The Lost Girls, the Bones, and the Man in the Panama Morgue

“The Lost Girls, the Bones, and the Man in the Panama Morgue”

“Unsolved murders and disappearances in Panama have baffled authorities, claiming the lives of two young Dutch women, an American, and dozens more. A fresh look.”
“Since The Daily Beast’s original “Lost Girls” investigation last summer, additional evidence and archives have come to light, forcing a re-think of our conclusions. We now know that more than two dozen other victims also were reported in the same region of Panama, including a young woman from the United States found murdered earlier this year. A return trip to the scene of these events—as well as renewed sleuthing by best-selling author Dr. Kathy Reichs and other forensic specialists—provides a fresh take on these cold cases.
In the first chapter of this series, we traveled to the last place Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, two young Dutch women killed three years ago, were known to have been alive and apparently signalling for help. In the second chapter, we looked at the usual and unusual suspects and witnesses in the “Lost Girls” case. In the third chapter, we visited the Serpent River, where key evidence was found—and where we discovered it had been universally misinterpreted. In this article we visit a Panama morgue, and in the next and last segment we will look at whether the case of American Catherine Johannet, strangled to death in February, may fit into a larger pattern of murder cover-ups.
BOQUETE, Panama—There’s an old saw among forensic anthropologists and archaeologists that “the truth is in the bones.”
“Lisanne Froon
Born September 24, 1991[1]
Amersfoort, Netherlands
Disappeared April 1, 2014 (aged 22)
Boquete, Chiriquí
Status Deceased (Human remains found)
Nationality Dutch
Height 184 cm (6 ft 0 in)
Kris Kremers
Born August 9, 1992
Amersfoort, Netherlands
Disappeared April 1, 2014 (aged 21)
Boquete, Chiriquí
Status Deceased (Human remains found)
Nationality Dutch
Height 167 cm (5 ft 6 in)
Lisanne Froon, 22, was described as aspiring, optimistic, intelligent, and a passionate volleyball player, and Kris Kremers, 21, as open, creative, and responsible.
They both saved up money for six months and planned to go to Panama together on a special trip to learn Spanish, as well as to do something of significance for the locals, particularly volunteering with children. The trip was also supposed to be a reward to Froon for graduating.
Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon were Dutch students who disappeared on April 1, 2014, while hiking in Panama. After an extensive search, portions of their bodies were found a few months later. Their cause of death could not be determined definitively, but Dutch authorities working with forensic and search-rescue investigators thought it likely the students had accidentally fallen from a cliff after becoming lost. The circumstances and aftermath of their disappearance have resulted in much speculation about the cause of death. Foul play could not be entirely ruled out and Panamanian officials came under fire for allegedly mishandling the disappearance and aftermath. Further investigation into the case in 2017 raised questions about the investigation, as well as a possible link to other murders in the area.

and went hiking near the clouded forests that surrounded the Baru volcano, on the Pianista trail, not far from Boquete. They wrote on Facebook that they intended to walk around Boquete, and it was reported that they had been seen having brunch with two young Dutch men before embarking on the trail.
Date of Call iPhone 4 (Kremers) Samsung Galaxy S III (Froon)
1 April 16:39 – attempt 1 (112) 16:51 – attempt 1 (112)
2 April 18:14 – attempt 2 (112) 06:58 – attempt 2 (112)
10:53 – attempt 3 (112 & 911)
13:56 – attempt 4 (112 & 911) with short-time connection to GSM
3 April 09:33 – attempt 3 (911)
16:00 – check signal 1
13:50 – check signal 1
16:19 – check signal 2
4 April 10:16 – check signal 2
13:42 – check signal 3
no activity
5 April 10:50 – check signal 4
13:37 – check signal 5
04:50 – check signal 3
05:56 – switch on; battery empty; no further activity
6 April 10:26 – check signal 6 (no PIN)
13:37 – check signal 7

11 April 10:51 – check signal 8 (no PIN)
11:56 – switched off after 1:05 h; no further activity

On April 8, ninety flash photos were taken between 01:00 and 04:00, apparently deep in the jungle and in near-complete darkness. A few photos show that they were possibly near a river or a ravine. Some show a twig with plastic bags and candy wrappers on top of a rock; another shows what looks like toilet paper and a mirror on another rock, and another shows the back of Kremers’ head.”

