London Real Coronavirus Pandemic

“London Real Coronavirus Pandemic”

“613.262 Aufrufe•Livestream vor 15 Stunden”
“Linda Del Pio: ​The underground war.”
“613.262 Aufrufe•Livestream vor 15 Stunden
“Tony Barbera: ​Vaccinations are poison.”
“Shaz Soltani: ​Ask him about bill gates the human devil.”
“ben d: ​Put your faith in God.”
“Jayjay Catz: ​No vaccines.”
“Daniel OJ: ​Freedom of speech 🙏🙏🙏”

“Well, I thought all along and it seems to be the case that the strain that is prevalent in Italy is something of a stronger nature than what’s generally circulating and also in Iran that’s something else just as an aside. We have a country targeted by America, targeted by Israel, Iran and
as this virus came out of China of all the countries in all the world Iran got it Smack worse than anyone before it
started to appear in in Italy. (David Icke)”
“It was a little odd..”
“Coincidences don’t turn out to be so, they turn out to be
made to happen…I’ve talked you in previous chats about
something called pre-emptive programming where they they preempt something to put it into the subconscious mind even the conscious mind through Hollywood and then suddenly it kind of happens for real..but I was sent a document from 2010 that was published by the Rockefeller Foundation Rockefeller Foundation obviously is a front for the Rockefeller family which is fundamentally involved in this global cult in fact the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers were the creators of the World Health Organization which is there to control health policy and direct the perception of health in its all its forms from a central point…and this whole global lockdown was described in this document and we had something
called event 201, this was a simulation of a corona virus pandemic. (David Icke)”
“They’re going to now have videos taken down purely by AI algorithms and because of that they say a lot more videos are
going to be taken down even those that don’t you know break what they call Community Guidelines so all these things
that were decided in this gates World Economic Forum 1% simulation six weeks before that they should happen or happened…I read the actual document of the Rockefeller Foundation and it’s scenario which is exactly what’s played out, but the event 201 simulation was filmed, you can see it on the internet. (David Icke)”
“And now they are running that playbook..”

“Then we got shut down from YouTube, banned, our website nearly crashed a bunch of times, but now we got a version back up on the website…I’ve been preparing for nine years for a moment like this… if I was a regulated broadcaster here in the UK I couldn’t have broadcasted anything like what I did today.”

“HOW CORONAVIRUS SPREADS: The Reason That The COVID-19 Virus Spread Has Been So Quick & So Deadly”
“I think this is something that people should understand, viruses don’t want to kill their hosts, they want to use their hosts in this case us to replicate and then make sure that the hosts coughs and spreads the virus to its next host and as long as the host is alive and coughing that’s the best thing a virus can ask for. Simplistically, all of us
here, living creatures are basically here to make copies of ourselves, to reproduce and, as I talked about in the planet
paradox, once you make copies you’re in a way you’ve done your job and you ought to get out of the way and what you know you don’t let your kids and grandchildren take over, but so the virus want us to make copies and wants you to
spread them so otherwise doesn’t want to kill you that would be really stupid if you’re dead the virus can’t spread, so the cytokine storm, as we see it right now is your immune
system is overreacting to this viral infection in actually the lower parts of the lungs and this has a very typical appearance on x-ray it’s not like bacterial pneumonias that we’re used to dealing with and it’s this intense inflammatory reaction against the virus and there’s a lot of talk
particularly on the internet about.”

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