The Amazon Cloud Digital DNA Cybernetic New World Order

“The Amazon Cloud Digital DNA Cybernetic New World Order”
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“I said once before we blew it we blew a hole in the Amazon
“I was assigned to a do an assignment a security detail on a IDF facility that stores what is called this to the world of servers that the DNA databases are stored on and working with
the at that time People that were directly involved in experimenting on the sis employees and then also the
homeless population in Seattle, it was revealed to me through working with them that what was stored on those servers
were in fact the DNA profiles of the people that were being tortured and abused for lack of a better term, experimented upon by this technology and that the way that the technology worked with you actually tap into the resonant frequency of the DNA itself and that is how I became aware of the fact that the DNA was being close-stream stored by Amazon
and the DNA databases and one of the uses for it was of course to fine-tune this technology to each individual to
total biohacking capabilities on the individual. (BK)”
“We actually make 3d avatars, once you make an avatar you guys have all seen the movies you can digitally make them
do whatever you want send the digitized information at the speed of light as electromagnetic waves and deconvolute it
back at the other end back into biology.”
“The way it works is a device broadcasts a radio frequency, let’s say at an individual and that radio frequency will
hook up with the resonant frequency of the individuals mind or body or in this case DNA and what happens is once the
resonant frequency is found in the targeted individual and the broadcast frequency matches up with that resonant frequency, those two frequencies interlock and they can be thought of as one frequency or one energy and what
happens is between the broadcast frequency and the individual that’s receiving the broadcast frequency, once they are resonating together, a superhighway of frequency along which information can be sent, is created. (BK)”

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