China: Crackdown on Buddhism | DW News

“China: Crackdown on Buddhism | DW News”
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“DW News: 1,63 Mio. Abonnenten: In China, the government is not only cracking down on Muslims, but on other religions as well as it pushes to assert communist ideology. Buddhist temples have been closed or demolished, while a campaign has been launched to destroy hundreds of statues of Buddha. The destruction of the giant Guan-yin Buddha has drawn international condemnation”

“Mostly protestant communities where pastors have been
arrested but also on the traditional christian
communities that are found in some of the locations in the countryside, the communist party is pushing forward
with its ideology and it’s pushing back any value system that might compete with any value system that might compete with
them and these religions, especially christianity and islam that are seen as foreign religions are under huge pressure.
“What do you think the chinese government is hoping to gain from repressing this religious freedom?”
Power, power over discourse in the community, power over what people think what people, at least are allowed to publicly
think, being a buddhist will not get you to jail, but they do not want this buddhist faith displayed as they would have allowed it 20 years ago.”

Debra Reinhardt: Fighting against tyranny doesn’t work well with the Sheeple.

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