Alison Maynard on Judicial Corruption in the US

“Alison Maynard on Judicial Corruption in the US
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“Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007
Lawyer Alison Maynard who was an attorney in Colorado and candidate for Colorado Attorney General joins Dr. Katherine Horton to report the rampant corruption in the judicial system that is destroying litigants and their counsel. She highlights the links to Catholic and Masonic networks.”

“Look after them because I mean in my environment house breaking was a daily thing in switzerland …and so..yes and it’s kind of first it’s really scary, just like it’s scary that you hear this thing about the judge having his voice box removed and his tongue removed. I find it horrific, because these are mafia procedures.. you will find this sort of punishment and torture records from the medieval time that catholic church and inquisition did that to people, so it’s so psychopathic but yet fits a pattern yeah what i encourage people to do is
stop being scared you basically the first step you have to
take is look evil in the eye and say i’m still going to get your motherfuckers here it’s not even like anything you you
you entertain for nanosecond you know..”

“I think what´s going to happen now, starting in 2020 and certainly continuing right in the next decade is
that we’re gonna just combine our forces and we will see
more and more successes also my experience is thatThese people, they are not like us. I mean every single one of us and every single person I work with has proven that they can fight basically a lone fight for decades or longer none of the people we’re dealing with fall into that category. so.. you only have to kind of put a little bit of pressure and suddenly you realize oh my god I can push that way and they fall, they can push that way and they fall and they are running for the hills very quickly.”

“I mean there is a whole network, but I mean these evil people evil people to me and to my clients I mean my clients have really really suffered too…we are really crying out for justice…I want to get them before they die..I really
want to see these guys in prison…this guy is behind a
cover-up and a fraud to do that which resulted in a huge
boondoggle that the taxpayers paid for again and he was the deputy secretary of interior under both the clinton and then again in the obama administrations, they brought this fucker back, he has done me real harm…they are the classic teflon coated crooks, but it really helps to talk to you, because
it’s easy to get depressed too.”

“200 more people watching youtube videos and leave comments you know so there’s a lot of people who know exactly what’s happening and just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean that they’re not there.”

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