"Answers" – 11/17/20

“Answers” – 11/17/20
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Conspiracy Revelation: 19.11.2020: The High Spirit is aware… and watches too.
But you are not up-to-date. HIV can be cured easily. Do you really think the Pentagon/DoD develops a bioweapon without antidote then you are naive and nature provides enough means to destroy HIV. What do you fear? When God/dess is here. Tune into The Master of Eternal Peace.
Luc Montagnier already stated it´s a manmade bioweapon based on the 4 HIV inserts, so why do you even have the slightest doubt? There is no doubt that these are all bioweapons of NWO.
The 2nd birth has already begun in 2017…they lose.
“Delivers the messenger rna-based vaccine that will change the host dna when we focus on this biologically scientifically dr anthony fauci has said we need to take the politics out of the discussion regarding the vaccine and we need to focus on the science well i am doing that dr fauci i am focusing on the science, the science says messenger rna enters the nucleus, binds to it, fuses with the host-dna and permanently changes the host-dna. I’m going to share more documentation of that tonight, so looking at it not politically, but scientifically, this qualifies,, because it changes a person’s dna, qualifies as the mark of the beast, we do not have to have the antichrist revealed to us, the antichrist spirit is at work right now, that’s how I make the statement, we are fully immersed in the antichrist season right now, I’m using the word season because that’s in scripture specific to the time of the return of Jesus Christ, remember Satan counterfeits, every action, every plan, every step of God and our lord Jesus Christ, we do not know the day or the hour of the return of our savior, our lord and savior Jesus Christ, likewise we do not know the day or the hour of the revealing of the identity of the Antichrist, but in both cases, specifically with Jesus Christ, we are told in scripture that we will know the season God’s children through the Holy Spirit. We will know the season of his return, therefore we are fully immersed in the season of the return of Jesus Christ. We know that it’s unequivocal, the evidence is overwhelming, okay, so the mirror of that the counterfeit by Satan of that statement is that we are also able to know through the Holy Spirit, the season of the Antichrist, the evidence one slice of evidence of that statement of that fact is the vaccine and as we dive deeper into the vaccine and we see the scientific evidence that messenger rna biologically fuses with the host dna and therefore permanently changes it and this is specific to the hiv, one discussion, the hiv inserts, four of which are in the genomic sequence of the covid19 rna, okay, we shared this with you on sunday about hiv. I´m going to going to share with you some more about hiv the focal point for you is that because hiv is in the virus the genome sequence of the virus itself the vaccine thereby contains the genomic sequences, they’re very short of hiv-1. Why is hiv-1 included in the entire genomic sequence of of covid-19. It is a gain of function, well, what is the gain of function that is derived from that hiv-1 specifically, because it’s a retrovirus, the unique among the family of coronaviruses, among viruses as a
whole hiv-1 is unique in its ability to enter the nucleus to use with the host dna and permanently change the dna, okay, so i’m going to get into the technical things a little deeper but i want to again reiterate when the covid19 vaccine whether it’s from Pfizer or Morderna or from both or others that are basing their vaccine on messenger rna when it is delivered through a hypodermic needle and syringe. The refrigerated vaccine that will change a person’s dna permanently that marks a person as apart from God, if you are apart from God by default, logically you are now aligned with bound to condemned with Satan and what is the final solution through history and specifically we’ll talk about Hitler briefly calling his actions the final
solution, well, scripture tells us what the real final solution is the final final, if you will final solution is God once and for all finally doing away with evil doing away with satan doing away with his fallen angels all of which and those who have steadfast in their sin turned away from god and refused the offer and the gift of salvation through our lord and savior jesus christ all who are not found written in the lamb’s book of life read it in revelation all who are not found written in the book of life meaning their dna was changed will be cast into the lake of
fire along with satan and the fallen angels with the demons that is the final final final solution satan again in his counterfeiting in his copying of everything of god at least he attempts to is trying to push his final solution on humanity his final solution is this vaccine his final solution is the condemning of souls okay think of the condemning of souls like the lake of fire for evil satan is copying that process it’s a weak attempt at best by condemning a person’s soul to perdition for all eternity by way of dna modification by way of the mark of the beast a person’s name as it is stated in scripture the word name as dna name as a mark okay so what we are talking about here what we are saying is that this is marking a person when their dna is changed as aligning themselves with not only the antichrist but with satan himself the antichrist is simply the spirit of satan in human form okay so i’ll take it all the way back to the beginning of my commentary when the messenger rna-based vaccine or multiple vaccines are delivered by a hypodermic needle and syringe that will change a person’s dna thus that is the mark of the beast