African Shaman Reveals Hidden History of Reptilian Aliens in Africa

“African Shaman Reveals Hidden History of Reptilian Aliens in Africa”

“Credo Mutwa is a well-known African Zulu sangoma (traditional healer) from South Africa who has inherited old esoteric wisdom from his ancestors and forefathers, which serves to interpret past history.

But what’s more fascinating is that the Zulu elder has firsthand experience that backs up what he was taught, which involves reptilians (whom he refers to as Chitauli) controlling Earth.”

“In reality, Mutwa’s information is used to support most of David Icke’s primary premise. “The Zulus claim that many, many thousands of years ago there appeared, out of the sky, a race of people who were like lizards, individuals who could change shape at will,” Mutwa said in an interview with Rick Martin.

There are hundreds of fairy-tales, sir, in which a lizard female adopts the identity of a human princess and pretends as her, and gets married to a Zulu Prince, since they wedded their daughters to a walking alien and created a powerful line of Kings and tribe Chiefs.”

He has grown increasingly vocal about this understanding and personal experience as he has become older (he is currently 94 years old). But, unlike most others, the Zulu shaman says that these “aliens” aren’t actually aliens at all. He believes they are not from a distant planet, but rather from Earth or a nearby location;”

““These so-called aliens aren’t from another planet. I believe they are among us, and I believe they require stuff from us, much like some of us humans want certain items from wild creatures, such as monkey glands, for selfish reasons… Many individuals succumb to the temptation of seeing these “aliens” as otherworldly beings. “Sir, they’re merely solid creatures.”

He also believes they have nefarious motives, and that humans lived as one before they came.

“…the Chitauli appeared on Earth in horrible vessels that soared through the air, vessels that were shaped like big bowls and created a terrible roar as well as a terrible fire in the sky.

And the Chitauli informed the humans they had collected by force with lightning whips that they were magnificent gods from the sky, and that they would be receiving a variety of tremendous gifts from the god from now on.

These so-called gods, who looked like humans but were much taller, had a long tail, and horrible blazing eyes, had two eyes—yellow, brilliant eyes—and others had three eyes, with the red, round eye in the center of their forehead.

These aliens then took away human people’ enormous powers: the ability to communicate only with their minds, the ability to move objects solely with their minds, the ability to see into the future and past, and the ability to travel spiritually to various planets.

The Chitauli took away all of these tremendous talents from humans and replaced them with a new one: the ability to speak.”

“However, human humans discovered, to their dismay, that the power of communication separated rather than united people, because the Chitauli cunningly developed multiple languages, causing a major conflict amongst people.

Also, the Chitauli did something unprecedented: they appointed human individuals to reign over them, declaring, “These are your kings, these are your chiefs.” They are tainted with our blood. These are our children, and you must pay attention to them because they will speak for us. If you don’t comply, we will severely penalize you.”

Human beings were spiritually one prior to the arrival of the Chitauli and the Imbulu monsters. When the Chitauli arrived, however, human people were split spiritually as well as linguistically.

The Chitauli then bestowed weird new sensations upon human beings. Humans began to feel uncomfortable, so they began to build communities surrounded by extremely sturdy wooden fences. Humans began to take up the role of nation-builders.

In other words, they began to form tribes and tribal territories, each with its own set of borders that they guarded against any potential adversary. Humans were ambitious and hungry, and they sought wealth in the form of livestock and sea shells.”

It’s apparent that whether or not what the shaman says is true is disputed. However, it appears to have a resonance that is more palpable than the creationist or big bang/evolution theories we’ve heard.

Check out David Icke’s extensive conversation with the African shaman below to discover more about this remarkable story.


“David Icke & Credo Mutwa — The Reptilian Agenda (Part One)
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Morkson H. Pheuz
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( Part Two: )

Amazing confirmation that a reptilian extraterrestrial race has controlled the world for thousands of years. David Icke talks with the Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa.

In this fantastic interview, Credo Mutwa reveals the story of the reptilian takeover of Planet Earth and how a shape-shifting Reptilian race (the “Chitauri” to Africans) has controlled humanity for thousands of years and how their bloodlines are in the positions of royal, political and economic power today.

