[URGENT] Dr Rashid Buttar Reveals that Coronavirus was Patented by Bill Gates in 2006.

“[URGENT] Dr Rashid Buttar Reveals that Coronavirus was Patented by Bill Gates in 2006.”
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Dr. Rashid Buttar is really working hard in making all of us aware on the situation happening in the world.”
“Bought by Glaxo Smith Kline.”
“King Scorpion: vor 17 Stunden: covid-19 is not the only corona virus. mers and sars are also corona virus.
Ted Myrrh: vor 14 Stunden: NO ONE should be allowed to patent viruses or any naturally occuring thing or manipulate genes…this is a bad idea all around.
jokcoustou: vor 22 Stunden: You forgot to metion what particular strain the patent is for? There are many coronaviruses.. and covid-19 is one of them.
Alessandro Falanga: vor 2 Stunden: There are thousands of Corona viruses. Show us a patent for SARS Cov-2 and then you may get our attention.
G ent: vor 7 Stunden (bearbeitet): I think the reaction to COVID19 is overblown, but this video is misleading because its strongest argument (the existence of a patent for SARS-CoV from 2016) constitutes a “False Cause Fallacy” as the patent referenced is for the SARS Coronavirus which has been studied and patented in recent decades after the SARS-Cov outbreak.
Referencing this particular patent (US2006257852) as proof for the existence of a patent for SARS-CoV-2 is misleading and devoids the argument. No matter how much I believe this is all a scam: this video is unscientific and misleading. I have seen Dr. Rashid Buttar become sloppy with the facts and it makes me uncomfortable because that is exactly what we are fighting to eliminate.
COVID19 is a dangerous scam. But no matter which side you’re on: facts speak louder than intentions.
Paul Stewart: vor 1 Stunde: While I agree with what you’re saying, COVID-19 is SARS. It’s SARS-CoV-2.
Tomislav Petrov: vor 14 Stunden (bearbeitet):
GlaxoSmithKline owns patent with number US2006257852 on ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – CoronaVirus’ or SARS-CoV in 2006, NOT SARS-CoV-2. GlaxoSmithKline is the world’s No. 2 pharmaceutical group with 99,437 employees. In 2019, GBP 7,157 million worth net sales were from vaccines or 21.2% of the total net sales. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a major stakeholder of the Pirbright Institute (Great Britain) that owns patents with numbers EP3172319A1 and EP3172319B1 on animal ‘CoronaVirus’ or CoV in 2019, NOT SARS-CoV-2.
Sherman Vlog: vor 5 Stunden: They’re using this pandemic. To control the masses. Wake up…
Muneer Gonsalves: vor 6 Stunden (bearbeitet): God bless the whistleblower! PROTECT THEM. I would rather get charged with child neglect rather than have my children get injected with this vaccine… Taiwan didn’t need a vaccine… They were closer to China, and they rationed PPE. This is domestic warfare on the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!! WAKE UP.
Robert W Shephard: vor 1 Stunde: This guy is a certified fruitcake. He is known as a fraud world wide.
Jessica U: vor 4 Stunden: It’s interesting that this virus has also caused a meat shortage, but don’t worry Bill Gates has Lab grown meat for us all. Problem and solution.
pher35: vor 4 Stunden: Corona virus has been known about for years, just not this strain. There are 1000’s of them.
Jose Soto: vor 2 Stunden: They want to make money on vaccine. I wont have my kids get any vaccine from Bill Gates.
Shack: vor 4 Stunden: This patent is related to a different virus from 2003…
kevin johnson: vor 20 Stunden (bearbeitet):
Stay Home Stay Alive is not how the immune system works. Looks like enough blow back to sue the entire Pharma Corporate Medical Government Military Banking Industrial complex on a global scale to put $10 million bucks in every humans bank account for damages.”
“karen Isaksen: +vor 4 Stunden: Doctors are murdering patients…WHY?”
Conspiracy Revelation: 7.5.2020: Greedy, deluded, fraudulent, end-corrupted Creatures without Soul, therefore…
“ALI Squad: vor 46 Minuten: The government is killing us, we have to stick together and fight for our rights and for what’s right.
Andrew Thomas: vor 5 Stunden_ For a doctor, this guy’s an idiot. SARS existed years before the patent. It took there years to navigate the legalities if owning a patent for a virus.”
L 6: vor 1 Stunde: Its scary how many people don’t think for themselves. Going into the supermarket, not leaving their homes.
“Mike Schonebaum: vor 1 Stunde: It takes a real tardo to believe this video, creating hysteria is not what we need right now.”
“Diana Hutchison: vor 32 Minuten: Dr. Rashid Buttar is really working hard at making us all misinformed, paranoid, and sick.”
“Carey McDowell: vor 7 Stunden: This man is a quack. He injected terminal cancer patients with hydrogen peroxide for their last dimes.
“locote morbid: vor 54 Minuten: They will use the vaccine to manipulate the population in order side with the illuminati.”
“Las Vegas Aesthetics: vor 2 Stunden: TERRIBLE production… stop with the distracting crap. just give your message..”
“Connie S Owens: vor 1 Stunde: I had to laugh at this. We give the man far toooooo much credit.”
“Stephenie Hamilton: vor 45 Minuten: WHY in the HELL do humans want to experiment with animal and human viruses; mutate them and make them a weapon AGAINST humanity?? These people are pure evil 😈”
“Ron Adams:; vor 5 Stunden: THIS IS FAKE FEAR-MONGERING NEWS!”
“hugo fernandez: vor 40 Minuten: This is targeting dumb people hard lol.”
“Chief Don Reed: vor 6 Stunden: Bill Gates is a walking Demon.. That is a fact.”
“Stephen Meier: vor 2 Stunden: Inflammatory bullcrap is always welcome on YouTube.”
“David Jennings: vor 9 Stunden: Fauci works for the US government and the Gates Foundation. He is holding is the world hostage using this bogies virus to force the vaccine chip. Trump is arm and arm with them.”
“Anand Vyas: vor 31 Sekunden (bearbeitet): Dumbest video on the internet – I’m gonna start making these so I can get famous. You guys will believe literally anything.”
“Inez DeTeso: vor 4 Stunden: GOOD INFO …BUT KNOCK OFF THE BRIGHT FLASHES between Scenes…makes it look like you are trying to HIDE SOMETHING…or introduce subliminal info ….Idiots…”
“kevin Buckland: vor 9 Stunden: Utter nonsense. You should be ashamed of yourself, spreading lies and disinformation at a time like this.”
“pintofkimberley: vor 51 Minuten: Pirbright has been researching colds & flu for a very long time. (roughly 1914 when they were looking for a cure for TB).
Carl Kocis: vor 2 Stunden: Bill Gates owns the patent to the cover-19? 100% correct. They are trying to take over the World and kill off 90% of the population -Alex Jones was right all along.
John Mingolla: vor 3 Stunden: Do not stay home to stay alive, get out and fight for your rights!”
“CheetoChop1: vor 4 Stunden: Stay home to stay alive is incorrect. Staying home will impair your immune system.”
“Dustin Wood: vor 7 Stunden: The patent is for a vaccine for the SARS strain of caronavirus. Almost everything he says in this video is completely wrong.”

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