Former French Intelligence Officer: UFOs And Aliens Are Real

“Former French Intelligence Officer: UFOs And Aliens Are Real” (CONSPIRACY, UFO/ALIENS)
“PUBLISHED DATE:25.04.2020”
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“Former French Intelligence Officer: UFOs And Aliens Are Real
For the very first time, Alain Juillet, former director of the French Republic’s Foreign Intelligence Service (DGSE), speaks unreservedly on a topic that, for many, is still a huge conspiracy: UFO phenomena and alien life.
He has publicly declared that UFO phenomena “goes beyond the dimension of the Earth” and includes a “non-human intelligence”. Alain states that we might expect ‘official’ disclosure albeit there are more clues that invite reflection rather than any certainties to be given.
He points out that just because we do not have the resources to imagine or understand observable phenomena today, it does not mean that they can not be explained tomorrow.
Below is an excerpt from the interview between Alain Julliet and Paris Match.
Interviewer: You’ve agreed to participate in Dominique Filhol’s documentary, UFOs: a matter of States. Is this the first time you have spoken publicly on the subject of UFOs?
Alain Juillet: Yes. I participated in a meeting of aeronautics enthusiasts where the problem of unidentified objects was raised. I was in the room and answered some questions. But I had never before discussed the subject publicly.
It was after an interview with the director, Dominique Filhol, that we addressed this issue. He asked me two or three questions and said, “I am interested in this, I am preparing something.” This is how it happened.
Interviewer: Did you have a particular interest in UFOs?
Alain Juillet: Yes, even if I am not an enthusiast. On the other hand, I am a man of intelligence and when we see things that are inexplicable today; we know that we can explain them tomorrow.
It’s just that we don’t have the elements to imagine or understand what’s going on. In the particular field of UFOs, not to mention people who see a flying saucer landing in a field, there are fighter pilots, astronauts, people who are totally trustworthy and report very accurate observations.
We should not say that they do not make sense, only recognize that there are things that elude us in explaining the phenomenon.
It is in this context that I became interested in this problem because the first thing we see when we study the UFO phenomenon is that these objects do not seem to obey the laws of aerodynamics and physics, that they are not subject to the force of gravity.
Therefore, the question that arises is: Has any country developed a system (technology) that disobeys the known laws of pyhsics? Twenty years ago, I would have answered, “Why not?” But today, if a country in the world had made such a discovery, we would know it. No progress of this magnitude can be kept secret. It is impossible. (UNTRUE..look in my Archives…all publicly known but still kept secret)
Interviewer: Do the intelligence services have adequate tools to deal with such elusive issues as that of UFOs, the nature of which we do not know and whose existence remains questionable?
Alain Juillet: To collect information, technical and human resources must be developed. An intelligence service can only investigate UFOs if there is a need expressed by those in charge, that is, by the highest state authorities.
If the latter considers that it is not a priority problem, which is generally the case, nothing happens.
We know that Americans have launched a very serious study with a big budget to try to understand the issue. And it seems that other great powers, particularly Russia and China, did the same, no doubt for the same reason..
Here we can derive in another aspect that I mention in the documentary film: we go from a world view modeled by traditional physics to another vision based on quantum physics, and we understand these phenomena much better through the prism of quantum physics than with that of current physics.”

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