Newsbreak 92: Dave Case Updates On Beating Tinnitus & Intrusive Neurotech

“Just to help tinnitus..I was attacked in 19 last of 1996
with a sonic type weapon similar to cuba diplomats in cuba and that’s how I invented this countermeasure was to stop
the attack on my person and we’re finding that this sound also stops natural tinnitus it stops artificial tinnitus
and a whole host of other conditions that have to do with
neurological problems in the brain, so it’s actually
stopping targeting and repairing the brain damage caused by
“People are getting clarity of mind back they’re getting deeper sleep which that’s one of the biggest aspects of tinnitus you cannot sleep with a loud ringing in the ears so you know you actually start damaging the brain if you cannot sleep and that’s part of uh you know the cia’s list of tactics is sleep deprivation…and really what this is all about is they want to be able to remove people from civilization without knocking on their door without arresting
them without taking to court they want to be able to drive someone insane by putting a noise in their ears and then that person destroys their own life by accusing their neighbors of having you know equipment targeting them…I call it remotely induced schizophrenia, because mostly induced schizophrenia
yes, remotely induced schizophrenia, because they
they are simulating schizophrenia by uh administering these type technologies to the ears causing a brain damage…
and that’s part of the weapon design you know
they know that these people are going to be misdiagnosed
and.. put into institutions and that is the goal of the targeting is to remove that person from society or a group of people .. and I believe they’re testing these systems, satellite based able to send packets of very intense energy
in a way that is almost undetectable, because I believe they’re using constructive interference, that’s a phenomenon
of physics where they send multiple small waves and only at the target these waves collide and when they collide
the power density has raised many orders of magnitude…yeah that’s a that’s how the they start setting up a connection uh and they track your bio signature and that’s uh… your brain waves your heart rate your body temperature all these parameters because they have to know that their packets
are changing those parameters so they have to have constant
feedback and and that’s uh what i call a feedback loop a bio relevant data feedback loop that’s really interesting dave they need to have this kind of feedback on a continuous basis yes and uh when the when the target puts on the cost headphones playing my sound file it begins to break down that bio relevant feedback loop because it masks your bio-signature.. the sporadic wave forms and sounds on my cd uh
mix into their their feedback loop and they cannot remove it and uh it actually breaks down this feedback loop and then the whole targeting system starts to break down
and once that occurs uh usually it takes one to three weeks
of playing my cd all night every night and then once that feedback loop is is broken the brain is allowed to heal…”
“and I get letters and emails and calls every week
.. people saying “you’ve saved my life..I couldn’t function now I can sleep, I got my job back.. so it’s really doing a wonder around the world and it is free, I only charge for
shipping and I do send it on a cd format for security reasons. I´m an engineer and I know the internet is easily hacked and i just don’t trust downloads…”
“Newsbreak 92: Dave Case Updates On Beating Tinnitus & Intrusive Neurotech
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“Ramola D Reports
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Informative and educative conversation with Dave Case, electronics engineer and inventor, who has invented a countermeasure– a CD with mixed sounds on it–to battle tinnitus, tones, ringing in ears, and V2k, which people from all over the world are reporting today, as modalities of sustained assault and cybertorture.
Visit Dave Case’s website at:
Order the CD for the cost of shipping at his site. Dave is providing the CD free of cost to all, but asks for shipping costs, and recommends you follow his instructions to get a certain kind of headphone to go with it (which you can buy elsewhere online).”
“I was working on a light-operated computer, an invention of mine and that’s when I tried to patent it and I was suddenly attacked with the severe electronic shrieking in both ears
and uh sounded just like the uh test of the emergency broadcast system..when you’re driving down the road and your car radio goes …horrible sound and it was devastating, I lost everything. I couldn’t continue working on a light operated computer and for three years I was tortured, I
couldn’t sleep and ..I lost everything, so I said to myself i’m an electronic engineer and I know this is an
electronic attack on my person why can’t I invent a sound that sounds similar to the tinnitus and interfere with it, so I began to wire two oscillator chips together in a
way that never been done before and they fight each other for power and also one of my components uh was actually
burnt and I didn’t know it so it formed what’s called a thermal receiver slash oscillator, it picked up thermal
energy from around the device and superimpose that
with the oscillator sounds, so the the neuroscientist found this out when he analyzed my sound file, he said there’s brownian characteristics and that’s named after a scientist
who discovered the thermal energy.”
“I didn’t realize how many millions of people have it around the world then I began to find out that my light operated computer already existed and it’s called it was classified under uh you know national security. The pentagon has these light-operated computers and then I began to put together .. why I was attacked and that was to stop me from advancing on that computer system – wow – to remove me to remove me from civilization.”
“certainly that um indeed inventory scientists are always in
danger of being approached by these black ops gentlemen
or through some means in order to stop their inventions and discoveries from proceeding and it seems like you have
experienced pretty much the same thing, but they did it remotely they tried to stop you remotely um with technology with neuroattacks…”
“Yeah and I´ve actually found uh a military operation
the exact same time period in which I was attacked
and there’s not a whole lot of information on it but it was called operation clean sweep and they would follow people around and affect their television screens their radios and put psychotronics on those signals and affect the person’s emotions… and they did this for two years
all around the u.s…and uh it is very similar aspects
to the attack on my person.”
“bombarding that building and uh causing emotional problems with those 1976 july 4th Russia started the woodpecker signal and it was around 10 hertz on a few megahertz base frequency, but it had psychological ramifications and in response uh the u.s started uh
bombarding russia with 16 hertz, so..really what we’re in is in a psychological-psychotronic war ..and each country is competing to control their own people and mess up the people of their enemies countries”
“uprite88: ​I’ve seen hellish movies in my head too…”
Conspiracy Revelation: 20.10.2020: Yes, the sh*t they do already for 30-40 Years…especially Horror Movies from Deep Underground bases under Moscow… It´s a Russian root thing…Psychotronic evil is Russian Evil…Naturally USA adopted this insanity…
“actually your dna can be modulated and absorb energy
from these type transmissions, even your cell phones uh
can modulate your uh actually it unwinds your dna, your cell phone does, that’s why you never want to put a cell phone next to your head you know, use speaker phone..
mutations, cancer, all kinds of problems…”
“Yeah, it’s amazing how quickly technology advances and and the court system, they’re still in the 1950s..”
“an absolute ignorance of the advance of neuroscience to this point and weaponized neuroscience which is really what we’re talking about um i think that’s unforgivable um that’s
outdated that’s as you say it’s outdated but how
can it be, how can it be acceptable? (RD)”
“Well, the mainstream media would have to bring it on board
and talk about it and it’s taboo..well, media is run by corporations and our government was taken over by corporations and they dictate what we are to know and not know and this technology cannot be put in the mainstream because that everybody would vote to have it illegal…”
“and get this they classify these weapons as non-lethal
…although i should tell you recently looking up and i should report on this more fully
looking up the joint non-lethal weapons websites i discovered that they’ve got a new classification now guess what
they’re calling non-lethal weapons now they’re calling them intermediate force capabilities.. a completely vague capability straight from some military guy’s head
designed to obfuscate, intermediate force capabilities,
but these are very harmful deadly weapons,
yeah and they’re selling them to congress
by saying they’re not lethal and.. it’s political
power, absolutely too the politicians are on board also
and so what we need is more engineers like myself to build countermeasures…because there’s investors that you know
billionaires around the world that invest
in these neural weapon technologies and military technologies
and when the investors start saying hey you know they’re inventing counter measures now our invention’s worthless
it they could shut down the whole operation and we could turn back to a peaceful civilization….”

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