Newsbreak 76: Bill Gates, SERCO, & Beyond: World Mayhem Unsheathed with Thomas of AOE: Part One

“Newsbreak 76: Bill Gates, SERCO, & Beyond: World Mayhem Unsheathed with Thomas of AOE: Part One”
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Revealing and comprehensive, a blockbuster report and conversation with Thomas of Alpha Omega Energy, a breakthrough energy entrepreneur at the top of the grassroots start-up Energy game who is being blocked by the large players and platforms–such as the World Economic Forum, UN Sustainability Programs–in his quest to bring free and affordable energy options in a multiplicity of venues to the people.
Thomas presents his own experience along with insights from persistent research into the entire world chaos situation we currently see, with its perpetrators both hiding in shadows and blustering in daylight: Bill Gates and his connections, the octopus prison-owning corporation SERCO, the World Economic Forum, GAVI, and much more.
As Thomas explains, no-one has put the big picture together as he has; further, his particular placement in the Tesla-tech energy world offers him a unique spot from which one can examine the worldwide power structures and corruption currently in place, which both deceive and subjugate humanity with their control-mechanisms, monopolies, worship of the profitline, and refusal to act for humanity. (While playing savior on the world stage, with vaccines and “sustainability” lingo.)”
“Oh no you know I mean the way that people act all conspiracy they ask questions I mean you know and they they not only
treat you like they uh you know they ostracize these people who ask questions …the free thinkers, the free thought
people: oh they’re crazy, they have free thought free mind .. “well, they don’t call it free, right.. they see people who ask questions as conspirators… it’s a kind of warped mentality and i wonder where it comes from but whoever it is the cia whoever kind of unleashed this on the world they’ve done a pretty good job..”
“yeah there’s corrupt players you know richard nixon for watergate and all this kind of thing don’t ask questions right so uh because they’re doing all kinds of corrupt stuff
in behind and that’s the only time somebody be saying oh
don’t answer that’s your conspiracy theorist well that person is the kind of person that would hide corruption right it’s very clear um and we’re supposed to be focused on
right it’s very clear um and we’re supposed to be focused on
in all your governance transparency and accountability and we
need to push this we gotta have transparency in business
gotta have accountability in business everybody’s talking about that and great governance and business
well we wouldn’t need nobody would even need to talk about that if there wasn’t massive corruption going on all the time
if everything was so perfect there would be
nobody would ever mention the need for transparency..accountability.. people who are talking oh conspiracy theorists..these people, they need to see a doctor, because obviously something has happened to you if you would use these kind of statements with the amount of corruption that’s going on today. I mean everybody knows it’s out there and then they forget about that and it starts “oh these are conspiracy theories, so I mean you need to you know check out what’s going on in your psyche and and realize that holy shit I mean i’ve been brainwashed here that i would be against accountability and against transparency and against
investigation and against audits and against you know right, so it’s very important uh everybody needs to realize wow
I mean, because they are so good at brainwashing humanity ..
I can honestly say most of my life you know I was very slow
uh to pick up on these things and start to learn these things I used to think there couldn’t possibly be any corruption in government, there’s just got to be too many checks and balances, all these professional people in finance and their seminars and conferences and continuing education credits and also you know i thought oh it’s definite all of these audits it’s got to be super clean, everybody be caught
..and I couldn’t see and there were 25 years ahead of me
on that you know i thought for sure you know when
I brought my energy technology to market that
all of these kind of organizations and people would help, I had no idea that there’d be corruption or they’d be
trying to take advantage or steal or take for granted…
I never could have believed that that would be possible, I thought the whole world would support for sure
with people talking climate change and all of these things
i thought you know never could could society repeat what they did to Nikola Tesla 100 years ago if if somebody else came
out with some great technology the whole world would rally behind these people and support them with endless
money and billions of dollars and take this
you know sky high, I had no idea that there would be energy suppression that this would be real or that innovators are being killed. I thought that was all like a conspiracy theory cuckoo stuff, but now I know all these people on a first name basis and saw these people actually get killed and I can share some of that later um
probably will need to do another show for that actually.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 25.6.2020: Yes, history repeats itself, because backwards ass-retarded greedy beasts try to block progress… and think of all the Healing devices from the Secret Space Programs that are still BLOCKED while the remorseless Assholes in NWO U.S. Cancer Research Institutes/ARPA/DOD/Pentagon & Affiliates produce U.S. Military Bioweapons to artificially infect the whole world and watch them being crippled by it…It´s time that GOD/DESS gets all your evil asses…and that includes the Evil Commanders in Chief in USAF Crime Syndicates/USSOC/USMCSS and NAVY-SSP who BLOCK HEALING DEVICES Holografic Healing Technologies!! If you do not release these Alien Tech healing devices to people, the people will go on rampage into your Deep Bunkers and grab them out.
