The Council on Fuckery Relations as I like to refer to it…

“The Council on Fuckery Relations as I like to refer to it, or The Council on Foreign Relations as it is more commonly known. It probably has a foothold on your thoughts and you may not even know it, or at least not know how.”
“Freedom vs Corruption Fuckery: How the CFR controls what you think. June 10, 2018. Nicki Lynne
I’m going to veer of course here for just a moment and talk a bit about think tanks. Think tanks play a central role in the policy-making process. Think tanks have often been called factory of ideas and policy mills. Think tanks are essential for the elite’s research and planning.
Think tanks aid the investigation, analysis, tactics, and solutions concerning a wide variety of matters and issues. These elitist think tanks like CFR keep on working on the micro and macro levels of their many agendas around the globe (<-no offense to FE).
The think tanks elite set up and continue to have millions if not billions of dollars in an annual budget. The big think tanks have the monetary power and the outreach and easily undermine the smaller think tanks. It doesn’t matter which party comes to power, the ideas, concepts, procedures, and policies come from these same think tanks.
As researcher Laurence H. Shoup writes regarding CFR, arguably the most influential think tank in the world, in his book
Wall Street’s Think Tank: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Geopolitics, 1976-2014
“The think tank of monopoly-finance capital, the Council on Foreign Relations is the world’s most powerful private organization. The CFR is the ultimate networking, socializing, strategic-planning, and a consensus-forming institution of the U.S. capitalist class. It is the central “high command” organization of the plutocracy that runs the country and much of the world.”
CFR is just one think tank at the elite’s disposal.
Now, let’s get into the Council itself.
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an organization – a US think-tank – whose members have remained instrumental in forming US government policies resulting in sanctions, destabilization efforts, and outright military attacks on nations which have never attacked the US.
The Council’s members’ activities help to promote war, bombings and overthrow governments.
The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite who just so happen to own controlling interest in all of the major media outlets including print media.
The Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations is composed in total of thirty-six officers.
Peter G. Peterson
This article by illustrates how he is tied into the thread of extremely wealthy individuals who truly run the world. You can begin to see how dangerous it becomes when they also make all the decisions across so many spectrums of media.
and David Rockefeller are Directors Emeriti
(A director emeritus is a former member of a company’s board of directors who has completed his service as the director but continues to be associated with the business as an adviser.).
​Corporate membership
CFR has several levels of corporate membership: founders, premium members, and associates.
CFR Influence in Education and the Media
The Council accepts only American “citizens” and has a membership of about 3,600, including influential bankers, corporate officers, and leading government officials who have been significantly affecting domestic and foreign policy for the past 30 years. Every [recent] member had been handpicked by David Rockefeller, who headed the inner circle of the CFR.
Some of the major newspapers, news services and media groups that have been controlled or influenced by the CFR:

New York Times
Washington Post
Wall Street Journal
Boston Globe
Baltimore Sun
Chicago Sun-Times
L.A. Times Syndicate
Houston Post
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Arkansas Gazette
Des Moines Register and Tribune
Louisville Courier
Associated Press
United Press International
Reuters News Service
Gannett Co. (publisher of USA Today and 90 other daily papers plus 40 weeklies; and also owns 15 radio stations, 8 TV stations, and 40,000 billboards).
Some of the magazines that have been controlled or influenced by the CFR:

Time, Inc. founded by CFR member Henry Luce and Hedley Donovan, which publishes Time, Fortune, Life, Money, People, Entertainment Weekly, and Sports Illustrated
Newsweek (owned by the Washington Post)
Business Week
U.S. News and World Report
Saturday Review
National Review
Reader’s Digest
Atlantic Monthly
Harper’s Magazine

Some of the publishers that have been controlled or influenced by the CFR:

Random House
Simon & Schuster
Harper Brothers
Harper & Row
Yale University Press
Little Brown & Co.
Viking Press
Cowles Publishing.
Some of the organizations and think-tanks that have been controlled or influenced by the CFR:

Brookings Institute
RAND Corporation
American Assembly
Foreign Policy Association (co-founded by CFR member Raymond Fosdick)
World Affairs Council
Business Advisory Council
Committee for Economic Development
National Foreign Trade Council
National Bureau of Economic Research
National Association of Manufacturers
National Industrial Conference Board
Americans for Democratic Action
Hudson Institute
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Institute for Defense Analysis
World Peace Foundation
United Nations Association
National Planning Association
Center for Inter-American Relations
Free Europe Committee
Atlantic Council of the U.S. (founded in 1961 by CFR member Christian Herter)
Council for Latin America
National Committee on U.S.-China Relations
African-American Institute
Middle East Institute
Some of the many companies that have been controlled or influenced by the CFR:

