Jaron Lanier: Who Owns the Future?

“Jaron Lanier: Who Owns the Future?”
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The Agenda with Steve Paikin
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From media to manufacturing to medicine, technology is reshaping the face of more and more industries, marching them lock-step into an information economy. However, as author Jaron Lanier asks, if information is “free”, then who gets paid in an information economy? Lanier sits down with Steve Paikin to discuss how the rise of digital networks is leading to the demise of the middle class – and how we can stop it.”
“DrZaious: vor 1 Monat: The ironic part is the algorithm brought me to this video.”
“Aeonized: vor 1 Jahr: Dreadscientists are the raddest scientist!”
“Chris W: vor 1 Jahr: Who owns the present?”
“Chitty Bang Bang: vor 1 Jahr: Psychopaths.”
“Aurora María: vor 1 Jahr: It supposed that we should own our present… besides what is happening outside…”
“1292liam: vor 1 Jahr: the past inside the present. Now open your gift.”
“Mona Moore: vor 8 Monaten: Capitalism monsters.”
“Preposterous Altercation: vor 7 Monaten: jews.”
“CARLOS CABALLERO: vor 2 Jahren: This should send chills down your spine if you’re over 25. God speed out there kid.”
“SueSage Asmr: vor 1 Jahr: CARLOS CABALLERO millennials and the younger generation to come.”
“Delbert Osborne: vor 1 Monat: You’re not even touching on the “Sensorship” that this amazing technology that your healping to create has made it possible to do.”
“Pqrst Zxerty: vor 5 Monaten: A. Microsoft, Google, Amazon.
All funded by JPMC.”
“Bluewolfe: vor 7 Monaten: The future WILL belong to the corporation’s…”
“K J: vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet): This Jaron Lanier guy needs to be more mainstream. A little weird but highly intelligent. Is this ‘super computer’ stuff going to be the real ‘Sky Net’ ?”
“Gordon Gee: vor 2 Wochen: The Fate of the World was fortold in Superman 3😂”
“ClarksonsinUSA: vor 7 Monaten (bearbeitet): Who Owns the Future? The USA…
ZoomStranger: vor 6 Monaten: Not any more, champie. Sorry.”
“Mona Moore: vor 8 Monaten: Capitalism is the core of evilness.”
“Jovan Jocic: vor 1 Jahr: Jaron Lanier is hidden Marxist and I like it :)”
“MrQlevert: vor 9 Monaten: Is it a joke? Is he marxist? And you also like it. I do not get it.”
“Johan Coetzee: vor 2 Wochen: Creation of the useless class is underway. Rapidly.”
“Edward Carter: vor 7 Monaten: I am 43yrs old & I got my first android phone 3 yes ago. I’m telling you that people with addictive personality will get hooked on social media. I’m addicted, I haven’t been out of my bedroom for nearly 5 months. Been on YouTube for 5 months.”
“TheEvolvedegg: vor 7 Monaten: Dont blame urself …the algorithms are addictive..it has happened to all of us at some point.”
“Paul Valentine: vor 4 Monaten: the oligarchs own the future.”
“Jess Lyn: vor 2 Monaten: Love is the only Lever!!”
“Kevin Smith: vor 7 Monaten: AI will completely remove people from everything.”
“Jack Smitt: vor 1 Jahr: Banks own your future.”
“Felisha P: vor 8 Monaten: It has worsened , the sharing of information has become abusive and profit driven.”
“Sebastian Aguiar: vor 7 Monaten: Another deep thinker.”
“Larkin Abbott: vor 5 Monaten:..our world is corrupt and run by mafia.”
“Jonathan *: vor 1 Jahr: So the Nazi party used a computer in order to eradicate people and you could not foresee the potential mass accumulation of centralized wealth? That is just having too much faith in the good nature of humanity.. I’d say that any idea of a Socialist government now with the technology we have would be insane.”

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