Dr. Millicent Black and Bill Binney – Alphabet Crime Cartel Implants

“”Dr. Millicent Black and Bill Binney
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Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007
Dr. Millicent Black gives an update about the abuse and torture that she has suffered at the hands of a US Airforce veteran who is a psychopath and works for Lockheed Martin.”

“Greg Ledbetter

Wayne Morris
​The swamp is full😡

Artist of El Elyon
​but the mil serves the borg it seems

​The Doctor of religion Millicent Black. Says a lot.

generation generation ​targeted individuals – we are beeing traded human trafficed by the medical scientific millitary complex
look for variations of the listed below in your own country
generation generation: l​ook for independent medical expertsMedical Devices Expert WitnessesEngineering Expert

WitnessesHospitals & Medical Services Expert Witnesses


generation generation
​biomedical Devices Expert WitnessesBiomedical Engineering Expert WitnessesBiomedical Expert


Johanna Maynard
​Haven’t had USAF fly over today, yet

Telepnev-Obolensky &Co
​Richard Lighthouse has info how to disable satellites on hi s site

Levi Haines
​Q T 🥧

Artist of El Elyon
​It’s a human trafficking xmas

Phoenix Faraday
​places like airforce schreiver and UK af underground bunkers involved needs to be shut tf


“M. B-EE
​Can we all read agenda 21 together? Me and David can help you with the big words.

Greatest Ever
​my dysfunctional family doesn’t really celebrate holidays thankfully

Greg Ledbetter
​v2k @51 yrs old..I dont think you get schizophrenia @51

Wayne Morris
​David is too unintelligent and too much of an ugly person to be a TI, so he hangs in our

chatrooms trying to steal our light

Anton Kramer
​Hat jemand auch Implantate? Mein Englisch ist leider schlecht.

Greg Ledbetter
​59 yrs old now

Telepnev-Obolensky &Co
​There must be a list of hospitals that put chips in!”

​Is there a known low cost and safe method to disable/render harmless these type of implants ?”

sazia khanam
​I feel neno particals bullet in my heart.”

“Greg Ledbetter
​NWO people programming lab rats is all we are.”

​sound like sge has a degenerative bone disease”

“Telepnev-Obolensky &Co
​Kerry Burnor managed to fight nano in her body, victimised by Vatican”

Jennifer Burns
​David go ask the CIA agent who was attacked I’m sure he knows more about the classified

“Courious El
​They = Deep State & Queen Dragon/Pope’s created CIA, FBI, etc., think about whom wants to turn
us into Cyborgs after Gates gets done with branding us w/GMO’s to claim us as their property.

William Blevins
​I am chipped exactly where you are ma’am but also temporal and teeth I submitted my affidavit to

KH last year”

Greatest Ever
​my handlers have been letting me sleep a little more lately. they usually torture me with

extreme heat & force me to wake up every 2-3 hrs.”

“Jennifer Burns
​I am being tortured to death there is no way to not worry about it.”

“Anton Kramer
​Ein starker Magnet sollte das erledigen, oder?

Greatest Ever
​is this covid crap making your targeting better or worse?

Luk luk
​i think the end of energy diriged

SavxgeSteven LeStrom

​DOCTORS R PAID OFF!! THEY won’t help a TI.”

Track Truth
​Its a demonic system without a doubt hang in there everyone their end is just and well deseverd.

They will scream for an eternity.

Wunschfee Dorothee
​Ich wünschte, alles wäre wieder gut!”
“B1N4RYGH0ST​The Cabal are trying to render all people in the class systems infertile”

“Stephen O Neill​Jesus is fake news, if it was real then we wouldn’t be targeted.”

“Greg Ledbetter​Obama administration loved initiating these technologies on many”

“Klabautermann​They wanne eleminated the Old gene”

Klabautermann​The KI is working they have all gen from all persons ….thez now which person is with old gene

liability 19​Stimulus 2 > 900 Billion . 500 million to Israel , undisclosed amount to the Moroccan scientist who developed the nano micro chip brain machine interface . Americans $7 / day.

generation generation​this is embeded this is the dark secret of psychiatry

Greg Ledbetter​Mine basically all A.I. driven at this point.
Klabautermann​The world is in War…thats why they do this…
liability 19​HR 6666 100 trillion budget for year 2020 . to pay gates , the medical cabal ,track n trace outsourced to the Clinton crime syndicate payment for dirty deeds done money laundering scam
Greg Ledbetter​my faraday didnt work..put a lot of time into it..cell tower couldn’t penetrate it but the satellite did.

Greg Ledbetter​funny how many T.S.s got started during the Obama administration.

Conspiracy Revelation Com: Yes. But it goes back as early as 1999…and 2005 Morgellon assault from Stanford Bioweapon Criminals for Pentagon Insanity Nazi Projects…but sure with Obama hell broke lose in terms of DEW assaults…and remote torture.

Greatest Ever​they want their victims in constant fear & anxiety, fight or flight.


Conspiracy Revelation Com: NSA is more than involved…they are making a sport of targeting VIPs…Nazi Stasi Army will be needed to be brought to justice.

Telepnev-Obolensky &Co: ​of course they can, Russia is Vatican’s colony, has been for 30 yrs.

Conspiracy Revelation Com: 18. Januar 2021 um 06:53:
Heart-Kidney-Throat-Shoulder-Spine-Motorcortex interlinked ELF-Skynet-Based Nazi-Torture of Zion-Nazi-Ru-
DoD/USAF/DIA/CIA/FBI/NSA/ARPA/Navy/Stanford/Harvard/MIT/MITRE/NASA/USSOC/Jesuit/Vatikan/Silicon Valley/UN Rockefeller Nazi
Cult/Lockheed/Raytheon/DEW/Alphabet Inc is also part of the Left Hook Chest Chainer…there is a physical dimension to the interdimensional Terror…
“so this is my body scan that shows chips in my muscles my joints and also my organs when I say my organs, the red mark is the sternum and a chip has been located in my heart, so that I was told by a retired police captain in the case that uh my heart could be stopped from beating and obviously it would look like I died of natural death.. there on the right side on the back that uh chip or that blue spot there on the right uh side mid way my back is to my right kidney that has been confirmed by an x-ray notice it’s coming straight down the center of my body the the the blue marks on the left side coming straight down the center and so that’s my spine, they can attack me either from the front or the back uh also the uh the left groin you’ll see four places going from the center of my pubic bone over to the left side and multiple ones around both knees then all five of my toes on the lower right””
“you know what Department of Defense could be sponsoring such a project, if it’s not just a personal vendetta, you’ll also see those in my head uh one, in my forehead which is a a normal one for i would tell that’s the area of the head of the brain where hypnosis takes place and then up in the top of the head is one that Richard Lighthouse says is the area of the brain that the NSA follows people.”
“The kind of of torture I am being forced to and what is happening to me in such a painful way that big hump on that elbow i was in dayton ohio i was awakened
one morning and i as i was being awakened i felt something being forced into the joint of that elbow it was excruciatingly painful oh some of the most horrible pain i’ve ever felt before.”

Backup-Link: https://conspiracyrevelation2021.blogspot.com/2021/01/dr-millicent-black-and-bill-binney.html

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