Morgan, Stanley
Kuhn, Loeb
Lehman Brothers
Bank of America
Chase Manhattan Bank
J. P. Morgan and Co.
First National City Bank
Brown Brothers, Harriman, and Co.
Bank of New York
Chemical Bank
Bankers Trust of New York
Manufacturers Hanover
Morgan Guaranty
Merrill Lynch
Equitable Life
New York Life
Metropolitan Life
Mutual of New York
Prudential Insurance
Phillips Petroleum
Atlantic-Richfield (Arco)
Xerox Corporation
General Electric
ITT Corporation
Dow Chemical
E. I. du Pont
BMW of North America
Toyota Motor Corporation
General Motors
Ford Motor Company
U.S. Steel
Proctor and Gamble
Johnson and Johnson
Estee Lauder
Avon Products
R. J. R. Nabisco
R. H. Macy
Federated Department Stores
Gimbel Brothers
J. C. Penney Company
Sears, Roebuck and Company
May Department Stores
Allied Stores
American Express
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Hilton Hotels
American Airlines
By obtaining ownership of the “influential” print media almost a century ago, the global elitists were able to ensure that they would maintain control of the information stream to the masses, for decades to come.
Today, they control the five mass media conglomerates that in turn own or control all major TV and radio station syndicates; the print media, including newspapers, the educational books used in our schools and universities, and book and magazine publishers; the major internet service providers; music, video, and recording companies; and the Hollywood film industry.
“Find your freedom
CFR Politicked Fuckery Power
Rigged System The Real Terrorist The more you know”
“”The think tank of monopoly-finance capital, the Council on Foreign Relations is the world’s most powerful private organization. The CFR is the ultimate networking, socializing, strategic-planning, and a consensus-forming institution of the U.S. capitalist class. It is the central “high command” organization of the plutocracy that runs the country and much of the world.”
Laurence H. Shoup , US-Historiker”
“Hier zwei bekanntere “Philanthropen“ des Council on Foreign Relations:
“Die Denkfabrik des Monopol-Finanzkapitals, der Council on Foreign Relations, ist die mächtigste private Organisation der Welt. Der CFR ist die ultimative Netzwerk-, Sozialisierungs-, Strategieplanungs- und Konsensbildungsinstitution der US-amerikanischen Kapitalistenklasse. Er ist das zentrale “Oberkommando” der Plutokratie, die das Land und einen Großteil der Welt regiert”.
Laurence H. Shoup , US-Historiker
Der Council on Foreign Relations ist der amerikanische Zweig einer Gesellschaft, die ihren Ursprung in England hat … [und] … glaubt, dass nationale Grenzen aufgehoben und eine Eine-Welt-Herrschaft errichtet werden soll.
Carroll Quigley, US Historiker und Lehrer Bill Clintons
Und so zeigt sich die Macht des CFR im Detail:
Seit seiner Gründung stellte der CFR
8 US-Präsidenten
22 Außenminister
22 Verteidigungsminister
10 Chefs des US-amerikanischen Generalstabs (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). Der CJCS ist nach US-amerikanischem Recht der ranghöchste und höchste Militäroffizier der US-Streitkräfte und der wichtigste militärische Berater des Präsidenten, des National Security Council, des Ministeriums für Innere Sicherheit (Homeland Security Council) und des Verteidigungsministers.
11 NATO-Chefs
19 Nationale Sicherheitsberater
21 Wirtschaftsminister
8 Vorsitzende der US – Federal Reserve
7 Direktoren des Nationalen Wirtschaftsrates (National Economic Council NEC)
Der Nationale Wirtschaftsrat der Vereinigten Staaten ist das wichtigste Forum, das der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten für die Erörterung wirtschaftspolitischer Fragen verwendet.
9 Weltbank-Präsidenten
17 CIA – Direktoren
22 Botschafter bei den Vereinten Nationen
Mit einer Ausnahme kamen alle Vorstandsmitglieder des CFR in den letzten viereinhalb Jahrzehnten aus der kapitalistischen Elite des Finanzzentrums Wall Street – zum Beispiel David Rockefeller, der Erbe des größten Familienvermögens der Geschichte und Chef der Chase Manhattan Bank, der von 1970 bis 1985 dem CFR-Vorstand angehörte, Peter Peterson, der Milliardär und Mitbegründer der Blackstone Group , der von 1985 bis 2007 dem CFR-Vorstand angehörte, und der gegenwärtig dem CFR-Vorstand angehörende Robert Rubin, ein ehemaliger Generaldirektor bei Goldman Sachs und bei der Citigroup, Finanzminister Bill Clintons, Wirtschaftsberater der Obama-Regierung, der seit 2007 im CFR-Vorstand sitzt.
Über die kapitalistische, an den Wünschen der Wall Street orientierte Ausrichtung des CFR wird nicht so gern gesprochen. Ein langjähriges führendes Mitglied, der Intellektuelle Michael Mandelbaum, hat aber vor zehn Jahren einmal zugegeben, dass “eine relativ kleine außenpolitische Elite … den grundlegenden Kurs der US-Außenpolitik bestimmt …, auf den die Öffentlichkeit kaum Einfluss” habe. Shoup meint dazu: “Was Mandelbaum als ‘Elite’ bezeichnet, ist in Wirklichkeit die herrschende Klasse mit ihren Instrument CFR.”…/LP_13/LP19815_251015.pdf”

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