This program will re-write the UFO/ET story in a way that will blow your mind. Credo Mutwa has endured endless threats and attempts on his life, in an effort to silence him, right up to the recording of this interview. However, as Credo says, The world must know this and know it now.

David Icke writes: “This is the most amazing man it has ever been my honor to meet, a genius, and the importance of these videos is simply beyond words.”

“Today America, people deny the existence of the Mafia and by denying it, actually protecting it within the origin, there are those who deny that a national
and international conspiracy exists, they denied… but by denying they
are actually assisting it and actually protecting it, we must stop denying the
existence of these things, we must stop saying that there are no
Chitaui that there are no aliens, that there are no Illuminati, they are. I
could tell you for hours…”

“I asked Elizabeth what was the meaning of the strange thing which was done to me?
Because since that time I had come across many black people who where over 200
who had been through the same torture as I. I had come across many black, as well as
cape colored women, who had been mysteriously impregnated by the same
creature that I had gone through the hands-off and let me tell you one other
interesting things that before I forget about a year after I had underwent this
terrible experience, I was working a long jetty street in Johannesburg delivering
parcels when a white man shouted at me to stop, I stopped, I thought he was the policeman wanting to arrest me for some reason,,, I saw you in Rhodesia in a certain place you were
lying on a table if I had it what white man with a fist he would not have
reacted the way he did he went pale almost dead gray in our events and he
turned away with a terrible get you wait and he walked away, his eyes were filled not with anger but with pure naked air.”

“Since that terrible time my life as a man was really messed up and one day I would
let me tell you them since that time I have become a very confused creature
it’s very it’s very it’s embarrassing here but since that terrible day I
became bisexual which to me as an African is a very very disgust since
that time my mind is doesn’t seem to be my own I think about things that and
then like me should it bother yourself about I worry about people I it’s
sickening that I have wind my life because of worrying about people. I feel
that I would I want to shake em to take every human being on this earth by the
shoulders shake them roughly and said this thing basta there is more to this

“I have feel the Chitaui, I have smelled them, I’ve had personal experience of these
and there are people who claim that these creatures are gods, there are
people that were claimed that these creatures are experimenting on us, that
is a lot less rubbish, these creatures are harvesting us, these creatures are not aliens mistake, these creatures are sexually compatible with our women and what does that tell
you, it tells you that they came from here, they are they are part of us and this makes them all the more dangerous, they know us very very very well, they know the great weaknesses of our minds just as they know the great strength of our minds, they operate in in what I call the gray area of human existence that touch the side of our lines which we don’t want to acknowledge the existence of, they create African tradition says that the Chitaui .. they engaged God himself in a terrible war and God defeated them, the
real God, the creator, God defeated them and he closed their mouths, so that they are unable to talk or to eat food anymore, but we are told that the Chitaui
set him on the image that we human beings give them they make us to fight
each other and when the old end is drowning in death and fear and terror
when hundreds and hundreds of people are angry and afraid the Chitaui get fat, because they eat what we call the dark power, which is brought about, when human beings
destroy the planet on which they live, yes, very, very intense human emotions.”

“Extreme longevity is the reward with which the Chitaui will reward you if you think at the expecting wavelength..”

“a voice was speaking in my head a ,very amazing voice and after that my powers of prophecy were intensified, this is what I think, we human beings are whole
here and more wonderful than we really are and I feel we lost something at some
time in the pause of our development or shall I say in the course of our

“ the UFO research community will be very very interested in that is that
these gray extraterrestrials or gray figures whatever they are, don’t actually
really look like that they’re almost in disguise.. (Icke)”

