The Bases Lectures, Robert Duncan Intelligent Systems of Control

Cabernetic Hive-Mind Neural Dust

“You have many Telomeres on the end of your DNA and this is the code which tells the cell how many times it can divide before it kills itself. So we literally have a program in our DNA, a death sentence. Well, with genetic engineering we can add more Telomeres, now the downside is, there will be a higher risk of cancer due to mutations..
It´s gonna be a very strange future…Hearing, that´s great, cochlear implants, but what if you could hear what your dog hears.. what you could hear in higher frequency ranges and man can do lose their hearing between 10000 and 20000 khz over the age of 40.
..your Government and also about the soul stealing technology and so I have a scene in there that pipes voices and force speech in people walking by they don’t even know that why they said it or forced it. So do I believe that this is already out there, oh, absolutely that´s why we have been talking about it for so many years. (Robert Duncan)(2015)(9)”

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