Jeff & David Icke – Domination By Biological AI Cult And Off Planet Intelligence

“Jeff & David Icke – Domination By Biological AI Cult And Off Planet Intelligence”
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“Where gatherings of more than two people in public or banned, where you can go for a exercise once a day, you can go to the shops only when you need toom, not the shops, the food stores and apart from that you go to sit at home and because there are many many things that come from this, first of all the isolation, it’s something that I have been talking about for some considerable time and writing in the books: the idea is to replace human-human contact with human-machine contact, because they are fusing us psychologically and then even physically through brain connections to AI, they’re fusing us to artificial intelligence and to the technological
smart grid Network and so what you’ve got with these lockdowns and this is just one level of it of course all the other things you just said are absolutely truth is that what we’re going to have now and we’re saying it already is human
contact or human interaction, it is more and more by a machine, prior AI and this is all two pushes along this road as are all these things that people have in their house now the AI echoes and assistants and all these things. They fuse us psychologically with AI and this isolation, this is
just one level of it, like I say is is again pushing us in that direction to reduce human-human contact and increase
human-machine and even human via machine. (David Icke)”
“Yes, it’s a multi-multi level conspiracy to enslave humanity, indeed going on being enslaving humanity to
transform humanity to something that we would not recognize as humanity, but it’s multiple-multiple levels that the foundation of it Jeff is psychological or behavior comes from
perception of reality your perception of reality is driving your behavior all the time and of course you go one step
back from that where do perceptions come from? They come from information received, so the more this lockdown happens, the
more they control information as a result of it, the more they’re dominating information received, which becomes
perception, which becomes behavior and all these things are happening.. in multiple ways and on multiple levels
and it’s a psychological war of the human psyche that we’re seeing. (David Icke)”
“It´s a war against us. (Jeff Rense)”
“1% what we call the elite whatever name you want to give to it is a representation in our reality which of course is a narrow band of frequencies we call visible light the electromagnetic spectrum whatever and they are representatives of a nonhuman force that is using
vehicle to take-over the human race and going on from what I said earlier I’ve been again writing and talking or for a
long long time about what I call the assimilation the assimilation of human consciousness which is cause human perception into artificial intelligence, this is what your Ray Kurzweil some people like that at Google and these
other crazies and psychopaths in Silicon Valley are talking about when they are promoting a human brain connection to
artificial intelligence even gives a year for it around 2030 that it will be well underway and of course 2030 comes up everywhere in whatever direction whatever subject area you’re looking at in this whole conspiracy you’re looking
at this recurring year of 2030 so what we’re going to see is more and more shocks to the human psyche of all the
guy we’re experiencing now but also others which are if you like molding from hammering and chiseling the human
psyche into a certain state of mind in which it will give it´s right to think to artificial intelligence and
that’s the much bigger picture of what’s going on. (David Icke)”
“In the end the biggest legacy for Humanity in this particular virus to have others far more potent than this is
economic and what it is destroying by the hour is human economic independence. This is why they’re destroying small
business, they’re making rules and regulations and locking down and introducing bans which are fundamentally
targeted mom and pop businesses, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, even some big businesses that are not
connected to this global cult and because the plan of the new world is for well it’s meant to be a technocracy we’re seeing the technocracy unfold all the time technocracy being defined as a society run by bureaucrats, experts, scientists, engineers and so on and they will do that through AI that’s the plan but they plan in that structure what I call the hunger games’ society structure where you’ve got the tiny few dominating a an enslaved and deprived population which of course is exactly what is unfolding as a result of what is
happening with this virus that the idea is that the business boomed all production he’s actually globally
dominated by a handful of corporations that are completely owned by this global cult and of course we have an
absolute example staring is in the face of what I’m talking about in Amazon that’s what I mean and so to do that you’ve got to destroy independent business and to create dependency because that’s what it’s all about dependency equals control and to create dependency you have to destroy independent means of economic livelihood and that is what they’re doing and that’s what in this case I would say there are many elements to this of course we discuss why to already but the
big one relating to this virus is the economic consequences because this. When is locked down ends around the world and
of course it won’t be rolled back to where we were before a lot of the things that bring in will never stay there we
saw about after 9/11 but when it when it ends and people start to come out again they are going to be staring at a
completely different world, in which there will be massive
dependency that wasn’t there before and what they’re talking about and we see it already circulating. (David Icke)”
“I ahve been writing about this for so long again
that this plan for the guaranteed income what does that mean first of all the guaranteed income would be tiny so you
would be in that deprivation situation in the bottom of the Hunger Games pyramid and you would also have to behave as the state demands to get the guaranteed income and if you say well stick your guaranteed income I’m going to express my freedom then they would say well we’re going to lend you money.. that virus is destroyed .. the economy and jobs and all by the way AI is taking over all the others.. China, it
is as I’ve been saying for decades the blueprint for the world, because China has lived in a tyranny, it means that
what in the West they have to pay lip service to in terms of change and centralization of power etc. (David Icke)”
“This will wipe out most small businesses they won’t be
bailed out the bailouts are going to the big corporations and I’ve got a couple..this is all corrupted and all designed
to take away choice. (Jeff Rense)”
People who question the current situation are being demonized….choice and dependency, that´s always dependency, because once you dependent on this cult by its various multiple faces then they got you and that’s what’s happening now and people in their reaction and fear in large numbers
not getting what’s happening, the world has changed the world is changed in a way that people are going to be who
haven’t considered this are going to be shocked about and what they are manipulating and they do do it brilliantly. I mean they’re sick and in the end they’re stupid from a big
picture point of view yes, but in terms of wisdom in terms of all these things consciousness, but in terms of
understanding the human psyche and how to manipulate it they are brilliant, they are experts and the the big human response system that they focus upon of my goodness me are they doing it now is this for so many people this innate fear
of death which is an expression of the fear of the unknown and so once you trigger that survival response system which doesn’t think, it reacts, it’s the system that whacks the brakes on which someone walks in front of you car.
