Tony Pantalleresco 202005 The Brainwash from TV Canada and worldwide Tips for survival food

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Tony Pantalleresco 20200503 The Brainwash from TV Canada and worldwide Tips for survival food
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“The reason why we’re locked dow in Canada it’s not
because we got a health issue going on that’s all bullshit , all of it ,but our political leaders in this country have all invested in the Covid-19.. got a 1.2 million dollar inheritance, I wonder who gave them the inheritance, okay, may sounds a little dubious …this came about at around this time, me or maybe I read that wrong maybe whatever but I mean my point is if you look it up if you look it up look at your premieres every bloody one of them look at your councilman and everyone of them look at your parliamentary as every one is a look at the prime minister, they all got their money in some kind of corporation or dummy company, whatever and they have all got investments in this Covid-19. Why do you think they want you to wear those masks and those rubbers what do you think they want you to wear those for? Because we have like that’s gonna stop something I’ve never worn those things
yet I have yet to see anybody in my in the town I live and drop dead from Covid-19 or coronavirus because they’re getting there different as I displayed in the last show and I’m putting up that link again on this show okay nobody’s drop dead nobody has fallen down nobody has had any issue going on and you know what cracks me up as you go into the stores and into banks and you see these morons wearing a mask and they’re real robbers and everybody around him is wearing one a name and they seriously believe that that mask is protecting them (laughing), if we had an airborne plague seriously, there’s no Mask, no Robe, unless you’re wearing a body condom and I’m not kidding, a body condom and you got that thing sealed at the ankles, there’s no way you would be able to avoid an infection none and you know remember the old saying goes what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…who gave these bastards the right to tell me how to live? They’re not protecting me but see this is the thing that none of you are looking at those gloves, those rubbers wearing forever they got you know they got now hand protection so now they can have safe sex because now they won’t get infected with an STD you oh ho ho you know so silly stupid..
but those masks and those gloves are investments and these bastards have investments in these things okay Bill
Gates ..and the US government’s also got investments in this covered there is a mad race to get these drugs out to market so that these countries these governments these officials in government are going to make billions billions okay not millions billions and that’s all because everybody’s
capitulating to make these bastards rich okay I have absolutely no use for politics or politicians I don’t think
any of them are worth a Fiddler’s fart none of them you know the only reason they are in powers because they know how to kiss ass real good and they’ve done it really well all their lives and when it comes to corporations and committees and whatever they have made it into a fine art they don’t care about us and we need to start looking at things in regarding to about us we need to take care of each other because I’m gonna tell you something the government ain’t gonna take care of you zero the government gives you something they’re gonna take something more from you…but people don’t like I said they got a five-year-old or kindergarten mentality, you need to really observe what’s really going on here you are going to lose all rights, all rights to your own personal choice in
your way of living basically they’re going to dictate whether you live or die they’re gonna take that all the way all
our seniors that we see today all our parents are still around in their 80s that ain’t gonna happen after after this
segment you may see a lot of getting euthanized they may be sent to a sender saying that they got a Covid-19 to get
him into the hospital and they give him a lethal injection that would really piss me off I gotta tell you and we’re
really pissed me off I think at that point the laws would be thrown right out point the laws would be thrown right out
the window they would be and a lot of us would feel the same way the law is not helping anybody and it murdered our
parents that’s how you better start thinking that’s how you better start observing this I’m not just talking about Canada now I’m talking the whole world in Canada we’re following Australia’s pattern of disarming this country first they’re
going to take away the military hardware and then they’re going to take away the right to hunt.. the natives will be disarmed and once the natives are disarmed there’s that’s going to stop them from going into those resident reservations and injecting them or whatever shit they want to inject those people and nobody wiped out just like they did in Africa Bill Gates’s technology is becoming more and more refined and more and more effective when they went to Africa and they went into this one community I forget on the Nigeria I think it was okay in five years there was nobody left in that village gone you didn’t have to you didn’t have to hire an army you didn’t have to buy guns use nothing to make
bullets you didn’t have to bring in tanks shouldn’t have to bring in any kind of hardware you just gave him Bill Gates and Bill Gates did the trick for them.. he wiped out the village took five years but it was a cheaper way of doing
it we’re lowered that wouldn’t reservations across this country okay natives live in reservations here you know just like you do in the United States and you’re isolated okay nobody knows what goes on in the reservations we hear the odd tidbit about the news where you got there’s a criminal element going on they got drug abuse substance abuse but really don’t hear what’s going on there regularly there because they’re far they’re out of sight out of sight
out of mind and once they take out those communities and they’ll start taking out the rural community so go in and do the same thing because you have no way of defending yourself zero they’ve taken away the more sophisticated hardware and
left you with nothing bows and arrows left ..Spears which can be effective if you know what to do with them catapults things like this my point is sobering reality is you know losing control over your own life I don’t need somebody tell me to wear a mask I don’t need somebody tell me to wear a mask I don’t to do especially when I can do the research and see does this whole thing’s a facade it’s it’s a farce
people always tell people die is where have they died did you send ever see the death certificates every time I look at the
media all I see is empty hospitals.”
“if they were to get overwhelmed they say people finally got fed up with their bullshit and decide to assault them
they’re going to go underground anyway and they’ll probably send our robot army out to to take care of the problem that’s what you’re dealing with this is the minds that you’ve got that date they’ve got, so Silly Billy is nothing but a bloodthirsty murderer and Canada is the experiment weird the
lab we are the lab this I gotta tell you this we are the lab I believe half the diseases that we have in regarding to
respiratory issues is all that I’ve been done through nano exposure all of them but I also believed a lot us has also come as a result of these vaccines that they’ve injected in Canadians for a long period of time, respiratory issues is
like the number one killer in this country whether you got asthma, cystic fibrosis pleurisy tuberculosis we have problems with our breathing in this country now when you sit there and think about Canada and our landscape in this country we don’t have the industrial toxicity that the United States had yet why are we having bright we’ve got more trees and more landmass to keep the air clean so what would cause these respiratory issues to be so prominent in this country perhaps maybe we were assaulted .. at some point in time
with a vaccination program that had disengaged the immune system causing irreparable damage to our genetic code
perhaps that’s what did it and perhaps guys like silly-billy
experimented on us in Canada and at the expense of us and the parliamentary leaders and the political leaders all have invested in stocks on these vaccines and these pills and these pharmaceutical agents.”

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