The Matrix Trilogy – The Gnostic Ideas Hidden In The Movie

“The Matrix Trilogy – The Gnostic Ideas Hidden In The Movie
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The Matrix movies presented a world overrun by a powerful A.I. with the only escape, to take the red pill and awaken into a harsh post-apocalyptic reality. Jay Dyer and Jay Weidner explore an analogy for the world we live in today as many people sleepwalk their way through life with only a few awakening to an entirely different perspective.
Throughout the Matrix trilogy we find Gnostic symbols and myths guiding the unwitting viewer to pursue a sense of liberation from the mainstream world and face the world as it really is. Just like our hero Neo, once awakened, you will see the Matrix of our mainstream reality.”

“Trinity is of course three and in sacred geometry and in
hermetics everything kind of evolves from the three.. one is
a single unit and two is duality and then three is what duality gives birth to which is three, four, five, six, seven and all the rest….if you look at some of the philosophies
from say India, they’re all built around this idea of a trinity that an idea within the human brain always has
three aspects to it, so the indians and the vedic teachings teach i´´s consciousness, time and space, are the three aspects of this reality, also past, present and future.”
“He breaks free of the chains of the cave and goes out
to the mouth of the cave and actually sees what the world what the world really is.. I think what’s so kind of disappointing about the sequels of the matrix is that he’s been fully individuated by the end of the film that’s why you feel so good right by the end of the field because you realize he has reached his full apex of power, so there really isn’t anywhere to go with this story now they did do some interesting things in the next two films with the merovingian and the architects and how the universe is a masonic control system and I thought that was really good but
the real point of this movie is the liberation of neo yes from his sleep from his morpheus, the god of sleep who helps him rise fro the dream world and face the world as it really is which and to come to understand that there is a demiurge, there is a false god, making a world and telling us that this is the real world and and neo’s buddies are saying no now this is a very sophianic rebellion against this and it should be pointed out that there have been many sophianic rebellions in our past and all of them have been violently put down by
the powers that be as if the one kind of mythos that’s not
allowed to be spoken in public is this whole gnostic mythos where outside force of feminine energy comes and creates this world and then these archons come and try to create a prison around that creation and that’s what this movie is really
“Well, a Matrix, we think of the matrix of the womb
of a woman and so this matrix gives birth to this figure Neo,
Neo means new he is the new man and this this is again this is kind of Nietzschian, the ubermensch, Nietzsche talked about this, communists tried to adopt it, che guevara thought that all of the collective could be the new man..and nietzsche proposed it would actually be an individual that
would be the new man, so to speak.”
“There’s actually two kinds of one, neo is of course an anagram for one and there’s the one which is the totality of
the universe and then there’s the one as a unit so in this film we actually have neo going from one as a unit
to one as totality in which he is in the master of this world now..”
“Finally he’s liberated and he flies .., so after the whole movie, everything kind of going down finally at the end of the movie, he’s liberated and we feel that and we
feel that when we’re watching it, so binary is all about dialectics right and we’ve talked about dialectical tensions and the black and the white and you know all that before
but what is happening in this sequence is that
the awakening for him is just like in 2001 with bowman
he’s transcending the limitations of space and time so our reality is night-day, black-white dialectic, we’re stuck in that duality, how do we transcend that and that
is what they’re trying to say with neo here because he can stop the bullets right he can see the source code
he can fly he’s like superman he’s ubermensch basically now
that’s right and so the duality gives birth to a single to a one that’s right.”
“Yeah, that’s very close to the sophanic myths where Sophia gives up her Goddesshood to come here to Earth to make things…solidify her
creations and again she has to take in all of the evil in order for her to create and become more godlike right so neo sacrifices himself which is
really what the christos myth is about self-sacrifice.”
“In 2001 it’s about the neo represents us as a human race freeing ourselves from the matrix of control and being liberated as a race matrix reloaded takes up where the last one left off and introduces a bunch of new mythology something very curious the Merovingian mythos which is this idea of illuminati bloodlines out of France right connected to Charlemagne and so forth and is this a real occult secret society. The Merovingian is going to present vampirism and that parasitic type of feeding on other life forms, it is of course a way of all things you see there is only one constant here we have this enigmatic figure of the merovingian who represents this uh high-level bloodline out of France
right and what he’s going to do is try to entrap Neo right so this is the next phase of neil’s process and we’re going to learn about the architect here in a minute and that the Merovingian actually works for the
architect uh so what is it with this Merovingian stuff, why do you think they introduced this in the film?”
“Oh it was very curious a lot of people don’t even understand what the
Merovingians were, who they were, they were a group of uh kings uh
in France in the uh first uh thousand years of existence uh there
were rumors that their name merovingian is a combination of
Mary Magdalene and that they’re the direct result of a wedding or a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene of course had to escape go to France with her pregnant while she was pregnant and there’s even a church in the south of France dedicated to Mary Magdalene
with a big boat on the altar and mary magdalene her two assistants and she’s very much pregnant and uh whether it’s true or not i don’t
know but there are a group of people in France who seriously believe this
beyond any shadow of a doubt.”