And BTW. Pentagon/Washington and Rome-Vat…the Real Pendragons are good Dragons, typical nazio-satanic inversions, the same with the purusha handsign, that Merkel stole from the Hindus, same with the Snake worship in Vatican, all from Hindu Religions, the same with all the other known symbols in history, that´s likely what Penny Bradley meant and why you are hunting some of the Merovingian Bloodlines and you stole the name for your Evil NWO Pandemic Plan…and stopping progress on this Planet by doing Rockefellers bidding and creating dumb Students in retarded Universities..restricting knowledge to Tesla Technologies (Ancient Indian Technologies) and alternative healing devices while at the same time creating tons of toxins and bioweapons and pour them out into Mother Earths Atmosphere.
“Sort of angry now because they’ve done this …I know of 54 breakthrough class energy innovators across 23 countries, every one of them.. there’s been many who’ve done this for decades before I even thought to and they’ve all experienced the same thing and …they regularly are blocking and banning and ignoring these people, it’s part of what they do on a daily basis we’re not the first one that’s ever gone there and we won’t be the last one, it’s continual people you know making something and going after these guys and they’re continually blocking this from your future, stealing this from everyone’s future, stealing this from humanity, making sure.. it’s a conscious decision every day and there’s 21 million people, every day that are being murdered, just from breathing the air .. there’s world health organization,
right, some people now calling it the world homicide organization,
they don’t care either, so you can definitely you can definitely say that, they don’t find any of these startups, they don’t help them they don’t talk to them here , they’re whining about, oh there’s 15 million people a year dying from breathing right uh .. (air pollution related mutants yeah and of course aerosols chemtrails) yeah and they don’t even count that in the total , so if it’s 15 million just air pollution and then air pollution related illnesses downstream from all these different things right,
so 15 million people dead a year just from breathing
and then six million more dead from energy poverty, so it’s 21 million dead every single year this is over 55 000 people dead every single day, I mean all of the coronavirus which they say.. the coronavis what which corona viruses.. there’s over 200 coronaviruses, the common cold is a corona virus, okay, so when they say the coronavirus immediately whoever’s talking that .. that person is a fraud, they’re a con artist they’re a criminal, a liar, a cheat, a scammer, because and they all know this all of the media have been educated
enough all of these government people have been educated enough anybody who’s been around healthcare they know
there is no “the coronavirus”, there’s over 200 corona viruses, so how dare they call it.. these are the manipulators the brainwashers , the scammers who are frauding you and this is your litmus test how you tell when somebody calls it the coronavirus no you need to say Covid-19 specifically,.. and then a pcr test whatever everything that comes up on a pcr test, so your lung cancers, your radiation
sickness, your radiation poisonings, your lung cancer cell shedding when somebody’s old they have cancer and they’re getting chemotherapy, it’s causing a lot of exosome production out of your cellsm, this secretion, so that’s causing it also right and nobody talks about.”
“Censorship, I mean they’re afraid, they’re afraid for their
jobs, probably in backlash, a lot of them are, absolutely this is the case and they’re going on if they go on facebook there’s thousands of doctors that have been banned from facebook just for talking about vitamin c .. we need doctors who are properly educated and understand the value of
things like nutrition.”
“Thank you to my wonderful my much loved and supporters and new followers. I got like thousands many thousands of new
followers on twitter uh recently so thank you so much to you
guys for that really happy about that uh twitter has been shadow banning us for since we started on twitter for
over two years over 99 of the time uh, we’ve been on the platform, these despicable criminals of this criminal
organization masquerading as a social media platform
uh have
been shadow banning us can you imagine they’d be shadow banning a social enterprise in the third world trying to bring you know solve the environmental issues and
bring this breakthrough clean energy technology to the world and these sycophants at a criminal organization like this are
these satanists that are so full of hate for humanity
and hate free thought and hate the environment and hate this technology, obviously.. they would never think to censor somebody like this if it wasn’t that..that we’ve ever made but yet this is what they’re doing, so they’re actively destroying humanity and actively.. attacking this
and they’ve seen us, they know what we’re doing and they could have supported us, they could have called us they could have given us free advertising promote it you know talk to us
check us out very something like that and they they should be doing that but no instead they’re just they’re totally destroying humanity it’s really the i don’t understand how
trump doesn’t just raid this company and uh start arresting a lot of these people they’re destroying you know
breaking just endless committing endless crimes you have to understand trump is controlled right, he can’t really act, he’s really sucked in this area a lot of people are
starting to talk about it but but um you know he’s he started to come out against it but you know three and..this is totally criminal and people are letting them get away with that their licenses should immediately be pulled it should be fined and there’s not even any fines happening, it’s just ridiculous what’s going on but anyway i gotta stop myself on that let’s go forward.”