the antichrist can be revealed at any time prior to that during that or after that kathleen and i interpret the word name as dna, it’s not a prerequisite that the antichrist be revealed this is what i was trying to clarify on sunday and what i really feel and kathleen and i’ve talked about this i needed to spend this time this evening making it absolutely clear what our position is hypodermic hypo hypodermic needle okay delivers the dna changing vaccine and once the dna is changed a person’s soul is condemned to hell for all eternity, it’s as simple as that, okay, we have been trying to warn the world, not only that the dna changes, because of the actions the ordinary natural actions of messenger rna specific to hiv one have to remember that hiv-1 changing the host to dna we have tried to warn the world that not only is the dna changed but this is the mark of the beast how can it be defined as the mark of the beast because a person’s name is no longer found in the lamb’s book of life once they take the mark of the beast and a person’s name is their dna god does not and we see this in revelation god does not recognize a person who takes the mark of the beast he knows their dna has been changed he knows that they have made the choice okay a person who is aware of this information that we are presenting a person let’s say in the scientific or medical community who understands messenger rna specifically messenger rna that contains the genomic sequences of hiv-1 and it does not need to be the entire sequence only portions of the genomic sequence of hiv is necessary to bind to the host dna and change it, but those in the medical and scientific community who have not heard us make these presentations who is not making the connection to the mark of the beast, but knows that this changes a person’s dna permanently, okay, they know that this is malevolent
they know that this is not a positive change because it includes hiv-1 what is the after effect hang on i think i’m getting a question what’s up well i just wanted to come in to address some things with you if you don’t mind because i’m saying some things in the chat room that people are getting upset about all right we’ll take a little break…”
“which is accomplished by the delivery of the messenger rna containing the genomic sequences four inserts of hiv one that hiv one specifically identifies this as a messenger rna that specifically binds to the host dna and specifically then reproduces itself as a messenger rna virus a hiv virus the host dna combined with hiv hiv-1 it is now in total a dna labeled as hiv-1 and then exits that cell as a single strand of messenger rna of hiv-1 rna and moves to the next cell through the protein of protease infects the next cell and then moves from a status as a pro virus to that of a viral infection virus of hiv one that is the result of the host dna being changed the result is somebody needs a bullet point that what is the result of the changing of the host dna hiv-1 a person now is infected with hiv dna is changed permanently there is no cure.”
“The host dna does not reject the hiv rna in fact it fuses to it when that fusion takes place in the nucleus, you now have host dna that includes the dna of hiv, it now is an hiv dna sequence, in total, it then produces a single strand of rna
messenger rna, this new dna produces and this is the normal
direction, this is not retro, this is the normal forward direction in biology that dna produces a single strand of rna
that single strand of rna is hiv and thus begins the process of infecting other cells, this is why a cure for hiv has not been found.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 19.11.2020: Read through my archives…you believe superficial fake science treatments (Retardation, current “science” is about 1000 years behind the deep black knowledge). They have an antidote for everything…in the deep black zone, after all they created the disaster. Hegel’s Dialectics: problem, reaction, (fake) solution and (real) solution. (SOULUTION).
“that’s a transporter, it’s a vector..transgene is a gene which is artificially introduced into the genome of another
organism, so when i was talking about rna fusing in the nucleus with the host dna that is considered that rna genomic
sequence of rna one of messenger rna containing the genomic sequence of hiv-1, that is considered a trans gene in molecular biology in bioinformatics the consensus sequence or a conical sequence is a calculated order of most frequent
residues either nucleotide or amino acid found in each position in a sequence alignment…a sequence that occurs that repeats in a predictable pattern it means that every time you run the sequence you see the same pattern that’s what a consensus sequence is, okay,so hiv-1 is a consensus
it’s a very well-known easily identifiable easily reproducible sequence,, those hiv-1 inserts are a consensus sequence of hiv-1, it’s easy to identify..back in January when the Indian and Stanford Researchers identified in
the hiv-1 the hiv inserts in the genomic sequence of covid-19, it was readily identifiable, these sequences, they are consensus, consensus sequences, this wasn’t something mysterious…in fact they’re able to find these same inserts
in other samples of coronaviruses, but specifically and this is what’s important specifically in the messenger rna of covid19, a new otherwise known as novel coronavirus, these inserts they said did not arise they did not fortuitously
arise in this sequenc,e they went on to explain that these had to be placed there these sequences, these consensus sequences that are so easy for them to identify,
after a virus enters a target cell the viral genome is integrated into the host cell..”

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