I'm A Surgeon–COVID-19 Is Killing Younger And Younger People

“I’m A Surgeon–COVID-19 Is Killing Younger And Younger People.”
“Why this is not an old persons disease.”
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Duc C. Vuong
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“Sorry – I have a colleague in New York who’s who said the infectious disease expert in his hospital has four people on ventilators with Corona virus in New York for people on ventilators in
New York City who are in their 30s, in their 30s, on ventilators and they don’t have any comorbidities, they don’t have asthma, they don’t have diabetes, the only thing
they have is a BMI greater than 30, that’s it and BMI of greater than 30 is 40 pounds overweight y’all is not that heavy it is your wife we just had a baby, it is your niece who is a freshman in college you know hopefully she’s not a freshman at 30 but you understand wants a BMI of 30 so they have for patients who are intubated with corona virus in their 30s and the only comorbidity they have is the fact that their BMI is 30 or more. This is not an old person’s disease, you’re gonna see it, it’s going to hit, everybody’s gonna be affected by it okay, so if you have a loved one who is not taking this seriously who is young who is on spring break who thinks they’re invincible who thinks this is a government conspiracy, please…I’m doctor Duc C. Vuong.”
“And we’re in worse shape than where Italy was two weeks ago. Italy cannot keep up with the number of dead people, I’m just gonna say like it is man they cannot bury their dead and we are
behind them in terms of preparedness we have more cases where they were two weeks ago we are behind the curve we are officially worse than Italy two weeks ago.”
“This is a disease of younger people in America, why? We have morbid obesity, morbid obesity, why is that important? You do not have the lung capacity, the lung reserves, have you ever had have you seen obese people try to go upstairs or have trouble coming down a flight of stairs or they walk two blocks and they have to
sit down, have you been at an amusement park with an obese person and they’d like, you guys go on the ride, I’m just gonna sit down to this part they’re sitting down because they can’t breathe.”
“All they have is obesity, is BMI of 30 and that’s not even super big, that’s 40 pounds overweight, look at yourself in the mirror…2/3 of you all fit that criteria.”

“Ru T: vor 2 Wochen: For the ones who are thinking he’s trying to scare you, research what he is saying and he has been right everytime.The truth hurts but we do need to take this seriously.”

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