5G Activated in the UK Dead Birds Everywhere

“5G Activated in the UK Dead Birds Everywhere”
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Tommy Rodgers
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5G and cell phones are deadly to every living being !!!!!!!! I say no more 🙂 God be with us all, the sheeple will turn on the awakened, to protect their MATRIX … Heads Up to the Wise 🙂 much luv n peace my friends
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Sharon Scott: vor 17 Stunden: That’s why they don’t want us to know about.
David Pierce: vor 1 Tag: The The Elites are Evil.
Margee: vor 9 Stunden: It’s killing animals and making you ill internally you are being fried!
circlek: vor 1 Tag: Gives new meaning to dead duck.
Liz Madson: vor 1 Tag: We’re all in this.
Helen Alonso: vor 1 Tag: The birds can t breath.
BR neumann: vor 5 Stunden: Put any EMF meter on the dash of your car, turn it on, see what happens. I do agree that 5G is probably the worst idea human beings have ever had (perhaps tied with nuclear power), but we are going to need to see accurate readings.
Trump Lover: vor 11 Stunden: Genesis 50:20 (NLT) “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.
jedi tuwaks: vor 50 Minuten: Ruthless world.
TheComicalCanadian: vor 1 Tag: cool video you deserve more subscribers.”
Constance Connelley: vor 1 Tag: I have done nothing but cry for the last 3 days over this very wicked world. Jesus come soon..🙏🙏🙌🙌❤️
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.4.2020: The 3rd and 4th of April are really Iesus Apparition days (clairvoyants especially) for those who are closely tied to the divine (super-transcendental and transcendental) realms. (2008 to 2020 – 12 Cycles)
Conspiracy Revelation: 4.4.2020: Not the World. The World can be a fine place (at least temporarily – for a while), like Hemingway said, the Military Psychopathic Financial ShadowGov Fascist Terrorists, the Royal Controllers, the Clerical Military Orders, the Mobile Military Corporations, the Medical Fascists, the ignorant-sleeping zombies (that includes the Bündel/Feds who conspire to rule with audacity, ruthlessness, malice, fraud, idiocy and incapability), the genocidal billionaires, the fake censor media, the Corrupt Corporate Alphabet Agency Technocrats and the Exopolitical Complex and the UN Oil-Pharma-Banking-Nuklear-Mafia-Pentagon-NWO-Zionazi-Cultists, the corrupt Freemasonic Cultists, the crazy politicians that try to suffocate the Atmosphere, Humans and Nature and the Animal World with bioweaponized USSOC Smart Dust and illicit Exotic Weapons Systems and Chemtrails are fucked up. And let´s hope that God/dess will take them out as soon as possible..to prevent a full-blown ecocide and genocide.
Let the True Pharaos -by divine intervention chosen- reign and Peace, Happiness and Health is guaranteed and not with this Fake (disgraceful evil, conspiratory vile and destructive weak Nazi-Templar-Kommi-ZioCon-Ultra-Fascist)-Pharao-Show.
PS: I only use these messy words for clarification and urgency purposes and to reach even the lowest bottom…my higher self would not use them under usual circumstances.
I am fully aware of the high noble (wholly holy spirit) realms and those energies that are streaming up and down.
I am under supervision of the Absolute Goddess of the Universe. (Cosmic Level) And we all know that she is with the Victorious Ones and the Root of Good and that she has a distaste for the Root of Evil.

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