Warning from 39-year-old coronavirus patient in intensive care…

“Warning from 39-year-old coronavirus patient in intensive care: Don’t tell me not to be infected | Video”
“The warning of 39-year-old woman, who was infected with Covid-19 disease in the UK and kept under surveillance in a hospital intensive care unit, went viral on social media.
In the video shot by Tara Langston on March 16, it can be seen that she had difficulty breathing due to coronavirus. “If anyone is considering taking the risk, think again,” says the woman at Hillington Hospital in Uxbridge.
Langston’s wife, Richard Langston, said on Friday that the woman is still in intensive care and her treatment continues. Her sister, Nicole Poppy Keatley, states that she had a “normal health” before the disease.
“It’s a terrible situation, the family has isolated ourselves at home. Her family, her husband and her two children have also isolated themselves,” Keatley said, noting that you couldn’t meet Langston because of her illness.
The video that the sick woman sent to the WhatsApp group was shared many times on social media.”

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