I got banned from Facebook (as a millionaire).

I got banned from Facebook (as a millionaire).
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Ex-Facebook TechLead gets banned from Facebook.”
“So here’s how I really see the landscape a lot of influencers out there they’re these poor 20 something college dropouts with really no other career prospects and so they really need the sponsorship money, they sell out their content and brands know this and they offer a little bit of
money a little bit of goodies some little resort off-site or something like that and buy out the influencers and so a lot of the content that you’re seeing is really just it’s extremely low quality stuff right it’s barely worth
even listening..I know for myself i’ve actually lost a
number of my sponsorships simply because my content is just so high quality, it’s too high quality really…they’re
just trying to sell something you don’t really get
real advice from real people…”
“I lost connections to all of my friends which I guess I don’t have any but my extended family my old relatives who are still on that platform which I mean come on nobody even uses this stuff it’s like this is so amateurish for them to do this like what are we in high school again like I’m gonna ban you from my little social club my circle it’s like
fine I don’t even care anymore it’s so silly for them to do this stuff.”
“The second facebook account, but the second account was disabled as well the appeals were never replied to there was no explanation for anything and overall they’re just really
“and so that’s it just after after everything we’ve been through after 10 years of being together we’re just we’re just going to break up just like that well I mean it’s not going to be the first time something like this has happened to me but here’s what’s so troubling to me about this whole thing okay not before you go and it is that just because you didn’t like something I said so for 10 years I said all great
things and then one time I say something that you may not necessarily like that you disable my entire account and i
lose access to all of the past 10 years of information and
data i had not to mention this whole thing about facebook logins in which you use that login to access all these other
services like I don’t have access to my tiktok account and all sorts of other platforms now and there’s no explanation no customer support not much of an appeals process this to me does not sound like much of a platform..”
“a steep decrease in the number of views I was getting and
so i suspect the second channel in which i talk more
about political matters may be shadow banned by youtube by the algorithm just be prioritized, now regardless of your personal political viewpoints and take note that
occasionally I will intentionally take on controversial viewpoints just to start kind of a discussion online
I think it’s quite disturbing the age of censorship in which we’re entering in which most communication is dominated by these top tier tech companies and almost all of these tech
companies have certain political bents and biases in which they want to promote certain types of content and viewpoints
and they want to de-prioritize other types of viewpoints and they don’t really want to promote an open free discussion I think it help to take a step back and take a look at
the current communications platforms in which we’re
using and to understand the biases behind them and to understand that there’s not really a neutral platform or
means of discussion these days there’s a lot of things that you cannot talk about that you cannot say because if you did you would lose your job or you would be de-platformed or the
algorithm would just shadow ban you and so that’s why a lot
of youtubers for example that you’ll see out there they almost have nothing really negative to say because they know
if they were to take a negative viewpoint or to criticize one group of people or another group of people then that could get them de-platformed or they could lose their sponsorships or monetization ability.”

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