Corbyn Cordingley Dead 14 Hrs After Flu Shot

“Nobody wants to face the Truth.”
“It is causing harm to so many of us.”
“It is making us lose so many lives.”
“Why? For money? For greed? For pride?
It doesn´t matter. He didn´t deserve to die.”
“His Brainstem was practically eaten away.”
“I found that his brain stem had been eaten away not just once, but several times his brain stem was scarred over so severely…”
“Corbyn Cordingley Dead 14 Hrs After Flu Shot
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Krystle Cordingley mourns her son Corbyn who died 14 hours after a flu shot. The hospital tried to cover up what happened.. Finally one honest MD said, yes, it was the vaccine that caused the severe damage to Corbyn’s brain stem. This candlelight vigil was held on the sidewalk outside a Mormon Temple as it was to remember Corbyn and two other LDS boys who died from fatal vaccine reactions.”
“Bonita Roper: I could not bear this.
Robert Steven Knight: eugenics..
Deborah Rowden: Too many deaths is too many but something must be done…how worthless is CDC lately to turn a blind eye to this?
DLou Pica: There are no words, and no need for this to be happening. Those in charge; do something!”
“‘Government’s mocking our loss’
Cordingley’s second life as an activist began there and then, though she does not pretend that it in any way compensates for the loss of her first. .. a medical lab scientist in her day job…”

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