Over 450 Russian troops killed in Ukraine – UK Defence Secretary

“Over 450 Russian troops killed in Ukraine – UK Defence Secretary”
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The UK’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has told Sky News that Russia has lost more than 450 troops since invading Ukraine.”

“But you know the person who has failed to live up to all his agreements,
including the agreements that he has signed as lately as 2010 or certainly
the russian federation has been President Putin, he’s failed to follow
international law, he failed to respond.”

“What you are seeing on your cameras today is illogical, president putin didn’t need to
do this, he didn’t need to uh occupy, which he’s doing right now, a sovereign
country, he didn’t, none of it stacked up, none of the reasons why he would do it
would stack up a few of us felt that and you know again i made a few comments
the other day about president putin…he’s not doing something that’s
logical he’s doing something that is about his ego and his legacy…to protect a democratic state from a paranoid autocratic dictator…”

“If you think president putin is absolutely uh you know irrational tyrant
etc and all those things that you have just said
uh which many of us do think he is in a
position that is beyond logic…”

Conspiracy Revelation: 27.2.2022: The Reporter has no respect to let people speak out…very bad reporter.

“I certainly think what he is doing is deeply irrational, I certainly think he
is gone full tonto if that’s what you know what i said the other day and talking to
some soldiers you know no one else in their right mind would do what we are
seeing on our telescreens today uh you know no one else would impose their will
on another sovereign country, uh with all sorts of concocted conspiracies and very
bizarre readings of history, unless somehow they were acting deeply

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