Archontic malignant egophrenia mass epidemic of humanity

Archontic malignant egophrenia mass epidemic of humanity

Advanced Mind Control with Remote Neural Technologies of the ShadowGov that can literally destroy a family happiness within 5 minutes… mass targeted population…
Demonism as the guiding voice of the inner genius… mislead or redirected or both…
Parasite of the Mind in the collective unconscious… Fragmentation and alienation from environment due to the global NWO experiment… A non-local entity, soul as holografic magnet of the source of light. Each of us carry a fragment of this holografic incarnated source of light as avatar… Trickster archontic energy as opposing consciousness… As a species we are in a trauma…mass personality disorder because of disconnectedness of each other.. We as a species are actually destroying ourselves.. learn how not to destroy ourselves… original superpositional states … beyond good or evil.
The evil of the psychiatric system.. Amorphous invisible formless energy of the Archonts operating through the unconscious… We are a species in trauma, we are split off… we dissociate… our common complex are demons and entities… Access your own intrinsic divine power. Retrieve your soul. Everyone of us has an enormous effect on the whole. Inspire to co-inspire to trauma healing.. The Archontic Virus and the Archons/Demons/Entities forces us to evolve.. Connect with you voice. (Voice-Calling-Genius-Demon) Real compassion, not the idiot fake smile compassion of opportunistic Buddhists e.g…. Levy means.. Psychic epidemic… It´s literally destroying our species…but also the incredible potential of who we are. Shadow Projection… There´s also a golden shadow… the Genius in us. The higher good.. the most toxic thing in the human psyche is unexpressed creativity… out of our hypnotic spell.

An “entity” is a discarnate or non-physical being that attaches itself to a person, or host, in order to draw the energy it needs to meet its desires. Through this attachment the entity affects the physical, emotional, and or mental health of the host; the entity can cause problems or aggravate existing ones;
An entity can take over a person for a lifetime, as in the case of a lonely child who invites an entity to come in and it stays; or until a certain deed is done,..
Some people clearly realize they have an entity attached to them..
At death the physical body decomposes and returns to dust. The etheric body continues to live, carrying with it the astral and lower mental bodies… etheric/astral bodies or shells may be arising from the dead, so the living are open to entity possession.. An individual with psychic abilities may attract entities from higher astral sub-planes as spirit guides; these guides speak and teach through the psychic. Generally these messages are not of the highest quality, and may lead the psychic and others off track. .. The entity keeps the host company, becoming a way to deal with loneliness; this is especially common when an entity has been invited in by a lonely child and becomes a companion for life. Quietness enables you to detect signs of entity possession. How do I get rid of an entity? Initiate soul contact

Entity Possession

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