Holografic Med Beds SSP Revelation of AlienTech Age Reversal (Public Info from 2013/2014)

ConspiracyRevelation: 3.3.2021: Holografic Med Beds SSP Revelation of AlienTech Age Reversal (Public Info from 2013/2014) / Age Regression Program.
The question is: What happens with an awakened Kundalini? Does she roll back into sleeping stasis? That would be counterproductive (or only useful to the extent that specific missions and creations needed to be completed that eventually would be impossible to handle with an extended consciousness awareness), but when she remains awake you probably could have a double-win scenario. Does she keep note of the Time-Displacement Alien-Quantum-Hypertech and Tachyonic or Pill-Based DNA-RNA-Age-Regression? Time is transformed Eternity, that is my standard answer to the fundamental question of Motion-Essence in this Universe. BTW: Never forget that the Brain Development is finished with 41, that is precisely the time when Kundalini (369 – We remember the Grandmaster of Atlantis) should come into play.

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Sources of Information: Scientists Discover DNA Body Clock: from www.theguardian.com: link
https://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/oct/21/dna-body: clock ageing
Can We Reset The Age-Clock On Our DNA?: from http://thespiritscience.net: link
http://thespiritscience.net/2014/03/15/can-we-reset: the -clock-on-our-na-science-says-yes/