“Yes Sir, they are and I will tell you why. Grey Aliens have died in the
various paths of earth, they have been killed and they are very very quick to recover
the bodies of their friends which have fallen out of their crashed spacecraft,
but sometimes African …steal these bodies before they can get recovered
and believe that I have seen that which are in the corpse of one of
these creatures is extremely hard …what you think is the skin of the
creature is actually a tight-fitting costume that the creature is wearing, under this
great question the creature thing is pinkish white, like a freshly skinned animal and its eyes are round to discrete pupils…in order to dismember a creature
like this incidentally with all them …in Zulu which means
the tormentors, the torturers, in order to dismember a creature like this, you need a brand
new Axe from the trading store, a heavy Axe, sharpened to a razors edge in
order to cut through the creature skin, the creature skins way is not adhering
to the flesh, you know, my skin is clinging to my flesh, yet, but the creature, there
is a gap between the creature flesh and its supposed skin, this is a material and
not a skin, so the creature is actually wearing 2 garments, it’s wearing a
complete skin-tight garment which covers his entire board and it is wearing an
overrall along these lines, very often there are no plants and here to cut up a
Maginda and you need very very sharp iron and your thought to be a strong as
well even to reach its flesh, but once you have cut to the cover the close
fitting cover you can just open the whole thing and see the dead creature
flesh underneath..I will tell you how the creature looks like
without its gray skin, it is like certain types of tropical fish, it’s like the
birth, the baby of that type of fish that is fried in South Africa to make fish
and chips, but gray fish but long grayish, the texture of the Korean skin
is like that but the blood vessels are very close to the surface, in fact not so
long ago…right here in South Africa, several 100 school children, some black, some colored, were terrorized by a creature they called pinky pinky. A creature which looked as if it had been skinned alive that was a Makinda without its skin or costume.”

“Whenever you have harmed a Makinda (Grey Alien), you received a visit from men in black…”

“The Zulu people were the first people to know something but is now
attributed to Albert Einstein, namely that space and time are one and the same
thing. Zulus knew that, long before Einstein was born,…and they called time … we’re
aware of the fact that space and time are one and the same thing and further
that if you could find the river of time, you could travel into the future and
into the past and many other ancient legends which are told in Zulu … of a
man who traveled to full time and accidentally killed a young boy who turned out to be involved in the past and so he no longer existed…”

“Please that is a lot of poppycock in fact in my long investigation into our
past I can tell you proudly that our ancestors were 20 times cleverer than we
are, what I feel and what I think that is that in the past human beings were
cleverer than we are today and that human beings know more than we know now,
we are not progressing Mister Icke, we are simply rediscovering things but were
known by better men and better women… thousands of years ago…”

“I am really sure of this why because in Africa, even ordinary human eyes
are regarded as very powerful devices of magic, if an African shows you respect
he must stare it but he must stare at a point beyond one of your shoulder .. which means deny me your eyes, we believe .. when emotionally aroused, an ordinary human
being can inflict great damage on another human being by the unseen fires
that emanate from ones Eyes, we believe that a Zulu Warrior must never allow
his dying enemy to look at him for example when azubu was killing an enemy
he used to cover that enemies face with his shield to prevent the enemy looking
upon him with his eyes and putting a curse upon him.”

“We are the descendants of that race…”

“what we would call today the Star of David which of course is not actually a Jewish symbol, it started being used quite relatively recently in that sense, but it’s actually
a symbol that’s been found all over the ancient world, what’s the significance of
that being on the hand? (Icke)”

“There are several interpretations of this very powerful magical symbol, we say that
there are actually two universes, living side by side: A female universe which is
our Universe and a Male Universe and ..these two triangles, a triangle facing downwards represents the descending female principle and a triangle going upwards represents their
rising male principle, it is a symbol of the unity of the feminine and the masculine,
it is in fact the symbol, a very important symbol of duality.”


“Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, auch Vusamazulu Kredo Mutwa oder Credo Vusa’mazulu Mutwa (* 21. Juli 1921 im Bereich der heutigen Distrikts Zululand der Provinz KwaZulu-Natal, Südafrika; † 25. März 2020 in Kuruman, Provinz Nordkap[1]) war ein Sangoma und Sanusi des Volks der Zulu in Südafrika. Er hat mehrere Bücher, die zum Teil auch in deutscher Sprache erschienen, veröffentlicht.”

“Mutwa wurde erst mit Hilfe seines von seinem Vater als Heide und Götzenanbeter verachteten Großvaters geheilt. Dieser überzeugte Mutwa, dass die Zeit seiner Krankheit ein Zeichen dafür sei, dass er ein spiritueller Heiler werden solle. Er wurde von einer jungen Sangoma namens Myrna, die eine Tochter seines Großvaters war, initiiert.”

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