Andrew D. Basiago – Project Pegasus, teleportation and time travel

Astral Projection seems to be a typical part of the time travel and chronovisor experiences.
I personally had many such experiences… including grid net projections…
hyperdimensional walking… bilocation, clairaudience, multidimensional hearing etc…
If they mastered Time Travel and they needed astral bodies of children for experimentations then you can imagine what they´ve already done with many civilians accross the world…
Andrew D. Basiago – Project Pegasus, teleportation and time travel
Most important extractions and summary of the discussion:
Tesla Energetic Arrays, Tesla Device with Jump Portals aka Teleportation,
Virtual Time Travel, Physical Time Travel, U.S. Time Travel was made secret in 1942.
Time Space Exploration Program under DARPA, Project Mercury,
Individual training for Time-Space Explorations aka Chrononauts,
Civil population has been surveilled for high intelligence individuals
who might fit into these deep black programs. Chrononauts placed on Mars.
Most advanced quantum access technologies already in the early 1970s by U.S. Secret Gov.
A superluminal realm of the Multiverse opens up with the use of the chronovisor technology.
The chronovisor sends the chrononaut to alternate timelines.
The capability involves the capacity to gather non-local images of past and future events, the domestic spying potential of the gov. goes far beyond of having surveillance cameras.
We will need a political revolution to really bring these secrets into the light of day.
The right people must be put into the government, cleaning up the government.
The metaphysical enslavement must be abolished. Quantum access was achieved 40 years ago.
They could simultaneously use teleportation and chronovision. They could use chronovision to absolutely deprive us of any form of privacy. As we know we find ourselves on a frightening threshold of a global police surveillance state. We must prevent that the Government achieves a T.I.A. (Total Information Awareness)
People should own the right of freedom and happiness. That quantum environment where they operate, I mean the most advanced so called extraterrestrials are in fact interdimensional beings,
for not reaching us by a space shift, but reaching us by a time shift.
He states that he also had ET experiences without the involvement of U.S. Gov. or cults/agencies.
DARPA is more military aligned then several other agencies. ET´s or Alien Hybrids are capable themselves to quantum access, they don´t need apparatus of agencies or governmental support.
Grey experiences are sometimes stressful, initmidating, exiting, but always interesting.
I agree with his opinion, except adding the fact that they can be very rough and reckless.
They are masters of brain stimulation. Problem cumulates when the Greys themselves
are under negative Mind Control.

Released: 7.11.2009.

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