“because when the world is biblical hell crazy and the satanists are against free speech, against free thought and against anyone who dare to exercise it, maybe this is the
last chance we will ever have to say anything ever again, people need to think about that, so in that case so man i’ll just say whatever i want then while i still have the chance to do it, right, why not, it might be illegal next year
right so i’ll talk you mentioned well the hope is that we stop them.”
The world needs real leadership not just say satanism, so anyway we’re the number one breakthrough clean energy technology startup in the world, I don’t say that lightly..we’re number one and we’re also the most
banned startup in human history. Fake book has banned us,
linkedin has banned us, instagram as well
we’re obviously as I mentioned we are already kicked out by the totally fake, lying, fraudulent organization world economic forum, we’ve been totally ignored by all the big globalist organizations.
I solicited over 400 clients, so-called climate change organizations which are all just totally fake, lying , fraudulent political organizations masquerading
as if they care about environment when they don’t otherwise of course they would have funded us already our match we’ve done matchmaking introductions etc but no they don’t know they’re never going to do anything they’re all fake, it’s all fraud and there needs to be a lot of investigations and arrests in there too, but we solicited every every climate
actor who’s ever stood up and talked open their mouth against these issues, they’ve ignored us all, so I’m angry about it and that’s fine, everybody should be angry about such a thing. There should be a lot of other people angry that would ever be done to these energy innovators like a Nikola Tesla or an alpha omega energy or any of the other guys that are out there…so we’re you know working and fighting this war for humanity to to bring about this really positive things, so aoe coin so we it alpha omega energy and uh aoe is what we’re called and then aoe coin, we’re going to make a blockchain.”
“One step at a time, it’s a constant battle like grinding as a startup .. we changed the world I say that proudly.”
“as you see and this is what’s so horrifying Thomas is that this appears to be a concerted attack on humanity, on world humanity, yeah, it is quite shocking.”
“and then they also think this u.n, the new world order their globalist plan, they think that’s separate too and no all of these things are connected and linked together.
The satanization of the world,.. they are enslaving the world in this massive tyrannical dictatorship.. their centralist control they’re eliminating democracy they’re eliminating local representation where it’s just these quote-unquote
experts, elitists way off in some foreign country on the other side of the planet, they control every aspect of your lives and you have no say and no vote no representation and if you ever try to even argue anything you’re going to your economy is going to be sanctioned you’re going to be penalized and locked down all this i mean this is it is total
satanism, it’s against freedom, against humanity,
against sovereign rights, against sovereignty against bodily sovereignty there’s nothing more satanic than this is hell on earth, so it’s what it is and here you go, it’s and here’s the united nations directly admitting, not only admitting, but making the statement that it’s all the same thing, so they don’t even want anyone to be confused,
they don’t want you to be confused at all coronavirus, black lives matter, and climate change agendas, they are inseparable.”
“Beyond that they are called the coronavirus pandemic a
fire drill for what’s coming so this massive lockdown that they put you in they’ve imprisoned you they’ve basically
put you all into solitary confinement cells right which is really that’s exactly right, house arrest,
so solitary confined this is recognized as doing mental damage to people doing physical, real damage and they’ve deliberately done this done real damage to people’s lives and killed people uh from this many people and they’re
totally willing to do that they’ve committed
death and you know effectively murder they’ve been willing to
kill people for this and then of course based on what the numbers are not even of death are not not even like you know they they said 50 times, it’s 50 times less than what they promised to everybody that they did based on and based on that 50 times estimate that’s what they came up with this policy for and even though the numbers are 50 times less they’re keeping the same policy to enslave everybody and destroy the economies to do a massive reset, so that everybody’s bankrupted and then these super uber elites come in and buy up everything and enslave you like never ever before.”
“quote-unquote health right i mean the most unhealthy people you could ever possibly come up with these people know
nothing about health, they don´t know nothing about health, they don’t take care of the health in their own lives,
how the hell could these people be possibly talking about health and teaching other people about, how these people don’t even take care of themselves let alone they care about
taking it.”
