Real Doctor Reacts To CONTAGION (2011) – Did It Predict Coronavirus?

“Real Doctor Reacts To CONTAGION (2011) – Did It Predict Coronavirus?”
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“Medlife Crisis”
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Contagion is 9 years old but with coronavirus dominating the news it’s become almost eerily prophetic. How much did it predict correctly about COVID-19? How does it stand up to scientific scrutiny? A doctor takes a look.

I think this makes me the last doctor on the internet to do a ‘Doctor Reacts To…’ video but I’m glad I saved it for a corker. I always thought if I did a reaction video it would be to The Knick TV show because I love it deeply and am a medical history nut but in the end it was Contagion. However, both were directed by Steven Soderbergh with fantastic tense scores by Cliff Martinez. So here’s hoping Soderbergh makes some more medical stuff.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 6.4.2020: Level 4 is not the highest level for virus research, rather Level 5. Check your facts.
“Remember, this is back in 2011 when social media wasn’t
such a world of changing force that it is today.”
“It’s a corny film gesture of Kate Winslet, handing her coat to a patient in need, but I think it really reflects the
selflessness of a lot of these health care workers.
Our best defense has been social distancing, no handshaking, staying home when you’re sick, washing your hands frequently. Sanjay Gupta he’s literally just launched a podcast about
coronavirus and he’s been talking to people from the CDC, so the film predicted that as well.”
“I mentioned in many of my videos is playing out exactly as we would have predicted for covid-19. “In order to
become sick you have to first come in contact with a sick person or something that they touched in order to get scared
all you have to do is come in contact with a rumor.” – I just like that quote – “If we even had viable vaccine right now we would still have to do human trials and that would take weeks and then we would have to get clearance and approval figure out manufacturing and distribution that would take months and then train survivors to give inoculations, more months, more deaths.” Thank you doctor.”

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