Secret Space Program Submarines, Uruguay UFO Fleet and More (Extraterrestrial Updates)

“Secret Space Program Submarines, Uruguay UFO Fleet and More (Extraterrestrial Updates)”
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Today a short video for you about what is meant by the word ¨Cabal¨, what the UFO fleet over Uruguay was all about earlier this month, and what the Secret Space Program is all about with their secret submarines – space ships. Enjoy!”

“First I want to clarify the world cabal, because many people ask about this what is cabal exactly and we keep using that word over and over again, so I think it would be useful to explain and in the words of Svaru, this is still from Svaru it is difficult to really define what cabal is, because it reaches out into so many fields of life and it’s just such an overlay of various activities of the secret shadow group, so cabal, it would be people with great power whose objective is to conspire against all the humanity, it’s a small group of control, again conspiring to exploit and control the population, it is a conglomerate, this control begins with the low range Masons then it goes up to higher range Masons, Illuminati’s and non-human conglomerates, mostly reptiles on top, but from there it actually branches out a lot these are military groups, black budgets, industrial groups and also great big transnational corporations, bank industries, so it covers all different branches of life, so this is a general description and I hope it helps. Now changing the subject some time ago I talked about men shadow men, shadow men from the astral Level who are very real. ..this is from the past conversations it’s you have to remember that the expansion of the frequency range is not linear, it’s what I have always tried to explain, nothing is completely linear and everything expands in all directions is 4d is is on the side of you 3d just like 6d is on our side and 8D on 7d side being there astral equivalent, remember that the person is not just one frequency, that a person is the whole range of multiple frequencies at once, some lower, some higher ,so if there is a compatibility between one of your lower
frequencies and those of the astral being then that being will get glued to you and now here something occurred to me and I said to Svaru.. the problem is that it wouldn’t represent it because in the number of the oscillation per second the lower astral actually is over 3dm physical 3d, it is more than 3d, so it’s like 3d 5d 7d 9d on one hand on one side and their Astral equivalent would be four six and eight as if accompanying the physical site, so that’s the explanation.”

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