Bases2016 Day1 Session 3 TI Special

“Bases2016 Day1 Session 3 TI Special”
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Miles’s Bases Project
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Targeted Individual “Bases TI” special evening at the Bases2016 international Conference, hosted by British Dimensional soldier, Kieron lee Perrin. With two international speakers, Leo from Sweden (EUCACH) and Paolo Friora of Italy, a London based activist.

Discussion of the 2045 agenda to make humans into cyborgs within 50 years”

Conspiracy Revelation: 30.6.2020: There is no evolution in the standard human, because the NWO Corparate Crime Cartel made them intentionally stupid with toxins and bad schools and corrupt rockefeller Universities and all those who escape their brainwashing fed-fascist control machine and remain highly intelligent and super-empowered or empowered (which simply means free thinking, freedom loving people) are becoming targeted individuals…but this TIME you chose the wrong enemy NWO and this will lead to your ultimate downfall.
Re-Adjusting the Timeline to Organic Free Choice and not to Full Archontic Determinism and Corporate Zion Censor Caging.

“A 1000 years ahead of anybody else on the Planet, they wouldn´t share the Technology… All Humans are expandable.. about the so-called “Goyim”,.. whatever….all expandable..all of us are facing extinction. We can communicate with 18 senses, our DNA has been deconstructed. We can exist already in a multi-dimensional world, in multiple Universes..he was in different lives, in different timelines, this is what some of the super soldiers are doing, they are in different dimensions, so-called dimensions, which are in different timelines. Yet these people want to fill our heads with Nanobots and keep us stuck here…stuck in a holografic Matrix and these beautiful bodies we have got, taken out…no need for biological life on this Planet…all you need is to live in a holografic matrix…in less than 30 years, you are the last generation…We have wokenup relatively and this is the time to do something about it.”

“KPL: Magnus and the other People I have met. I respect the knowledge you have that´s why we invited you over. I´d like to hear your opinion why you are being Targeted”

“It´s to develop the future of technology. Testing the Systems of tomorrows Technology..they must see if you get cancer.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 30.6.2020: No, they know exactly what they are doing (the effect of Microwave/Scalar Weapons are known for nearly or at least 100 years) and they know exactly that they use advanced genetic bioweapons and their effects. ABW-Warfare Agents like Morgellons (Of Chemtrail Dispersion activated via 2,5 Ghz Wifi-Net for example and with Bill Genocide Gates Frankenfood/Totally Unnecessary Insecticide (you can stop voracious insects with sound only)/Agronanobacter of Monsanto as binary bioweapon activator trigger) are a tool of the (Zion-CIA/DIA/NSA/GCHQ/NASA/ARPA(Morgellon Insect Hormonal Attacks against the Civilian Population)/DOD Hive Mind Teams /NIH/CDC/AMA/MIT/Freemasons/Nazis/Academic Alphabet Inc. Medical-Military-Billionaires Big Tech, Big Pharma Crime Cartels) NWO Corporate Zionazi Crime Cartel Shadow Government aka Rockefeller Pharma Military Cancer Mafia to attack their enemies, which means to attack God/dess True People aka High Integrity People. They won´t get away with it. It will lead to their Ultimate Final Demise.

“KPL: We are slowly being murdered in our own homes.”

“They will use Mobile Phones to actually read their minds.”
“The Brain Researchers have a responsibility that such abuse won´t happen.”
“We are going to put pressure on the Researchers.”
“Their Future is being developed with the Torture and Killing of Innocent Individuals.”

“KPL: I think it is far more multi-faceted.”
“KPL: I live in a Torture Chamber.”

“In every Vaccine are Nanofluids and Aluminium, so I believe that every Human on the Planet that has taken a Vaccine can be a research object for this…that´s the Military Technology.”

“In 1970 the American War College released a document where they said that the perfect weapons delivery system for biological warfare was a vaccination program which they would control. It would be given to the People under the pretext that they would be protected from some disease, but when in fact they would be injected by whatever agent the biological warfare program wanted to put into them, into the enemy population. The question is who is the enemy population?”

“One of the developers was DARPA.”
“Big Pharma Companies say before they give the Vaccine.”

“If we strike and if we put pressure on Brain Researchers then we can get a breakthrough. We can´t go to the Police, we can´t go to the Military, they are just going to send us in a circle, because I have done this in Sweden, it doesn´t work.”

“We have to put pressure and the Brain Researchers to get our one and only lives back.”

“People like Ray Kurzweil..2045 Transhumanism and he sees this only in positive terms…he doesn´t see the ethical side…the first thing that is happening is how the government and the agencies will misuse this technology…”

“Make People as aware as possible.”

“People haven´t realize how vulnerable the society is today, because we have given away all power to the computers.”

“Manage not to get any kind of any entanglement with the Psychiatric System…Managing to stay out of trouble…It took me basically the best parts of 10 years to get some basic understanding what was happening to me…Unless the targeting is very aggressive..Psychiatric Hospital, Hospital of the Military.. Prisons,.. 1000s of People are being used as guinea pigs many kinds of dangerous ways without any safeguard.”

“1000s of these Vigilante Networks…Usually I talk about The Terror Financial Elites, some call them the Illuminati, some call them the New World Order, the World Government, I call them the Terror Financial Elites…Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment are very much one of their Pet Projects…Criminal Activity. Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment are very much one of their Pet Projects, because with Organized Stalking you can create these 1000 of Vigilante Projects…they are increasing size by targeting new people. What better way for them to targeting everybody. 1000s of People are quite willing to take part in this Harassment.”

“The Terror Financial Elites, they feel their Power is threatened from different directions, holding on to power, extend their power. Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment are quite important to them in terms of creating a global social control Grid, which is very much underway, I think.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 30.6.2020: They feel threatened, because they know that they have no divine right to rule…
Mother of the Universe – aka the Holy Spirit – chooses it´s favorites and not a criminally insane club of mass murderers and destroyers – bare of any decency and righteousness.
Righteousness is a Synonym of Holiness, remember this and Holy Spirit only opens up to the Real Holy Righteous Ones.

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