What’s behind China’s low COVID-19 death rate

“What’s behind China’s low COVID-19 death rate”
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“As the COVID-19 death toll rises around the world, U.S. President Donald Trump has started to openly question the validity of China’s COVID-19 numbers. How could China have managed to keep a low death rate? CGTN’s Liu Xin visits Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak in China, bringing into light new details of China’s COVID-19 prevention strategy.”

“Binyam Tesfaye: vor 10 Monaten: Only propaganda!!
Louie Morales: vor 10 Monaten: How much this journalist got paid?
Bryan Max: vor 10 Monaten: Must have a cure to have 90% recovery. Lol
Nicola Pegg: vor 10 Monaten: So who is paying for this???
JSB Hmm: vor 10 Monaten: CGTN changed its name from CCTV-9 to try to hide the fact it is a CCP-owned propagandist!
hahaha benis XDDD: vor 10 Monaten: Sob D Ok I’ll say: Chinese COMMUNIST party, that better? You’re either a paid troll or brainwashed yourself. The Chinese COMMUNIST party relies on deception and coercion through threats such as they are doing with Australia now because they are ineffably corrupt and care nothing for their own people much less the people of other nations.
J Ricky: vor 10 Monaten: America still hasn’t paid African Americans for 300 years of slavery. SHAME! HIV was also first found in USA, SHAME!
Lou Lex: vor 10 Monaten: Yeah !!! Full of Bullsh*t. The people in Wuhan telling me a different stories otherwise..
Romeo Nicolas II: vor 10 Monaten: State-sponsored YouTube channel?? You are doing great in deceptions.
Remembering Ourselves: vor 5 Monaten: Well-produced state propaganda as usual, well done CGTN!
Charlie: vor 10 Monaten: liar !
Solaris AZ: vor 10 Monaten: Wow they are really quick. Making new videos right after someone sheds some truth but the goose is already out.
BlueVidzTV: vor 10 Monaten: Cover up lol.
Handy Keppy: vor 10 Monaten: Why? Lies and manipulation!
Bob Schmengle: vor 10 Monaten: You lying woman how dare you lie like that 18 million Chinese have died so far and we’re still counting.
Whatch Whatch: vor 8 Monaten: It’s extremely difficult to dismiss the suspicious facts behind all of the this? China is making military deployment’s all over the Pacific threatened many other countries and is much more powerful now than before the PANDEMIC what it aims to do with this power is not 100% clear but if Taiwan is anything to go by it’s not looking good?
underbird: vor 10 Monaten: Deception.
Dineskumar Ragu: vor 2 Wochen: Let me guess, manipulation of data on Covid related deaths? You guys did it during the SARS pandemic.
Richard Fischer: vor 10 Monaten: I absolutely love state owned propaganda !!! It’s where I get all my news !! No need to diversify !
Deepu Suthar: vor 10 Monaten: Conspiracy.
robert roberts: vor 10 Monaten: low death rate by deception.
Market Garden: vor 10 Monaten: Answers……..A bunch of controversy and a whole load of suspected lies.
Amanda Hendler: vor 10 Monaten: Great cover up story…..
Celsius: vor 8 Monaten: Love a bit of blatant propaganda hahahahaha.
Sheldon Fish: vor 9 Monaten: there are hundreds of thousands of dead in China!
Ken Moore: vor 10 Monaten: liar.
Raj Saha2: vor 9 Monaten: How much Paid ?
Zachary Zoet: vor 10 Monaten: Bollocks. They’d carve the organs out of the cadavers faster than you can say, “schedule the transplant, two weeks!” Awful everything.
john wkl: vor 10 Monaten (bearbeitet): Chinese are indeed more humble and are more inclined to stand united to fight for a cause.
Unfortunately in America, it is selfishness and egocentrism of the individual that is praised and accepted under the disguise of human rights.
Matthew Tucker: vor 9 Monaten: Wow! What a propaganda piece.
Ray Fonz: vor 10 Monaten: This video commentary explains it all. Thank you Liu Xin and CGTN.
SANDEEP SHAHANI: vor 10 Monaten: Propaganda machinery at work…😡
Cindy Chen vor 10 Monaten: China set a good example for the rest of world, cooperation, discipline, helping each other is in their blood, in front of the unpresidented challenge, it has tested the leaders, the people, the whole nation, the data speaks for itself, China, we are proud of you!
Rick Wong: vor 10 Monaten: By lying.
Michael Langas: vor 10 Monaten: Talk about saving FACE…… CHINA BLEW IT! GLOBALLY! LOW DEATH RATE????? LYING!
NSSPP: vor 10 Monaten: Let’s us know the traditional Chinese medicines given to affected.
SARATH MOHAN: vor 10 Monaten: well scripted lies.
ぺーさん: vor 10 Monaten: lie, lie, lie.
DC: vor 10 Monaten: Be real, It would be different if China had racial diversity and freedom. In a country where everyone looks the same and thinks the same I’m not surprised people are more willing to go with the flow.
Grace Bride: vor 10 Monaten: China out performed USA greatly, so they keeping accusing China of lying about their numbers.
soon isoon: vor 10 Monaten: Never let Evil to Rule the World for we shall Always Suffer Pain and Death.
Jovito valdez: vor 10 Monaten: time will come you will realized that your goverment was crook.
Djallal Namri: vor 10 Monaten: a South Korean doctor established the difference between the Asian and the European as follows: a European and a fortiori an American does not want to follow and wants to be followed then
that an Asian always has
the feeling of belonging to an ALL that transcends him/her and the “me” disappears before the “we”.”

China reports first Covid-19 death in more than six months
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