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John Edmonds and Bruce MacDonald are my guests Thursday, January 30th @ 1pm PT to discuss their new book
Extraterrestrials at Stardust Ranch. I have visited Stardust Ranch and done several interviews with John in the
“Ray okeedoki: ​HEADPHONES make the best AUDIO as the ECHO limiting software is not perfect and causes processing delays etc.
Justin Thomas: Llivestream sux on my laptop I´m switching to phone.
Eyal Navon: ​I think the strange noise is coming from Johns computer.
Richard Fredlund: Talpiot.
Richard Fredlund: ​All the processors are backdoored.
Ward AlienVideo: 23 years…
Kent Cook: ​Where is the bodies!
Ray okeedoki: ​The INTERFERENCE IS software dealing with ECHO limiting… MIC SPEAKER thing… the LOW volume
DETECTION LEVEL. With multiple people the ERROR gets worse.
outside tesseract: ​(((((((((private labs)))))))))
It´s on top of a military base and it´s also on top of a military ET-Base. (Kerry Cassidy)(2020)(30.1.)
We know how the foot hills are full of grey aliens, we have been seen them, not only us, for over 20 years, but
in the community for probably 70 to 80 years people have been seing things and experiencing things, but nobody
really comes out and talks about very much , I was the first person that stood up and said things are very weird
here, the world needs to be aware of it. (John Edmonds)(2020)(30.1.)
At any given time I will have 9 or 10 computers in my house, I kind of collect computers.
I buy them on option after government offices are done with them.. This happened in Toronto…there is a lot of
electromagnetic phenomenon and weird stuff going on with the electronics when I worked on this.. this was almost
daily. It´s not the Software, it´s not the bandwith…it´´s there, it´s real. (Bruce MacDonald)(2020)(30.1.)
We have problems with out car batteries in Trucks. (John Edmonds)(2020)(30.1.)”
Conspiracy Revelation: 31.1.2020: You never use external governmental agencies or gov officials when you are dealing with those things. Gov Officials can only be detrimental to any exopolitical event. Rule Nr.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The same rule that is applied to private inventors.
“Some of the mistakes made by the inventors were the following:
Patenting the revolutionary invention and claiming to own rights-> error
Offer the invention to a company that finances it -> error
Appear on television and press proclaiming his invention -> error
Try to convince a politician of his revolutionary invention -> error
Donate the invention to a State or Government for the common good -> error”
“It also does feel like you have been selected to be part of a sort of guinea pigs in an experiment and for some reason the military, in the base under you, has taken full advanctage of that and also monitored and.. allowed this scientist for example to get involved and then killed him off when he maybe went too far, maybe they were hoping he would fail at his efforts..whatever…it´s just too convenient that he and his wife suddenly die, after all the anomalous things that have going on and these sort of getting close to some level of success on the road to getting real evidence to the people which of course the Secret Space Program is really working hard now to reverse the efforts at disclosure, in other words, there was a pattern of disclosure events and they were even orchestrating them lately and lately after, there seems to be a whole withdrawal that has happened in the last year and I have evidence of that kind of repeatedly and I deal with the fall-out of that..people are being mind-controlled,.. convoluted information and then people are also being threatened, including myself, so it seems to be a a whole reversal going on…suddenly they want to start reversing that trend and possibly your scientist died as part of that trajectory…but that´s a very saddening and key element for people to be aware of. (Kerry Cassidy)(2020)(30.1.)”

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