Billy Meier UFO Contacts, The Predictions Are Accurate and Immensely Important

“Billy Meier UFO Contacts, The Predictions Are Accurate and Immensely Important”

Conspiracy Revelation: 18.4.2020: Kundalini reacts strongly to this…and Semjase is still alive, interdimensionally visible.
“Michael Horn is back with us he is a representative of course for Billy Meyer from Switzerland who has had
amazing ufo contacts, we’re going to talk about that in billy’s predictions, prophecies as relayed by the et’s Michael Horn next with us on coast to coast a.m and welcome back on Coast to Coast a.m and welcome back to coast to coast, Michael Horn is the world’s leading authority on ufos in the american media representative for the Billy Meyer ufo contacts. The Meyer contacts are the only scientifically proven, still ongoing contacts, with an Extraterrestrial human race, now spanning more than 75 years, Meyer’s evidence includes more than 1200 incredible photographs, films and videos, as well as sound recordings as well and some samples metal samples, more than twenty six thousand (26000) pages of information.”
“Billy is 81 years old, wow and still going strong isn’t he?
Quite amazingly considering all of the various challenges to his health you know things that would be little infirmities here and there yeah absolutely he’s got one arm right
one arm a phantom limb pain rheumatism a heart valve replacement bruised ribs tinnitus it goes on and on and yet you know i was just over there spending time with him a few weeks ago and the one thing that really strikes me George is that this man is the least self-pitying human being i’ve ever met especially for someone who might have some reasons to be sitting and going oh this and all that and that to me is a
uh it’s you know there’s a certain stoicism when a person bucks it up and just doesn’t doesn’t lay it out and have you know pity themselves and it’s a to me it’s an admirable trait
yeah it sure is.”
“..and I think that that reason is intimately tied into
literally to our future survival.”
“..and also the assassination of his brother that would
take place and what he was told what Meyer was told
was that this would be done by a couple of groups, including the secret services in America, maybe people say
cia et cetera. Now again I’m a reporter and stuff, I’m
not someone who is conspiratory, I don’t run around
.. focusing on that, there are people that do that very well so I tend to rely on information.”
“This is the most important thing I think I can do, because
as I said in that little.. blurb there…it’s the most important thing in human history and I would not squander this opportunity to do my best to bring that forward.”
“This Billy Meyer case is 100 percent ironclad
“This is too important it isn’t my Billy Meyer case
… this is the greatest most important true story in all of human history, it belongs to humankind.”
“Billy’s prophecies that now date back to 1948, when his first E.T. teacher gave him specific information about events
unfolding right now ..”
“because they were way ahead of the time.”
“Billy, did your teacher hear this guy did he get this through some kind of you know consciousness or spiritual
power and billy said: oh no no no no he did it through time
travel, that was the most depressing thing I could hear, why? “time travel”
“yes, it meant again and nobody indeed believed this we
will know soon enough about a lot of this stuff,
but here’s the thing when he said that it meant
that those are not prophesied events that people come up with in their consciousness: he went and saw these events some of them are underway right now he told Meyer that there was a
woman who would appear in Germany who would open the floodgates to the destruction of much of Europe,
because she would be so indiscriminate and uncaring
about protecting the nations and all and she would
open the floodgates that would in the midst of many people who could be you know legitimate refugees or immigrants there would be many criminals and terrorists, this is 1948 and he said to Meyer: watch in the future there will be a
series of earthquakes and disturbances in central italy
and then the eruption of the following volcanoes will occur
vesuvius, stromboli, ethna.”
“so we’re trying to tell people look if there’s really et’s there’s a reason for the contact and as i said in the
beginning it has to do with our future survival and for this country especially what they have specifically warned about
“Lisa, I had found one of the recordings with George and I were speaking from some years ago or something and we talked about the civil war predictions of Billy Meyer and even at
that time people were laughing at it, I laughed at it when I first read it, 1986 or seven, what are you talking about civil wars in America? And he spelled it out, he says the people in America must they must take charge and and redirect their future, because if not, but after 2020 the superpower USA ceases to exist, not as a destroyed..vaporized country, but as a united states of america, so it reaffirms what
he said forty years ago about this division this civil war stuff we this case is about people, not polarizing, not getting politically crazy with each other and trying to find
the eternally valid principles of life that we can all seek to .. attain and cooperate with each other over not polarize
this party and that party and this belief and that one that has just done humanity in for thousands of years it we must seek to say what are the values we all agree on, do we want peace? Do we want freedom and love and harmony and knowledge and wisdom and abundance for everybody or do we only want it our way and if a good person who’s in an opposing party comes up with a good idea we still won’t support it, because we’re polarized and partisan politically that’s why we don’t do partisan political stuff. Did he talk about the biochipping?
In 1958, he’s the first person i know of to say that there would be a coming eu which didn’t exist yet European Union he spelled it out along with the united states would attempt to
biochip every man woman and child on the face of the earth you know it’s already in Sweden now it’s become trendy
this was just in the news people are allowing themselves to be bio-chipped like animals, this is not a good trend because for the convenience of being able to open the
door or buy your gas or something. This is the very dreaded, total enslavement of humanity and Meyer has written more
about what’s coming from this.. what people call
the elite the dark order the deep state.”
“Alex Jones is now using stuff out of Billy Meyers material
and you know i’m laughing i watch him talk about the fourth world war in american civil wars and i’m going well gee i’ve sent you this stuff for years alex but he didn´t care.”
“prophecies are things that will happen if people do not change the course of events, predictions are things that will occur with certainty. Some predictions are prophecies that
have gone past the point of no return past the point of correction. The us civil wars, unless really there’s a coming together in this country, those are now a prediction and I said it Billy warned twice in 1981 and in 1987…it’s called the spiritual teaching but it’s not religious, there’s no beliefs, it’s like if you’re gonna study auto mechanics or computers electronics and you open a book and it says
now you insert you know this over here and this is the result you should get and you go okay we will now insert that
there oh yeah i didn’t blow myself up okay let’s go on to the next lesson, it’s really the study of how the human mind works. How thinking leads to the feelings that we get about things, how then a thought about what to do arises
and we take actions and most of that for most human beings on earth most all of us it goes on unconsciously over and over 24 7 but it’s creating our world so if we get bad news and someone screaming about something and and and carrying on online about something and we let that seep into our consciousness and that starts replaying, well, the teaching in this case is literally how we take control of our thoughts how we control them and that control then determines what we
create individually in our own lives for ourselves and then how that goes out without trying to force things on people
or proselytize or make people believers of anything. There’s nothing to believe you have to do what you do voluntarily.”
“There’s a peace meditation that is done, not only here on earth but by 3.2 billion extraterrestrial people in the
federation of the Pleiayrians…this whole thing was started in 1988, so to try to help us not blow ourselves off the face of our cosmic speck of limp that we live on here.”
“Why isn’t there any good news in prophecy? You don’t need to warn anybody about something good, let it happen.”
“but this time span between now and then could be very long in hundreds of years of very painful lessons unless we choose
to not go kicking and screaming but to kind of join with each other to work things out towards common eternally good values… you know there’s something called the golden rule that’s the law of cause and effect in in the religious sense and every religion every belief system on earth has a version of the golden rule it’s a beautiful thing.”
“I said because he’s a lifelong mormon, he has another belief i said it’s not our cosmologies that bring us together it’s the overlap, where in each of our cosmologies we hold the same true eternal values love, family, service to community, good will towards human beings, helping each other.”
“more people need to do that.”
“We’re all just doing the best we can.”

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