Why some become seriously ill from Coronavirus – and others don’t

“Why some become seriously ill from Coronavirus – and others don’t”

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“I think there’s a kind of crucial moment around so day seven eight nine where particularly guys apparently are reluctant to call for help and it’s particularly guys who get this
overwhelmingly get this get themselves into a critical situation.”
“That would suggest that the true total is more than 9000 now this obviously illustrates that the toll is far worse than we’re being led to believe and again I have to say that this is not a conspiracy. All countries have trouble recording deaths that they’re looking for different ways we do it in different ways but it also makes it then you can see difficult to make comparison would say where are we compared with Italy or France or or the US.”
“Anna Twink: vor 1 Tag: Tell the nurse who collapsed and died at home despite calling the NHS 4 times that care & testing is NOT PREFERENTIAL.
Jason Chambers: vor 2 Tagen: Interesting stuff but didn’t answer the title.”
“ALNASR 95: vor 2 Tagen: I’m tired mentally and physically
“Jessica John: vor 2 Tagen: Peak isn’t reached at all yet…”
“RustyNuts: vor 15 Stunden (bearbeitet): Sick of the elite getting preferencial treatment. That nurse who died at home was told to “refer to the nhs website” He died in the toilet unable to breath!!!”
“mikecar52: vor 1 Tag: Why haven’t they transfused blood? The blood won’t let go of its carbon dioxide. It isn’t the flu.”
“Simon Jackson: vor 1 Tag: Something on the X chromosome?”
“Richard Guy: vor 1 Tag: because there are 2 agendas at work good and evil…”
“Albert Pike: vor 2 Tagen: Cancer patients are being refused treatment due to the Corona deception. This is genocide.”
“Meme Bump: vor 2 Tagen: PLEASE WEAR A MASK IN PUBLIC!!!!!!
The virus floats in the air in aerosolised droplets!”
“Lisa: vor 2 Tagen: Dig into that a little bit more before you panic.”
“Don Hosteen: vor 2 Tagen: Bandanna or just stay home.”
“Boyd Gilbreath: vor 2 Tagen_ Boris was invincible until Covid-19.”
“scrambledeggsTV: vor 1 Tag: the comments starting to read like an episode of infowars.”
“stitt29rg: vor 2 Tagen This is NWO war on the sheep.”
“Mojo Risin: vor 2 Tagen: The meat and dairy industries are the cause of viruses. It is no co-incidence, the fires in Oz, the floods in the UK, this virus from China. It is Mother Nature’s revenge. She will no longer tolerate the
insanity of breeding SIXTY MILLION animals into existence, to be enslaved, tortured and murdered for ‘food’. These industries use HALF the available freshwater on the planet and HALF the available land, either for grazing or for growing crops to feed the animals, so humans can murder and eat them. The human race is here to evolve. Our last
big step forward was the abolition of the slave industry 200 years ago. It is now time to abolish meat and dairy. It won’t just be the rainforest that’s a wasteland by 2050 if people continue to ignore reason. Go vegan, be part of the solution for the future of our children.”
“James Smith: vor 2 Tagen: It depends how much 5G exposure you have had as they fire up their surveillance and death ray grid, installed while YOU were under lockdown.”
“MrOitoyboy: vor 2 Tagen: Weapons grade 5g and mobile 5g are two completely different things. You however, are a weapons grade idiot.”
“John Leyland: vor 2 Tagen: A genetically made virus…”
“stacy skywatch: vor 2 Tagen: corona virus or really what it is is a CROWN virus.”

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