Bases 52 KieronTI at Probe & Ella Free’s Triumph Over Targeting Podcast

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Kieron Lee Perrin (Part 1) on Ella Free’s Triumph Over Targeting Podcast
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Kieron Lee Perrin is a true survivor. His targeting began when he was just a child. He’s dealt with gang stalking, V2K, ICT implants in his body, electronic harassment, and more. Kieron agreed to be interviewed for a recent Vice documentary, called “Meet the Targeted Individual Community” (…, with 1M views and counting). He did this even though he was told previously, and apologized to by the production team, that the documentary would show targeted individuals in a bad light. Kieron felt it was important to show true courage, bravery, and determination by targeted individuals in fighting this inhumane program. To see more of Kieron’s videos, visit his YouTube Channel at ”
“People need to know this, people need to be informed and we need to fuel the debate, ultimately, we’re telling the
truth and we will win that debate and the documentary went out, but it was heavily, heavily censored and… I mean I looked today I see for the first time in a while it’s approaching a million hits on YouTube alone but most people have seen it and are aware of that and it’s a censored piece.”
“I’ve also been interviewed by the national press here, back in 2011, a newspaper I’m sure most of you over there will have press here back in 2011 a newspaper I’m sure most of you over there will have heard of as well the independent yeah
well not in his paper is purely a website but they too were censored after weeks of investigating my case called me
up and said look you know a doctor has confirmed all the medical evidence you provided we’ve concluded our investigation and you’re telling the truth and the state is covering this up, but we’ve been censored but the key
point is here that they said to me look this is unprecedented as well whenever we are censored we always get the name of
the authority which is censoring us we
cannot get that information this is unprecedented for us we do not know who is censoring us and for the record as well as that that journalist I’m referring to now has disappeared..
he’s not been present on the internet since January 2016.”
“I’m now 52 years old and I had brain implants in thirties
surgically inserted when I was nine years old now after it happened I had you know some very obvious physical effects you know it was a problem but I was a child you know and I healed I moved on I put it behind me but I can´t fake that I’ve been being microwaved since I was a teenager, I now
know what it is and I suffer from it, well, all the time, all the time, frankly the last two weeks has been horrific, it’s been horrendous like almost constant like microwaving my
home is is like one big microwave oven, but I experienced these things as a teenager, I didn’t really understand what
was happening I just become very overtly fatigued, very tired and with .. well, we all know the effects.. that once we’ve dealt with them and but back then of course…not only did I have no comprehension of what I was dealing with there was absolutely no information available either and that
was very much the case you know let me put this in perspective when I was in my early thirties when things really really kicked off even though I’d been feeling the effects of what I’m dealing with right at that time…just with regards to the directed-energy weapons, thieves and
manipulation of my life and my business at the time as well
it was so obvious to me but yet in trying to explain it to other people Al tis will understand this you know
I was you know people didn’t receive the information shall we say very readily..and I was isolated yeah I was completely
totally isolated in the dark with regards to what I was dealing with.”
“They have absolutely crucified my life, they have raped my
“but we’ve got one question for you I said far away they said why would all these people do all these awful horrible
things to you and at the time? I said to them: I’ve got no idea I’m just telling you what’s been happening and I am
oblivious really as to the reasonings behind it apart from … what I’ve alluded to in in the conversations we’ve
had that was 2001, now, if I could bring you forward to it would be roughly, probably about 2013-2014, again I’d been
surrounded encircled by a load of perpetrators and my doctor who I developed quite a good relationship with was obviously being pressured.”
“We can prove it, we have absolute proof of what’s going on. I’ve now got official acknowledgement of the
ICT brain implants in my head and not only that my paper trails with the authorities here prove everything,
including, as I’ve stated already the National Press having accepted things in 2011, so why currently are they still debating the issue the wasting our time wasting our money and they are lying to us, because we can prove everything.”

“Our governments are very very aware of this not only that you know the fact is the truth is they’re perpetrating this
against us.. this is a depopulation program and it’s not
decreasing, it’s increasing and things are coming to a head on on many fronts and the reason I agreed to speak to you
today other is because you put a very very good reputation.”

Kieron Lee Perrin is a British TI, or Targeted Individual. He has MRI scans showing his large Type 25 implants. Now his latest data is this is an inter-dimensional issue, involving octoforms…spiders. The Super Soldiers are Inter Dimensional Soldiers, where time and coherence logical straight line thinking simply does not work. We have a problem, a BIG ONE. Features a short pre interview, before teh Brussels Targeted Individual Conference, in Nov 2014, where the late Dr Rauni Kilde made her final public appearance before her assassination in early 2015 (She was a ‘Gas Lighted’ killing). Kieron spoke at the Bases Project International Conference in 2014, and later at Probe (Replacing James Casbolt)
The main camera with the mics ran out of media, that’s why we start with “only 30 mins”, we had to scram and get to airports and the train. we just finished with the Go Pros. Its why I said thats it..but Kieron wanted to keep going. We didn’t have the time. It was time to scram.
Kieron Lee Perrin gives the first “BASES TI” targeted Individuals briefing, starting a new gener in the Bases project, for those who can Prove They ARE TI.  ..
Kieron was to join British TIs in the Brussels Targeted Individual conference later that month (Nov 204). But couldn’t make it.
It was here the brilliant Dr Rauni Kilde was to make her final public appearance before death by assassination occured later in early 2015. (Rauni fell ill from an aggressive cancer just before Christmas, and was already showing signs at the event).
Just before this edit, Kieron explained for some hours on the phone how the Super Soldier are used in an Interdimensional War, where we are under attack from a shape shifting spider form, that takes over humans (ref Harald Kautz Vella). The supers soldiers are on mission. It has been explained to Kieron he is a soldier. The war in other dimensions involves massive time differences between this one. So frequently he can suffer from injuries incurred in those dimension, with no apparent clue as to how he got them. There is more to be explored here.”

Reference/Brain Stem Implants, objective irrefutable proofs:
Brain Stem Implants

“I’ve won two tribunals proven but they locked me up twice on fabricated evidence and in one of those tribunals I
entitled my evidence as state-sponsored rape, torture and murder in the United Kingdom. Kieron Perrin against the British establishment and I want that tribunal now.”

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