Even The Young & Healthy Are Getting The Coronavirus

“Even The Young & Healthy Are Getting The Coronavirus
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“13% of all cases hospitalized so that’s running in there
right in the breadbasket of the numbers that we posted gosh way back in January pulling from Chinese data that suggested
15 percent of all cases would have to behospitalized so you know this is not surprising and there’s it’s just
confirming everything we thought about this this is a very bad disease and it hits old people it hits young people and
it hits all kinds of people.”

“You have to go into complete lockdown and of course you have
to communicate that well early often transparently all sorts of things, particularly if you got a nation of people who are slow adjusters or to use a different term people who just don’t get it or being frankly idiotic about this whole thing and going out into public, aggregating, not taking this all
seriously standing too close to each other all that stuff.”

“One of the things that’s been driving me nuts of course we get a lot of people still trying to minimize this
saying .. the flu is worse I still see that and it’s just oh my god those people are such slow adjusters a little bit annoying at this point in time because I mean come on you can be slow but that slow and as well you know we see a lot of people minimizing by saying oh you know it just hits the
old people or you have to have an underlying condition something like that but that’s just not the case so in this
particular example here from yesterday this is an Olympic swimmer right describes battle with coronavirus the
worst I’ve ever endured and so this is retired South African swimmer camera and Vanderburgh just 31 he’s been struggling
with the disease for the last 14 days and says it’s by far the worst virus I have ever endured despite being a
healthy individual with strong lungs, no smoking of course living a healthy lifestyle and being young in the least at-risk demographic although his worst symptoms like feared severe fever have eased Vanderburgh said he’s still
grappling with serious fatigue in an unshakeable COFF any physical activity like walking leaves me exhausted for hours so think about that and I’m getting lots and lots of stories
like this there’s a 12 year old girl that was just reported today who’s in ICU there are younger people who if this thing hits you if it does hit you it can hit you really hard and even when this this by the way would be described as a
mild case this is not a severe case so first remember severe means you went to the hospital for Vanderburgh here he had
what is still being termed a mild case but it was by far the worst virus he’s ever endured and this formerly super
physically you know you know very very a robust individual now finds that walking leaves him exhausted for hours.”

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