Left-hand Apotheosis: Transhumanism and the Rulership's Quest for Godhood

Left-hand Apotheosis: Transhumanism and the Rulership’s Quest for Godhood

Mind Heart Consciousness Balancing. Mind Male Yang – Heart Female Yin. Transhumanistic imbalance.
The modern philosophy has been absorbed by dogmatic scientism and a materialistic strictly mind based worldview. This is where Transhumanism comes in, because it is a monstrous ideology. Modern non awakened human lives in a state of shadow, who is not consciously present, but trapped in an artificially draco construct. An imperial rulership, a small group of reality architects who utilize these sacred higher knowledge, as a tool of control. In this way they have exploited humanity.
Degenerate Left Brain Predatory consciousness Rulership which lacks of compassion, care wisdom and motion of the heart, the Predatory Psyche of The Ruling Class using reason and logic as the fundamental markers for human intelligence. The most efficient way to control consciousness is to collectivize it.
The Function of Philosophy is a kind of balancer.
Transhumanism is a nefarious exploitation of every´s individual natural incarnation..they are presenting Transhumanism as the only real option. The Transhuman future is one where humanity will no longer have individual distinction, instead all will be permanently plugged nto the hive where via computer chips implanted in the human brain or by other unknown technological means humanity would be able to up link to the wealth of all human knowledge and internet of the mind. The ruling classes effort to completely collectivize and control humanity. Those who program that reality would obviously control not only the individuals within it but eventually all parameters of the collective human mind, direct and absolute control over the reality, manipulated totally from the outside in.. to fulfill the perverse aspirations of the occult rulership to attain godhood over man… to become the complete creator of man´s reality. A dark rise to self deluded godhood, the imbalance and dark path, the left hand path of dark occultism… this itself represents a very interesting dynamic as the material reality in which man binds himself currently is itself an illusion or a reflection what forces exist behind it and so a collectivized technological hive reality would be yet another layer of distortion, it would represent a reality in a sense disconnected twice fold from true, a continuation of entropic chaos which is also known as cancer and since that is only truth that can truly alleviate human suffering physically spiritually and psychologically is not at all how to balance to say that such a reality indeed represents the epidemy of what we know as hell, yet transhumanism promises to liberate man from the prison of his dying flesh. It pledges to unite man and knowledge to combine all known and documented information into one collected god mind… perhaps what we should fear most is being swallowed up in a black hole lleft by transhumanism staggering lack of wisdom the predatory ruling class are unsurprisingly responsible for such poisonous ideology.. these social predators will undoubtedly continue to promote nothing but limitation upon human freedom and well-being… a left-hand apotheosis if you will.

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