Spain shuts ALL schools as deaths jump 80% in a day and Queen Letizia is tested for coronavirus

“Spain shuts ALL schools as deaths jump 80% in a day and Queen Letizia is tested for coronavirus after kissing minister who has since been diagnosed with the bug”

“All schools and universities in Spain will close from Monday over fears of the spread of coronavirus as the country saw a 80 per cent rise in deaths, it emerged today.
The move comes as Queen Letizia of Spain was tested for coronavirus after a government minister she met recently was diagnosed with the disease.
Educational centres in some areas like Catalonia and Galicia will shut tomorrow and the rest will shut on Monday. Schools in Madrid and La Rioja closed earlier this week.
“Queen Letizia of Spain has been tested for coronavirus after equality minister Irene Montero was diagnosed with the disease”
“Confirmation the royal had been tested along with Spanish King Felipe VI came after it was announced Mrs Montero (left) had become the first Spanish government minister to go down with coronavirus”
“She and her partner Pedro Iglesias, one of Spain’s deputy PMs, have both been quarantined.”
“Schools and universities will be closed across the country for at least two weeks, while the prison service cut back visiting rights across its facilities.”
The closures are due to last for a fortnight, although regional government chiefs have already warned they could be extended.”

“Reports in Portugal say schools there will also close from Monday until the end of the month.
Spain placed four towns under quarantine today and announced measures to tackle the economic impact of the epidemic, which the country’s hoteliers described as a ‘tsunami’ threatening the survival of their businesses.”
“The number of people to die with coronavirus in Spain has now reached 86.”

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