James Stuart Gibbons: Bumped into some of the “locals”.
Gina Brown: How horrible! No thanks.
Eva-Maria Gose: gruselig.
Pun Avi: Creepy.
Kieran Butt: Eaten by the Bush people.
Mlš Ivk: looks like the Jungle in Predator (1987)
Conspiracy Revelation Archive Vol.94: Mlš Ivk Yes.
Jen Jess: Bizarre story.
Conspiracy Revelation Archive Vol.94: Jen Jess Yes.
Elvis Blanco Rodriguez: Crazy story… gotta be careful when your in unfamiliar territory.
Priñçé Emy Moremi: Bigfoot did it.
Conspiracy Revelation Archive Vol.94: No.
Jo Hextor: Very sad.
Justina Dillman: Reminds me of the two Scandinavian girls that went on a hike and accidentally crossed isis terrority where they were beheaded just another reminder to not go onto hikes in such small groups especially in unfamiliar countries you don’t know well.

Kaneihana Fuimaono: Megan Finlayson be careful 😳.
Ricky Taylor: Keep going to remote places like this I don’t understand people.
Megan Melissa Nicholas: Damn.

“Verschwunden im Dschungel… Was bedeuten diese Fotos? | Der Fall Kris Kremer und Lisanne Froon
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“Kris Kremers & Lisanne Froon; The Missing Girls of Panama
268.219 Aufrufe•Am 29.10.2017 veröffentlicht”

“Most of these tourist outfits are run both by and for the
extra narrows or foreigners sometimes the turistas get lost, but they usually turn up again or are found by search
parties says our expert on the trails …such Gringo’s come
back hungry and embarrassed and humbled by the jungle, but at least they come back the fact that Kris and Lisanne didn’t come back is still seen as very strange in and around boquete. Panama is infamous as an offshore tax haven and
dictator Manuel Noriega is in a US prison since 1989 may once have been at the center of both CIA and drug cartel intrigues, but today Panama is one of the safest countries in Latin America and idyllic Bocate is thought to be even safer.”
“What is worth noting however is that in both cases Panamanian authorities came under heavy fire for mishandling the investigation.”
“No Bay.. helped authorities locate about two handfuls of bone fragments all found along the shores of the Rio Culebra or the river of the serpent. DNA tests were positive and also thickened to the plot a total of five fragmented remains were identified.. but the no bay had also submitted bone chips from as many as three other individuals.”
“Lime might have been used to hasten decomposition the
evidence seems to have been manipulated in order to hide something says Rocha who at one point threatened to take the
case to the International Court of Justice -ICJ- at the very least there should have been a criminal investigation he slaps his hand on the table even the Panamanian forensic examiners wanted to do that but the prosecutor threw out all our petitions, some high-profile members of the Panamanian press also were skeptical about the official theory.”
“Why the Kramer family ultimately declined to take the
to the ICJ Roach’s says that the family might have preferred psychological closure to learning any more unpleasant
facts, you don’t see what you don’t want to see, he says a few days later when I meet again with top guide plinio
Montenegro I asked him about erosion suspicions: There are many ways to die up there in the mountains says plinio who
continued to lead police search parties for some two weeks after Chris and Liz on were reported missing his list of
hazards includes disorienting terrain, jumping vipers, Jaguars and treacherous river crossings, any criminals in the
would face the same risks as the hollandaises themselves 0:46
.. the general lack of mobility would cut both ways he says…there are a lot of ways to die up there, he says again.”

“The man is a local rancher and part-time guide who
has asked not to be identified in this story for security reasons, he’s also one of the last people to see the women
alive he doesn’t answer his phone at first so I keep trying hoping to get through before the next squall the guide
already stood me up several times this week promising to meet me at various points around Phuket a then failing to
show up on time. I understand why he might be shy, the rumor mill in Bouquete keeps churning out scenarios that
suggests he orchestrated the Dutch woman’s abduction allegedly to commit a sex crime deep in the forest, there’s no proof and he firmly denies such insinuations…”

“Premio is still in top shape at 35 and like all the government licensed guides in Boquete speaks fluent
English as we talk in the lobby of my hotel he describes the feeling that comes over those lost in the jungle as a
kind of forest madness, once you get lost up there you change you’re not the same person you are down below, he says, some
people go crazy and start to sprint down the trail he says, it’s like a nightmare to be lost in the salva.”
“who also teaches survival tactics for u.s. military personnel the Dutch women would have had to choose an arbitrary direction and start walking the further
they would have gone without seeing something familiar the more scared they would be if you don’t have a map or
compass he says it’s very easy to end up just walking in circles.”

“The publicly released photos fueled more conspiracy theories and even supernatural explanations for the tragedy our photo forensics sleuths quickly debunked the sinister hype.”

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