India: Dying too fast to be counted – Covid funeral pyres burn day and night

“India: Dying too fast to be counted – Covid funeral pyres burn day and night”
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“Channel 4 News
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The crisis engulfing India is deepening as the country records more than 370,000 new infections and over 3,500 deaths in the last 24 hours, but the true figure could be many times that.

As families search for life-saving oxygen for their sick relatives, the UK is among over 40 countries sending medical equipment. The Indian army says it will open its healthcare facilities to civilians.

Only nine percent of India’s population of around 1.4 billion people have been vaccinated so far, while funerals for the dead continue day and night.

Warning: Some of the images in this report are distressing.”

“It is the unavailable treatment which is killing people.
..this is known as the oxygen express carrying the gas in a 750
mile lifeline to india’s capital, the country produces
some seven thousand tons of oxygen a day, but its distribution has come
calamitously late. the black market for refills is extortionate,
those relatives who can afford it are paying out hundreds of dollars for a
single tank nothing less than the price of a loved one’s life,
untold numbers of indians are dying at home, when their personal supply runs out.”

“and this catastrophe is too far gone for vaccines or lockdowns
to stop it medical experts say the official death toll of over two hundred
thousand could be closer to a million with infections
set to continue rising for the next few weeks..”

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