“Nobody wants that kind of health care.”
“Yeah I mean if this is this is the help this is what we’re gonna we’re gonna end up looking like these people and you know ..dead zombie demons if we follow their recommendation, so whatever these guys are taking whatever they’re doing
in their health regimen that’s exactly what we don’t want to do so you know that’s how we figure out we need to do the opposite of whatever these people are doing otherwise we’re going to look like two weeks from death just like them.”
“…and all of that money goes to democrat campaigns..It´s totally criminal, if you did this for any other purpose
you would go to jail but here they’re doing it and you
know i’m surprised it hasn’t been shut down immediately
that the fbi would not just go and seize this and arrest these people and they know it’s criminal, they know it’s illegal what they’re doing and on top of that you have even
more restrictions for campaign finance and they’ve breached all of that too through this, I mean it’s shocking,
they’re just deliberately doing just total criminal behavior … if you did that for your show or something else I mean they just come and get you, but it’s they’ve done
like a massive financial crime fraud on these people,
it’s crazy what they’re doing.”
“A lot of these people are Super Predators…you know a lot of these intel industries and who are the biggest security and prison companies in the world: Serco and G4S and who just invested very heavily into Serco and g4s Bill Gates and he’s been investing in them for years, almost a decade, very heavily, he’s got millions of shares in g4s and he’s invested more heavily in Serco recently and you know Bill Gates is trying to control the world, make the prison planet, take over the police and prisons and control the military and control technology.”

Conspiracy Revelation: If the Psychopaths have control over the juridicial and prison and psychiatric system it´s clear that they feel more safe to do evil deeds and commit remorseless genocidal/ecocidal operations and thus they are feeling unaccountable… So the first thing the criminals do is taking control over the executive medical-pharma-military-industrial-prison-complex.

“Even though I was shadow banned, it got almost a million views and my followers just skyrocketed and so I was finally ..I got some some motion uh around the massive criminal shadow banned of this despicable organization twitter, totally anti-human evil but thank you to all my wonderful followers for following and doing that so I showed this video, some of the corruption that’s going on in brazil they’re finding, just like in the united states
where thousands of people did the film your hospital movement which now twitter’s banning, everybody’s banning that, they’re deleting all the videos from that across all of
these satanist social media from silicon valley,
right, the valley of diablo, diablo mountain, satan mountain, devils mountain was the name of this place from the native americans what they called it and it’s no wonder that,
it’s a strange energy there, you have all of the satanists in that area now,h even before this is built at all, but
you have all of these leftist governors you have the same
situation in brazil, the media is far more radical left wing controlled in brazil than it is in the united states.”
“and not have this poison and sickness and toxins and all
this stuff but have harnessed energy completely and he
spent his life for that right and he has over 200 published
patents solved every issue for energy of mankind ever
and his information has been totally suppressed
right and then the rest of his work has been stolen and then hidden in secret and even with the freedom of information
act foia request that was done to have all of this documents released finally like 60-80 years later after his death in
1943 80 years later they still won’t release it, the fbi released a few pages of redacted documents you know out of 11
chests plus and then there’s more chests also
right they they released only this and refused to do anything else and who has all these documents who has all these patents, who runs the patent system in the united states, bingo: Serco. Serco runs the entire intellectual property and patent system jail prison in the united states, there’s over 5800 key patents for key incredible breakthrough technologies in the united states that have been seized and held up
right they have all this so and and .. stolen from humanity and who’s stealing these who’s holding it SERCO and there’s so much more that i’m going to go into that everybody needs to know this really should be every single person should be sat down and exposed to this what’s going on here
everybody knows if the true power of tesla’s technology could be harnessed and brought into the world what would happen it would just be such an incredibly powerful and wonderful and positive revolution for society and this is essentially the one thing yeah stolen from the last hundred years stolen from all the children in the future, they’ve been hiding it now the best thing ..we kind of have another Nikola Tesla in the world. I have 3778 new energy and energy related
technologies today and i’m the most banned startup in the world, so guess which one they’re hiding now they’re hiding this now.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 25.6.2020: This will end… All knowledge is for the whole humanity and not for the little sadistic mass murderers, bioweapon spreaders and radiation mafia and the end-criminal torturers of the NWO Corporate Crime Syndicate, Pharmamafia Nazis and MIC/Alphabet Shadow Government Conglomerate of absolute corruption.
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