“The british nobility or the british crown also traces its length they
believe that they’re descendants from Jesus if they’re related to king David so this this may sound far-fetched but this is the actual mythology of european nobility.”
“People who could uh who could affect people with their magic had tremendous charisma..”
“Well so this character interestingly what he’s proposing is that it’s all determined right and he does this
cause-effect relationship with this woman who’s at his restaurant right and he’s trying to demonstrate to
neo’s band of revolutionaries that there is no free will
uh it is all literally a computer program that we live in a simulation and therefore if that’s true there is no free will and what does morpheus say: No, it’s all about choice, it’s all about free will and that’s a recurring theme in the film, is part of transcending the duality or the determinism of this reality is to prove or to demonstrate that we have
free will.”
“That’s right and and you know the mayor of indians uh in a way they don’t really uh they were in control of the
country’s free will for hundreds and hundreds of years and a lot of odd things occurred within France at that time from the Templars to the Cathars and so I think what we can see
is that it’s possibly the Merovingians are behind
the whole templar trip to Jerusalem where they learned the secrets of alchemy and money and banking and all these esoteric things that they took back to Europe. I think that’s what they’re trying to say here is that the very origins
of this secret society started with the Merovingians (Mayors of Indians – errorneous Transcription of Youtube)”
“and Neo is in a way discovering this it’s like we’re on the journey with Neo discovering all this right secret society arcana and lore right uh and next we’re gonna see the
key master which is this weird figure who pops up who’s able to kind of in a way do solomonic magic right he can
open these spiritual portals and so forth in the
midst of the matrix.”
“and that’s very free masonic too by the way..”
“So the key maker brings to mind the key of solomon which is this purported magical text that king solomon had the ability to call forth demons and make them do his bidding right they could construct the temple at his bidding..I am the key maker
They could also seemingly appear out of nowhere…”
“what is weird is that when neo gets to this level of his understanding is where he’s starting to figure out that he can not just stop bullets but he has a much wider control
over the matrix so it’s almost like he’s becoming a better magician we almost might say by defeating these other magicians like the merovingian.”

the seven-sided star so all of those together actually make up Crowley’s own personal design of the star of babylon of the babylon working.. six sided star is a hex and that’s what
you put on people when you’re putting spells on people you put a hex on them because what the hex does is it fixes
you in the cube of space, because there’s six sides to a cube
again going back to the monolith in 2001 and a lot of other symbiology that we’re talking about um and then what happens is six everything is fixed and then seven is the
number of life and so you move from this fixed place
to this enlivened place in the sacred geometry of that
and that’s what neo is doing he’s moving from the fixed to the supranatural.”
“There’s also a scene that we didn’t see but if you notice it there’s Monica Bellucci goes to the wall and she takes
a book off to open up the secret passageway which is where they met the key master and that book is Arthur Schopenhauer’s world as will and representation that’s
interesting, because that’s very close to Nietzscheanism, because Schopenhauer sees the world as just kind of this
this uh this willing this power of willing that the
the one neo right who’s going to make his way into this Apotheosis, that he must traverse this long
journey and that’s very Nietzschean too, so sure Schopenhauer had uh a huge influence on Nietzsche, exactly…
so the next scene that we’re going to look at is the introduction of the architect and this is where we get
really obviously overtly masonic right yes
the great architect of the universe who’s this old bearded white dude who they say was supposed to be Sean Connery
of the architect, but it wasn’t shy, he didn’t want to do
this for whatever reason he probably thought this was like
some weird .. thing he didn’t want to do it but it would have made sense, because had it been Sean Connery he’s
actually played that masonic role before in the man who would be king, she did, great film, “the first matrix designed was quite naturally perfect, it was a work of art, flawless, sublime and triumph equaled only by its monumental
failure”, so here we have the Demiurge who’s created this Matrix yeah, it’s interesting that they use a term that the freemasons use for the for god essentially the architect of the universe but he turns out to be the false god, the demiurge who is in control of all of us and uh that’s very interesting and very mature actually for a film to be portraying this and you have to wonder where the wachowskis got a lot of this gnostic information because it wasn’t
that available in the late 90s gnosticism really hasn’t resurged until after the matrix films came out…so what we just saw was the architect in this white suit right it’s the sort of the kids idea of who god would be this old you know bearded guy sitting there in a suit and what does he have a panopticism of screens all around him where he watches and profiles and tries to keep track of every human being right something like the NSA or something like that um and it’s
faulty right the architect sits there sort of pompous
and tries to explain the problem of of neo and his free will
and choice and how he can’t stamp that out and it’s really
the architect that is the problem here right it’s not humans it’s not free will uh and he he can’t grasp the fact that
humans are not just flat facts uh that they actually have creativity and individuality yeah again we go back
to the concert themes that we’re talking about here
of individual, individualism and the attempt by the powers to be to snuff that out and uh the architect is definitely the
bad guy in this film there’s no doubt he’s even
said against the feminine principle you know he talks
about the oracle and they don’t like each other
you know they kind of they’re at odds and it’s not until the the third.. uh in installment that they kind of reconcile and they create this new utopia.”
