy is going on
“This seems to be swarms of Freemasons right or swarms of people associated with organized crime,
so these swarms in 2017 are suddenly taking off now steering it, now do you remember how the guy said it’s not time
for it yet my pretty and showed a red car and now this is a red car, so now it looks like all hell is being unleashed
by swarms of criminals and Freemasons which are, you know, a front for criminality. … so the
Sharks from the Mafia are now moving.”
“He’s hiding among the public and what does the public do? the public is asleep, especially the young generation, the young generation is fast asleep and these Freemasons connected to the Mafia and British intelligence are playing their games around them and meanwhile these people are fast asleep. the head of it is the Vatican. …the Mafia snaking itself, organized crime is snaking itself through the entire scenery..”
Shaun Boden
1 month ago
Dr Horton the thing they are doing with this whole regime though is using the frequencies over and over in very quick procession to slow the ability to think rational, and speed up the impulse to act irrational , and it does not even matter if we have become better people through looking after ourselves because there is something hiding in the program that alters your responses over a very long time without us noticing it at first. We can feel like we are coping but this is a sophisticated program that deceives the senses and all the while levels and rights itself to the level of the will of the target. I have had this connected to my thought processes since 2003 and the v2k and it manipulations have not broke once since then, and I am at the mercy of the machine because the electro magnetic frequencies are on a constant level of an anxiety level that has trained my mind to automatically go to to that frequency so I am constantly on edge and then as my will goes down and the lightning fast frequencies keep coming I am more liable to lose control of bodily impulses and then the program has in reality silently took control through my own mind turning against itself.
1 month ago
Dr. Horton–so sorry you are going thru this. I am also a TI. Recently they have been attacking my internal organs and I’ve been sick. I hope you get some healing there. Sending prayers for you. Yes–this is genocide.
Freedom Fighter
1 month ago (edited)
This is Good vs Evil. God vs Satan. Your right about the advertising, they have telegraphed the truth in them.
A new race of beings are being born. It was the symbolic meaning behind the destruction of the world trade center, two becoming one, one consuming the other.
Spirit cooking is one spirit consuming the other, its a constant struggle between them within us.
Good vs Evil. God vs Satan. The beast system is What is rising.
Its been communicated to us threw media.
1 month ago
Those Jaguar ads are so evil, I can barely look at them without a sick feeling in my stomach. Somehow reminds of Princess Diana’s assassination. So sorry you are going through this. I have also been targeted.
final fantasy
final fantasy
1 month ago
There is a current hidden war happening that many are unaware of involving politicians and big corporations all around us.
Cliff Dover
Cliff Dover
1 month ago
I’ve been strongly attacked too but I have nowhere else to go. BTW I don’t like the path these vids are taking, at all… as I don’t think we can find any use on random commercials and pop culture. We aren’t dealing with a cinematic conspiracy to read enigmas from cultural products, we are dealing with physical harm and harassment towards us and crimes against humanity.
Joshua Andrews
Joshua Andrews
1 month ago
I’m a survivor of a background where mafia and intelligence agencies were working together and just want to say that this video is really excellent and spot on in a lot of ways. Some of the things Dr. Horton is pointing out are things I remember being trained to understand as code. It also made me think back to the narrative type commercials I saw as a child. Even then I could feel when the message of an ad was reflecting something about the people we were involved with…
1 month ago
Your videos are so long it is hard for me to get time to comment on all the little tidbits clues. I have to keep coming back as time allows.
Ripping Gangstalkers
1 week ago
Some of us are from future trying to warn you. They are also time travelling, changing time lines to keep us here. We have to first realize the deception in order to clear the road for our true perception.
Ripping Gangstalkers
1 week ago
Our consciousness has been hijacked. We have been tricked by these fallen angels, archkons, or whatever you want to call them. Wake up people!!! It’s an illusion. Become aware!!! Escape the matrix!! Through love, creation, and light from Source, Universal Creator, Christ Consciouness inside all human beings.
Ripping Gangstalkers
1 week ago
This is a War on Consciousness nothing more. Keep that in mind. We are in a time loop. That time does not exist outside the construct of the matrix. Full awareness of it must be over 50% of humanity in order to shift the paradgim with Gaia or Mother Earth. Ascension is possible only then. However, more need to be woken or we reset for another 26,000 years.
Monica Try
4 weeks ago
My forehead has also multi hits. So why. affect the frontal lobe? Will look it up.
Valentina Tretiacov
1 week ago
Euer Verein ist nicht grundrechtberechtigt, wie wolltet ihr denn die Betroffenen schützen oder helfen ? Das letzte Geld vom dem aus Tasche zu ziehen. Hartz IV Betroffene haben an euch das letzte Geld überwiesen.. 160 € auf Essen Verzichtet für Wochen im Glauben .. von euch Hilfe zu bekommen? Geld kassiert und nicht auf eine Mail geantwortet, nicht in der Not den betroffenenen Opfern mal ein Wort oder mit einer Mail zur Seite gestanden habt .. dass ich an euch nicht mehr glaube, alle Betroffenen fühlen sich getäuscht. ICH möchte meine gezahlte 160€ Geld bitte zurück erhalten. Teilen Sie mir bitte wann und wie Sie mir meine Geld erstattet können Danke !

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