“- Part 1
FIRST POINT OF VIEW: From gathered information it is a hypothesis that the age-regression tech
is a derivative of space-time travel technology. So drugs are given purely to induce a coma and
paralysis in a person in order to immobilize them during the process of age regression. The arms
and legs are then strapped down and a small trame is then built around the body to ensure it
stays in one place, then needles are placed on the body in different locations which probably
allows the doctors to monitor any micro-movements of the body by a laser which is similar to a
seismometer or the needles are used to induce paralysis in the limbs. The result is that the
person is age-regressed 20 years and time regressed 20 years so when they wake up, they are 20
years younger and 20 years back in the past along their timeline. During the time that the
person serves their 20-year service contract, say if they entered the program at seventeen then
there would be a physical change in the body in terms of growth cycles and age over that time
period as the person becomes older they would become taller, have larger feet, aging, etc. which
cannot be reversed with any drugs.
SECOND POINT OF VIEW: The new SSP program drugs can reverse the age process to make someone look
younger again as these drugs have multiple serum dosage components that can alter the RNA and
molecular structure of the humanoid body type to either make the body look younger or age it in
order to become older. This can include the changing of the bone structure, muscle mass, body
size, eye color, skin color, hair color, etc. These types of drugs have been reverse engineered
from advanced alien technology that is why it is possible to now manipulate the physical
characteristics of altering the human genetic structure of the body for age regression purposes.
As well this type of technology has advanced in its capabilities in that the drugs are fast
acting in terms of putting someone into a coma, so the individual(s) no longer needs to be
strapped down or has/have a body frame put around them to keep them still, the drugs that create
the temporary coma allow for up to two weeks of being in a type of stasis sleep while the age
regression process is happening.
Part 2
FIRST POINT OF VIEW: The Secret Space Program may time travel someone back 30 years into their
past while moving their ZTR (Zero Time Reference) or the point at which they person was
conceived and entered their timeline forward 20 years. The program holds the special component
constraint by immobilizing the person´s body and changing the temporal component, dialing it
back for instance 1 year and moving the person´s ZTR forward by 1 year at the time for a total
of 20 years. So the spacial and temporal components of the body are decoupled by holding the
body immobile. The age regression and time regression is a slow process of synchronizing the
person´s ZTR with their body in current time so the person´s body is 17 years old when they
time-travel back 20 years. That is why it takes alsmost two weeks to age regress a person. Time
traveling a person back 20 years would be instantaneous but the person would still be 37 years
old with the ZTR moving back 20 years by default. So the program is readjusting the ZTR so the
person´s body is 17 years old once the person travels back 20 years in their timeline through
the age regression. This must be done through temporal electromagnetic or torsion fields that
are created by the body´s natural life frequencies or simulated by laser light technology but
not through drugs. The process would erase any scars or tattoos that were obtained during the 20
years of service in the SSP as well as removing any injuries which would just disappear, this
would all be happening as time is being dialed back. Also, if the person were in some sort of a
stasis pod for the age regression tech, there would be no need for drugs to induce a coma or no
need to restrict movement of the body.
SECOND POINT OF VIEW: It is much faster to use the age-regression drugs to age-regress the
person back to their original young state than moving them back and forth with the ZTR Zero
Point of Reference–that procedure can risk the person´s emotional stability. Parts of the
serums in the age-regression drugs enter the various isotopes in the human body and change the
body´s chronometer vibrations in order to be able to control the aging process. The stasis pods
are used to realign all the emotional components of the person and to help dampen any memories
of any traumatic events that may have happened by lessening the image thought forms of these
experiences so they are not so horrifying or terrifying to keep remembering after the person has
left the service from the SSP. There are a couple of steps involved in the age-regression
process as well as two various techniques of doing the regression process itself. This is done
by either moving the ZTR Zero Point of Reference for a person or using the age-regression drugs
to make a person younger again. Sometimes the whole process will take less time than two weeks
to complete, especially if there are not too many traumatic events involved in the person´s SSP
service records. These age regression techniques often may change and make advancements in their
technology, so they do not remain the same in terms of what steps and procedures are used to do
the age-regression process. With better technology the techniques improve and become easier to
administer for the age-regression protocol.
CAN WE RESET THE AGE-CLOCK ON OUR DNA? Science has discovered an internal body clock based on
DNA that measures the biological age of the body´s tissues and organs. The clock shows that
while many healthy tissues age at the same rate as the body as a whole, some of them age much
faster or slower. The age of diseased organs varied hugely, with some many times of years
“older” than healthy tissue in the same person, according to the clock. Researchers say that
unraveling the mechanisms behind the clock will help them understand the aging process in humans
and ultimately lead to drugs and other interventions that slow it down. Therapies that
counteract natural aging have been attracting huge interest from scientists because they target
the single most important risk factor for scores of incurable diseases that strike in old age.
“Ultimately, it would be very exciting to develop therapy intervention to reset the clock and
hopefully keep people young. Scientists looked at the DNA of nearly 8,000 samples of 51
different healthy and cancerous cells and tissues. Specifically they looked at how methylation,
a natural process that chemically modifies DNA, varied with age. The scientists found that the
methylation of 353 DNA markers varied consistently with age and could be used as a biological
clock. The clock ticked fastest in the years up to around age 20, then slowed down to a steadier
rate. Whether the DNA changes because of the aging or are caused by aging is an unknown that
scientists are now keen to work out.
“DOES THIS RELATE TO SOMETHING that keeps track of age, or is a consequence of age? The
development of grey hair is a marker of aging, but nobody would say it causes aging.” The clock
has already revealed some intriguing results. Tests on healthy hear tissue showed that its
biological aga–how worn out it appears to be–was around nine years younger than suspected–
female breast tissue aged faster than the rest of the body, on average appearing two years
older. Diseased tissues also aged at different rates, with cancers speeding up the clock by an
average of 36 years. Some brain cancer tissues taken from children had a biological age of more
than 80 years.
“FEMALE BREAST TISSUES, EVEN HEALTHY TISSUE, seems to be older than older tissues of the human
body. That´s interesting in the light that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women.
Also, age is one of the primary risk factors of cancer, so these types of results could explain
why cancer of the breast is so common. Healthy tissue surrounding a breast tumor was on average
12 years older than the rest of the woman´s body, the scientist´s test revealed. Scientists
showed that the biological clock was reset to zero when cells plucked from an adult were
reprogrammed back to a stem-cell-like state. The process for converting adult cells into stem
cells can grow into any tissue in the body.
“IT PROVIDES A PROOF OF CONCEPT that one can reset the clock. Scientists now want to run test to
see how neuro-degenerative and infectious diseases affect or are affected by the biological
clock. These data could prove valuable in furthering our knowledge of the biological charges
that are linked to the aging process. “It will be important to determine whether the accelerated
aging, as described here, is associated with other age-related diseases and if it is a causal
factor in, or a consequence of, disease development. As more data becomes available, it will
also be interesting to see whether a similar approach could identify tissue-specific aging
signatures, which could also prove important to disease mechanisms. Now to take a step beyond
the aging clock process or mechanism, what if we could get rid of age altogether? What if humans
could choose which age they wanted to be, and then could live like that as long as they wanted?
This discovery really beckons us to ask questions about time. What is time? Is it a function of
DNA? ….Is it something that is only limited to this physical dimension? What is it, really? In
addition to us being able to sequence and manipulate DNA through our eternal technology, this
also begs the question if we can do it with our internal technology. If what we´re learning
about DNA activation is true, then perhaps in the future we will simply be able to stay young
all the time by being young and doing nothing more than allowing the awareness of youth to
permeate every fiber of our beings. We could reset the biological clocks naturally, and stay
young forever.”

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