“so matrix reloaded was interesting in that it did
take us into other esoteric territory that the first one didn’t investigate and they brought in this merovingian
mythos and this idea of the priory of zion and we’ve
talked about the the bloodline that was missing and
we didn’t really note the fact that there’s some sort of vampirism involved in the merovingian right there’s there’s vampires that they’re watching they’re watching some
vampire movie …there’s something very vampiric about him, he’s basically a master of lust right you said he’s charismatic right he’s all about base desires right and
that’s what neo’s learning is that it’s it’s not just that there’s this matrix it’s that humans are also controlled
like the guy who sold everybody out in the first matrix he just wanted a good stake sure right now it’s about like the seven deadly sins right let’s let’s be tempted with lust so it’s about overcoming all these temptations and not being ruled by base or desires and that’s exactly what plato in the
republic said would control the masse bbase her desires
and he’s controlling us through that and it’s not working anymore that’s what he’s complaining about yeah he says it’s all causal determinism, so in the final installment we have the closure which is the machines make their final move they’re going to take out Zion, they’re ready to completely stamp out humanity.”
“and so what he does is that he basically gives himself to the Matrix right, he’s going to have to bait Agent Smith..”
“uh unbeknownst to smith right yes you have to be surprised for sure for this to work right and it still seems a little bit uh against the plot that smith wouldn’t know this but that’s okay well it’s instead of the architect you
know neo realizes that he’s going to have to bypass the architect and go to the source, as it’s called, which is the
basically the central bot or whatever it is this grid right
where the archons are created, exactly right so this is where neo goes and then he sort of makes a deal he bargains with him he says look your problem is my problem and it’s smith smith is going to take you over and me he’s going to stamp us both out why don’t we work together, we’ll get rid of agent smith yep goodbye Agent Smith.
Imagine the entire world or the matrix world coming under the sway of smith right it is as if the CIA has completely
brain controlled, mind controlled the entire world everybody’s become a smith they’re all clones of smith
and there’s no way out of this and so neo realizes that the only way is to bait agent smith into coming into him right this union and then that destroys smith and the pose at the
end of the christ-like pose he’s the Christos who has come to
assist Sophia uh in organizing the uh chaotic reality that she’s created and the matrix is this attempt to control nature but eventually natural forces will
always win out and agent smith is destroyed and i would
point out again that all of the creations of the matrix
can’t come up with anything original right because the Demiurge has no originality the demiurge is jealous of us because we have creativity and for that that is one of the main reasons that he is suppressing us is because of our own innate creativity and neo uses that against him and defeats the matrix well that’s what what never had been done by the
previous incarnations of neo and we learned that neo is one of a long line of coming neos that have come and failed is that none of them figured out that they could give themself up right so there was this choice of self-sacrifice
so free will wins out in the end precisely because they
they agree to give themselves up and die which in a way is what we all have to do in a way so to to fight against the powers that be we have to accept that our death may be the result of that and what’s weird about the movie is the
final scene has the architect and the oracle the sophia principal n a park bench you know just kind of chumming it up and they’ve created this rainbow utopia…yeah and again you go back to the origins of christianity and you have this kind of pollyannish kind of philosophy being spread around europe
about how love your neighbor what does that really mean and and so christianity was trying to adopt the philosophy of the gnostics in order to spread itself but in the end it was an anti-gnostic philosophy, so it’s still interesting that the
matrix is still going at the end of the movie.”
“and the only way that could be done is if neo gives his life up and so you see him in that cruciform pose which is his
self-sacrifice again the only the other neos all failed
he wins he achieves success because of his free will choice to sacrifice himself and so it’s a representation of the christ myth yeah and in gnostic mythology of course
light solidifies down onto the earth and becomes form so we were originally light but we became formed humans or animals
or plants and in the in this movie it’s the exact opposite it’s the deification of neo that’s right he’s taking
form and turning it back into light uh he’s returning back to the source which is what all the entire gnostic goal is
is to return back to the light.”
“In my view the takeaway from the matrix is that on many layers and levels we are in a matrix just that simple i mean in one sense we live in plato’s allegory of the cave because
you know plato was talking about an oppressive state right that keeps its citizens down and tries to keep them drugged and stupid and it controls them through base desires like we saw in matrix reloaded and we have to exit that cave that we’re in and that’s the essence of this whole trilogy is
is exiting that cave that can only come through true philosophy ultimately, I mean the true philosopher Socrates is the guy who’s willing to stop being transfixed by the
the phantasms on the cave wall exit the cave and then come back and try to tell people about it but you can’t do it
unless you as morpheus says you have to see the matrix for yourself you can’t just tell people you have to exit for yourself you do and i’ll point out that Socrates..gave his life for that exactly and uh so just like Neo did
and yeah i agree with that and it’s really our all of our journey to try to break free of this matrix all
the way from what you’ve been taught in school
to what your parents and your religions were trying to teach you you’ve you’ve been trapped in a matrix your whole entire life even when you think you’re liberated from the matrix you’re still living out the programming that the matrix left embedded in you and we live in a matrix and we need to all
break free of the matrix.”

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