WTF?! FBI Raids Doctor in Full Hazmat Suits for VITAMIN (Frickin') C!!

“WTF?! FBI Raids Doctor in Full Hazmat Suits for VITAMIN (Frickin’) C!!”
“51.202 Aufrufe•26.04.2020”

“Transgression of the Bill of Rights.”
“They re going to break the constitution to initiate force and violence on peaceful people who give Vitamin C, it´s crazy.”
“Fraudulent treatments, so the government is going to
determine what’s fraudulent and not a fraudulent treatment, but they’re not going to investigate themselves as they
approve, the FDA approves drugs that kills tens of thousands of people on American soil every single year, it’s
utter hypocrisy guys.”

“Yeah what you’re doing is committing a crime lady you and
your task force your FBI task force your evidence team is committing a crime on camera in broad daylight as they’re
being recorded by mainstream media that’s how far we’ve gone in America.”
“and the information the feds wanted had to do with vitamin C infusion, if you qualify we will accept whatever your insurance covers, even if it is nothing, a doctor affiliated with the law, but who wanted to remain anonymous told Fox 2 that vitamin C infusion is a common practice in the u.s., because it boosts the immune system, it has been given repeatedly to Covid-19 patients in intensive care settings to
help reduce the symptoms of covid-19 on a daily basis Dr. Mok is ahead of the curve in this type of treatment and has
always put the patient’s health first often treating them for free.”
“but a government agency known as the Federal Bureau of
investigations steps in and treats the guy who’s actually helping people for free as a criminal that’s what’s
happening in America.”

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