Bases 46 – Black Goo

“We are dealing with electromagnetic vector waves, acoustic waves or waves generated when one particle hits another particle and generate a scalar wave, a scalar potential.. and that is how the Earth makes the Black Goo… The Black Goo is the seed of light that creates us. (Miles Johnston)(2015)(6)”
“I was on a medical conference… He made sure to stand exactly in front of me… I´m cautious with people … I always try to stay a little bit to the side, to avoid energetic interaction and he made sure to stand in front of me… I guess it was a massive loss of bio photons, he was intentionally lowering my scalar potential, by extracting life force from my body and why I was close to collapsing, something invisible shot of his solar plexus and it entered my solar plexus, it smashed into the backbone and then it flipped to the right into the liver, I had a liver problem back then, my liver was under-energetic, so it could survive for a while in my liver and I could feel it crawling for 3 weeks then it changed sides, then it left to the intestines… insect like, like a spider…about 25 centimeters… he was filling me. I don´t know exactly what he tried to do with me, I guess he was trying to take control over my brain, to assimilate me.. They take over Black Magicians and the Black Magician is a person who makes a conscious deal with the Demons. He is willing to open his system and feed them with their light…
And I have seen the autistic children taken over by demons. I have one traveller from Croatia with the Bus back to Germany with a young couple with a autistic child maybe 5 years old…and every 10 seconds she was screaming one Alien scream and if you looked at the face of this girl you couldn´t see a human anymore you could see exactly the demon in this child… Autism is nothing else than extracting the human soul from the body, because this mercury damage in the body is so painful for the children, that the soul cannot stay in the body, it goes out, it´s dissociated and the body is free to be taken over by demons. We are turning ourselves into hosts of this species. (Harald Kautz-Vella)(2015)(6)”

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