It’s a reflex and so all this panic buying and stuff is an expression of the survival mechanism and the survival
mechanism says if I have to survive, because you don’t then that’s fair enough because I must survive and and so I’m going to buy as much as I can and if you go without wells too bad I must survive, because the same survival
mechanism kicks in with acceptance of draconian measures and draconian in positions because the survival mechanism
says well I don’t care how to grow diem they are as long as I feel it increases my ability to survive then I’ll go for it
the way you who are questioning this well you are by questioning this draconian lockdown situation you are
threatening my survival so I’m going to turn on you and this is how it goes and it’s a simple thing once you move to a state of consciousness a state of self-identity a state of awareness where you self-identify not as your name and
your life story and your labels which are experiences and not you and you start to identify with being a point of
attention within an internal infinite state of consciousness the first thing that goes is you lose your fear of death, because you know what death is it’s very simple it is a transfer of your point of attention that’s what that is and and once you started run from that at that point then you lose the fear of death nd when you lose the fear of death the
ability to intimidate you and to trigger that survival mechanism which doesn’t think doesn’t consider just ah we are going to die and when that goes so does the vast
majority of the ability of this hope this network to intimidate you into submission unquestioningly going in the
direction that they want you to go. (David Icke)”
“I know, what the AD, the massively funded ultra Zionist censorship Network is asking for bailout money from the government and the taxpayer, when it comes to no shame that takes us into the stratosphere, of course we saw this Jeff didn’t we in after after 9/11 it was a downturn after
the crash of 2008, the pigs their snouts in the trough are justifying, bleeding the taxpayers dry while
leaving the taxpayer to take the consequences. (David Icke)”
“They want to create that situation but at the moment they cannot stop people sharing links with other people in some
way or the otherm sending an email with a link in, whatever and so we have to bypass what I call the the mainstream
internet, because Silicon Valley is owned by this biological AI network manifestation of the 1%…it’s the technocracy unfolding, I mean Silicon Valley has more power than
governments, most people in government don’t even understand what’s going on in Silicon Valley and all the technological stuff that goes with it, no, it’s the global technocracy unfolding before our eyes, so we need to actually take the trouble and with all these lockdown team we have a chance, we have a chance..people will have the time get hold of this information that you feel is credible explaining this whole situation in a different way and just spend, as long as it takes, sending this stuff out to as many people as possible …I am not saying spam, but as many people as you know, they were closing in on 8 billion people on this planet. We have the numbers to engage the world with this information if people did what I’m talking about, because it’s one person sends out I don’t know 10, 20 emails with information on it and and another 10 about 20 do the same it’s so on and so on you’re very quickly dealing with enormous numbers of people and so don’t solve your lack of action “there’s nothing we can do” (better do it now before they take that option away
from us too)..exactly that, because we’re looking at a squeezing of humanity’s ability to communicate with itself and so all these algorithms and AI expressions of control will plan to go on intensifying so while that window is open to keep that window open, people must back now, stop just listening and start doing. (David Icke)”
“5g is the next level of it and 5g is definitely involved from my opinion in this whole virus situation not least because of its massive impact potential massive impact upon the human immune system and these people like Elon Musk use this kind of oh he’s a Silicon Valley celebrity he’s psychopaths he’s a very very sinister man who is putting up
as these viruses unfolding more and more satellites and he once 42000 in the end he says that are firing 5g the earth. (David Icke)”
“Don’t forget that and again it’s like vaccines it’s not just the vaccine it’s all the additives and toxins in it that’s the message I got a 5g that’s being broadcast down upon us 24/7 is the carrier of god only knows what Musk you mentioned musk with that you’ve seen that video of his neural link implant where they’re going to pitch it to people little chip behind your ear and like a thousand tiny little fibers that
a robotic device puts in your brain and enables you to be instantly connected to the ultimate information on the
4planet makes you a super person they’re gonna sell this night and day to the sheeps. (Jeff Rense)”
“Elon Musks grandfather was the head of the technocracy party in Canada in the nineteen thirties. Elon Musk, if there was any justice would and he would not be alone by the way but
certainly him because of what he’s doing with these satellites and what you just described, he should be on trial for genocide or crimes against humanity, because that’s what he’s involved …5g from space and he is absolutely not what he appears to be and I would be delighted personally to throw his cell key mid-atlantic, because the human race will be in a much better place although having said that of course .. he is all front, base, a gofer, he’s a
frontman.. he’s not really behind it, but he is selling it which is just as bad. (David Icke)”
“David go get some rest thanks for getting up always
great to talk with you. (Jeff Rense)”

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