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“Go back to the old way.”
“When God is telling mankind Go back to the (original) old way, well, that´s bigger than you know.”
“Astrology = Atral Theology is the way…We have gotten totally away from this and into Religion, Roman Religion especially, this is why the People have no power around the world. …”
“People are being mistreated…All the terrible things happening to the human race, because People – generally speaking – on the Earth, have no real Power to do anything to protect themselves and the reason why is because knowledge is power.”
“As long as you have no knowledge of where you come from, what the words mean, what the history of the world has been, how the law works..what business is, what is commerce, where did we come from, where are we now, where are we does the world world, when you don´t understand any of this then you are nothing than a slave to a system, you don´t understand, which I think, is absolutely ludicrous on the face of it, because today there is so much information out there. My God, you can be in Afghanistan and go on the Web and read all kinds of dictionaries and reference words on all kinds of subjects…so in a world today where there is so much knowledge and wisdom ..and understanding out there…and yet today the world is more ill-informed than it has ever been..”
“I came across a quote…This famous Occultist: Rudolf Steiner, from many many years ago, a very famous author and lecturer…he made a very interesting statement in his books, he said that in the late 20th/the 21th Century the U.S. will begin to try and eliminate wisdom and knowledge, but they will do it in such a way that it will not be apparent to the people, but very slowly they will try and remove knowledge, wisdom and understanding from the people, by giving them entertainment, alcohol..especially sports…that the U.S. will slowly, but surely begin to implement a system, whereby the human race is slowly, but surely lead into the darkness, so that they will be ignorant, ill-informed, unread and debased and therefore will become ultimately a slave race…Watch Movies like the Time Machine…So it´s all out there, knowledge and wisdom is out there, but people are not interested in knowledge and wisdom, it takes too much time to actually read a book and think about things, thank God, we have people like you, who are doing it for everybody else.”
“The world has gone astray and they have left the old ways.”
“It´s the entropy of the system..and the entropy of the human race…more stupidity and ignorance and deeper into Religion and crawling on our knees to the Queen Mom and to the Holy Father and all this Nonsense, the whole crap that has been dripped out by the Royalty of the World…this whole idea of Royalty…Royal Bloodline…They put the pants on the same way I do and the live the same way I do, they eat the same way to stay alive like I do and yet they are Royals..the Human Race must be totally out of its minds to be on their knees…Royalty.. they are nothing more than Gangs..and one Gang is bigger than the other Gang, it´s all Gangs…you begin to see adult men acting like children, they act like babies, they act like children, it is just disturbing to me to see where the human race is heading…it´s just disturbing.”
“They have lost their spirituality, they have lost their humanity, they have lost their homes, their jobs…and now the world is losing…their mind.”
“The whole entire human race has lost its way and it´s been done purposedly.”
“It´s about time that the whole Truth is coming out.”
“That´s why People are so ignorant today, they are chosing not to know, this way they don´t have to be responsible for anything and they don´t want to know, period.”
“What makes my law any less than your Law?”
“And of course anyone with brain cells knows that Science is nothing more than a Religion today, because it has its holy books, it has its Saints, you get your money from the Government, you get your permit to work, a license to work with a degre and without that degree you are not going to get any money from the I realized this whole entire system…the entire world is mentally deranged…”
“and began to watch how people operated in companies and corporations..and just working with people everyday..I saw how profoundly backwards, people would do things that make no sense whatsoever.”
“Corporations and almost all companies have no time to do it right…take a little bit longer and really do it right, they no time for it..they have plenty of time to fix it…to rework, redo it…because they didn´t do it right to start with…that´s the way human nature is.”
“People don´t want to know until they get into trouble.”
“Had we reached Critical Mass and saved humanity..?”
“When you look back in history…the egyptians, the aztecs, the mayas, have all of the ancient cultures of the world. Where are they? They are all fallen apart, they are gone.
They come up, they prosper, they get too prosperous, they get lazy and then they get stupid and then they are gone.
And so it looks like it´s in the nature of the human being, in the nature of mankind, to fail, continually fail, there will be times when great people will come onto the scene..people of renown who have done something for the human race and for a short time their presence on Earth impacts civilization, like N. Tesla, R. Rife, W. Reich.. and Buddha and others..Gandhi…every now and then there will be someone who will come onto the Earth and will do something for the whole human race, but as soon as they pass on, it´s all forgotten..the human race is like the waves of the see..they are all going one way then they hit something and then they are going the other…The Republican Party in America is a Nazi Party, it is made of the old nazi regime, that was brought here under operation paperclip and that the republican party is in point and fact the old nazi party, the old german nazi SS GeStaPo is today referred to in America to as the Republican Party, but most people have no idea about that…but that´s a fact. Then on the other hand, once they find out how corupt the republic party is, they will kick them out and put in the democratic party, which is of course the old soviet communist party, the democratic party is the old soviet communist party, come to America. I mean look at all the soviet communist countries, were called democratic people, they were the peoples democratic republic of China, peoples democratic republic of North Korea and the democratic republic of Cuba. Go back and read you will find that every soviet communist country was always referred to as a democratic republic..we have republicans, nazis or democratic communists, soviet communists… We have the right wing and left wing,.. the eagle of the back of the dollar bill only has to win..”
“That´s why I have spent my whole life doing is looking at the dark side… I know when I leave this world, I will not have even scratched the surface of what´s really out there, but I consider the Bible to be a very important book, not because I believe it is from the hand of God, no, I know where it has come from, but I also know it is a collection of knowledge and wisdom of the ancient world.”
“Government.. is´s passer, Government is so corrupt now, it´s so far gone now, it´s so evil now, that we need to have God step in or Aliens from another world or something, because the human race will not be able to do anything about or extricate itself out of the mess it´s in..we do not have what it takes to save the human race.
..I look at the human race like we are a bunch of animals.
..1000s of animals ..trying to find something to eat and take care of their young while the Lions are in the high grass, organized…they know what they are doing, they are working together, they are creeping up on the herd, very quietly..all the herd out there they cannot protect themselves, 3000 of them, buzt there are only 6 Lions ..when a Lion shows up, they run…they can´t protect themselves, they don´t read…”
“I am not the world´s foremost Authority on anything, I just love talking to people who want to know.”
“The whole world is on the freeway, they are on the broad way, on the. If you want to save your life get off the mainstream…and take a side-road and like the Bible says: Go back to the old way.”
“I know how Ancient it is…there is only a handful of people on theEarth who understand…so I leave it to God, I leave it to the Universe, I leave it to Stars, because what we are facing is absolutely Monstrous.”
“I see a totalitarian, fascist, nazi-communist fascist world state growing and the people who are doing it are the holy father in Rome, the Royalty in Europe..and all the Royalty..these are the people who are going to destroy your life…take away our honor as a human being, take away our destroy the human family, that is what I see…If anything is going to help us it is coming from out there..because the human race is too stupid…to save the whole human experiment on the Earth…the destruction of the whole idea of liberty and honor and decency for the human race..around the world and it is because of people who are highly organized criminals, like the Pope, like the Vatican Mafiosi Underworld Governments, Politics, Courts, our Educational System, it´s all you need to go back to the old ways. This news stuff is killing us, ..I want to try and save the human race…I am physically tired..I am doing it for 50 years.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 10.2.2020: God/Spirit has listened to it…be sure.

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