“80.552 Aufrufe•21.03.2020”
“Almost 800 people marking the single largest death toll
in a single 24-hour period to come out of the state and a marked increase from yesterday’s death toll which was only in
the 600 627 again that’s 627 made a new record now this near 800 makes a new record record. Italy is warning that they
are out of ICU beds that means every car accident, every fall down and break your hip, every bone broken, every violent
altercation, every gunshot, everything that happens you go to a hospital and you can’t get an ICU bed, so that person
becomes a fatality, so where is people go to the hospital and their lifes are saved by these frontline health care workers every day there’s no beds for them there’s no resources for them that’s what is coming to the United States of America that is why immediate action needs to take place to stop this
disease from overwhelming the health care system of the United States of Canada of Europe everywhere that this exists the death toll in Italy has risen …we are seeing videos right now of tanks rolling through the streets of Italy, tanks, because they were called in the soldiers of the country were called in by the government to help get the populace under control only a small minority of the populace have broken their quarantine…when they get sick and the younger or getting sick but 20 the 30 the 40 year olds when they get sick and they develop pneumonia and they need to go to the hospital to get oxygen guess what it’s not there and so it suddenly breaks into reality for them that they
shouldn’t have been selfish all along but then it’s too late and the health crae system is already broken, it´s already in shambles.”
“it’s causing a burden to the entire healthcare system
the death toll in France has jumped by 112 in 24 hours to 562 again marked marking an increase that is on a near
exponential trend, we are going to see France become the new Italy, the United States become the new Italy, possibly
Canada become the new Italy, the country of France now has 14,459 cases while 525 people are currently in intensive
care half of whom are under 60 years old, this isn’t in elderly disease, not just the older going to succumb to this the problem is that the young person the 10 year old, 20 year old, 30 year old, 40 year old when they need oxygen it’s not
available anymore and so their symptoms are worsened by the fact that the healthcare system is completely overwhelmed.”
“We see we have a populace who is too afraid of
reality and they don’t want to be told of reality, because it breaks into their delusion and their illusion of how their
life should be they want exactly what they have been told… you be a servant at work you can have your days off on the
weekend you can go to the bars and drink you can find your entertainment at the movie theater you can go spend your
hard-earned money that you put hours of your life toiling towards at a restaurant and you’re supposed to be
happy about it and because they’ve been forced into this delusion of normalcy and of happiness now they’re being told
they can’t go to the entertainment, they can’t go to the bars they can’t go to football, they can’t gather with friends, they can’t go out and drink. Now they’re shocked into this new reality and it’s making a lot of them very very upset…it increases their stress level you’re gonna see more .. violence you’re gonna see more criminal activity and
violent activity as people are on edge and they might not even notice it but they’re used to this normalcy and so
this is being broken as a hammer bricks and people are getting very upset, very quickly..”
“it doesn’t say where you can go you just can’t leave your home these conditions underlying conditions number
one if you look at the statistics this disease is affecting males on a much greater level almost twice as much as it
is females, so isn’t being male now considered an underlying condition, that’s being discussed by researchers and that’s being discussed by virologists, the chronic conditions
covered by this turkey curfew include chronic pulmonary obstruction disease COPD, asthma chronic lung diseases
cardiovascular diseases hypertension liver disease and those taking immuno-suppressants, that’s a lot of people
one-third of the entire population of the United States of America has a chronic underlying condition, many more of them don’t know they have oen and many more of them are male, so when just being a male is an underlying condition we’re going to see this the statistics the figures escalate even further displaying the gravity of this situation and a foretelling of the potential food shortages that are to come and we have warned about this for a long time I know that government
officials are saying don’t go out and get a lot of food just get what you need for this week but these store shelves
are not stocking back up and so we need to see some mandating here on when we’re going to see food back in stock. What you
have may be all that you have for quite some time we have a member on patreon who was just telling a harrowing story last night how she has a young son and she was going out looking for baby food, I hope to just replenish what is being
used, but she could not find it anywhere and that’s a difficult position to be in it’s not one I want to see you or your family and where you’re going out looking for things that you have to have.”

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