Area 52: The Other Secret Site

“Area 52 a secret base similar to Area 51.”
“Area 52: The Other Secret Site
*Lear further alleges there’s a high speed underground train that runs from Area 52 to Las Vegas, a concept that Nevada Test Site tunnel workers say is highly unlikely. And he says pilots told him there are secret runways out there that open and close like zippers. *
*”They’ll look down and it will be forest or desert or natural landscape, and all of a sudden it will unzip like this and they will see a runway and then the landscape zips back up and it looks like normal,” he explained. *
*There is some evidence for one of Lear’s suspicions, one that harkens back to the claims of former government scientist Bob Lazar, who said he worked on flying saucers at a place called S-4, or Site 4. Nellis confirmed to the I-Team that there is more than one S-4 on the Test Range, and one of them is at TTR. Workers have claimed the S-4 inside Area 52 requires special entry. It’s believed that highly advanced radar research is one project. Military watchdogs ….
Not suprisingly, the television station was denied a tour of Area 52.”

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